How It’s Gonna Be: The Structure of Finer Fruits

by Elizabeth on December 28, 2011

Yesterday, I Said I Still Don’t Have a Plan, Per Se…

…and it’s true.  I really don’t, beyond a general set of guidelines.  I’m one of those people who needs a little bit of structure in order to go crazy with the creative side of things.

I know a few things about 2012, though:

  • Into every life, some reprioritization must fall.
  • No change will happen unless it’s sustainable, accountable, and not stupid-huge.
  • Without a plan, you won’t get where you’re going.

Actually, those are things about life in general, not just 2012.  But you get my point.

La Bella Vita.  That’s My Destination.

In italian, it means “the beautiful life”.  I read a book once (and no, it wasn’t Eat, Pray, Love, though I’ve read that, too) that talked about the italian idea of a good life.  Family.  Community.  Good food.  Good work.  Good friends.  Passion.

At one point in my life (probably more than that, actually), I’ve done all that.  I’ve been connected.  I’ve been balanced.  In fact, I’m not sure when exactly it all went sideways, though I have a few ideas, and I’ve re-touched those places a few times off and on throughout the past couple decades.

See, That’s the Big Thing:

I know, since I’ve touched it before, that it’s possible.  That I’m capable.

This, my friends, is heartening.

I also know, since I’ve touched it before and walked away from it (sometimes voluntarily, sometimes just from inattention), that it’s both a) not easy, and b) sometimes elusive.  I know that in order to keep it once I find it, I need accountability while I’m finding my legs, so to speak.

So….Tenatively, I’m Looking at the Following Schedule:

  • Sunday:  A weekly challenge on whatever topic we’re talking about that week.
  • Monday through Thursday (or any combination thereof):  Articles and/or research about the week’s topic.
  • Friday:  Fitness Friday posts.  I hate sweating.  This’ll be the hardest post of the week.
  • Saturday:  I’ll share some of my simple weekend cooking stuff.

Topics (planned) include all kinds of things surrounding balance and change.  Everything from attitude to simplicity, sex to spirit, routines to spontaneity — and a whole bunch inbetween.  I’ve been making a list.  (I’ve been known to deviate from lists if something else comes up, however.  I’m going to try to post a list of the weeks of the year and the topics for them at some point, but if you’re expecting a rigid adhesion to the schedule, you’ll be disappointed.  Call this your fair warning.)

In addition, I’m planning on trying to separate this thing into months that make sense.  The first three weeks of the month will always be new content.  The last week will be a review and what I learned, and hopefully, some talking to you folks to hear your awesome insights, too.

A Few Disclaimers:

1.  I’m prone to falling headfirst into procrastination’s woodchipper.  This means that, at various points during the year, I may be prone to disappearing altogether if there’s a heavy deadline or I just can’t get out of bed (or if I’m sick or something).  I’m going to do my absolute best to keep you informed when this happens (because it will happen from time to time), but if you ever stop hearing from me for a few days, it’s probably because I’m buried.  It’s the nature of my work, and the tendency of my life, to get imbalanced.  Emails of “hey, are  you working too hard?  STOP AND HAVE A SMOOTHIE, WORKAHOLIC.” are gladly accepted.

2.  I mention this on the about page, but folks — I am so not a doctor.  If I talk about any health stuff, which I’m planning to do, don’t take my advice.  Or do, but please, talk to a doctor first, in case I’m off in left field somewhere for your particular health issues.  I’m not responsible if my green smoothie recipe makes your head explode.

3.  This place is like Positivity Central.  I reserve the right to delete posts on the forums (which I’m setting up before the 1st) or comments on posts if they’re nasty, mean, or unnecessarily negative.  I’m fully aware there are people that hate me just for breathing, and I’m sure through the course of my year, there will be more of them, since that’s the way the world works.  I do not, however, have to put up with hate and negativity here on my own space.  Period, end of sentence.  I’d rather have folks that are here be here to inspire each other and live more passionately, deeply, and healthily.  Call me crazy.

4.  In keeping with #3, this is not the place to discuss politics, religion, or why you are vegan and all carnivores are going to hell.  Live, let live, be happy.   See #3.

5.  I am often wrong.  This is because I am often human.  And I’m just one human.  So if I’m wrong, let me know respectfully, and I’ll do my absolute best to give you the same respect backatcha.

6.  This is a big’un.  I suck at the email.  In fact, I have a whole system set up to deal with it, which involves a lot of cursing and wholesale deletion of my inbox.  It has nothing to do with you; it’s me.  If you email me a question, I will do my level best to get back to you, either in email, on the forum, or here on the blog…but I fall down with that one repeatedly.  I do, however, read everything that comes in, and I love hearing from you.  Like, love love.  Just please don’t think I’m ignoring you or don’t appreciate you if I don’t answer, okay?

7.  I do curse a bit.  Not excessively, and there are a few of those colorful words I don’t really use. Sailors do not cringe when I’m nearby. But if “damn” or “ass” offends you, I apologize in advance.  Please do try and keep your posts/comments/emails to a similar tone, m’kay?


That’s It.  Welcome to 2012, and to Finer Fruits.

I have a feeling it’s going to be a wild, passionate, deep-ol’ ride of creative, life-changing craziness.  I also have the feeling it’s going to be an insane amount of work; hopefully, work that’s worth it in the end.

Wishing you all the best that 2012 can offer.  Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you this year.


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Miss Charlotte December 29, 2011 at 1:55 pm

All sorts of happy you decided to start this up! It’s as if you read my mind last month when I was carrying on and on in my head about how I needed change. :) Thank you…


Elizabeth December 30, 2011 at 8:31 pm

Glad to be of service, miss ladyface. :)


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