Bonus Post: Two Minutes to Shift Your Attention

by Elizabeth on January 24, 2012

In two minutes, you can shift your entire perception, becoming more aware.

I’d love to say that today’s bonus post was my own doing, but it’s not. It comes from a transformational world-changer out of Oregon named Satya Columbo, who wrote this up far better than I could have. (Being my rambly self and all.)

(This is Satya.  Photo was unceremoniously ganked
from his website, because it's the epitome of Awesome.)

This practice takes two minutes of your time. Two. And it can be done virtually anywhere (as long as you’re not driving or, say, cliffdiving at the time. Be safe.).

He calls it “Capturing the Extraordinary Sweetness of Existence“, which is, incidentally, probably the coolest name for a mini-practice ever.

Go check it out. Take the two minutes. See if your attention and awareness aren’t irrevocably changed.

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adminnie January 26, 2012 at 4:28 am

i did it. and something i didn’t realize? with the situation being what it has today (you know what it is) i found anger. it was kind of refreshing to realize it was there.


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