A Pre-Start Worksheet

by Elizabeth on December 29, 2011

Since I talked a little bit about my process for deciding how to structure this next year (with my journal and a whole lot of listing things out), and since there’s a few days to go before the first of the year, I thought it might be helpful to give you a little worksheet that you can print out and use as a springboard for your own planning, if you’re wanting to play along this year.

a little worksheet to print to help with your planning.

The image above links directly to the file so you can just click the image to download it and print the worksheet.  Paste it in your journal if you’d like, or stick it in a page protector and start yourself a Binder of Change — whatever you’d like to do with it.  Use it as a springboard for your own thinking and your own anti-planning.  (Anti-planning, since we don’t want this to become a Machine-like project where you’re overwhelmed.  Baby steps, folkses, baby steps.)

Also, the forums are now up and running.  You’ll need to register and be approved (to make sure you’re not a Nigerian Princess trying to sell us penis pills or something), but then you’re free to start talking, if you’d like.  Remember:  it’s a positive, friendly place.  Negativity not allowed.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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