Coming Up Kohlrabi

by Elizabeth on June 2, 2012

(which, really, is better than coming up roses, since you can’t really eat roses.  Well, kind of.  But you get my drift.)

I’ve been eaten by a maneating grue…er…garden.

(That’s actually the maneating bushes with thorns so mean that they’ll rend the tender flesh from your bones if you so much as look at them funny.  But you get my drift.)

I’ve been growing things.

Food things.  Things without chemicals or crazy pesticides or patented seeds.  The heirloom tomatoes are already setting out fruit, even.

I’m learning that just because they sell fancy watering cans in the store with pretty enamel flowers all over them…it doesn’t mean that I have to wait until I buy one to get started.  A milk jug with holes in the lid works just fine.  Or that a tumbling composter might be nice (and expensive), but…

…it doesn’t mean some reclaimed wooden pallets, nailed together and tucked under the lilac tree, won’t work for now, and will still turn grass and chicken-poopy straw and kitchen scraps into black gold.  (And probably feed that same lilac bush, which was looking a little peaked, to be honest.)

We’ve ripped up part of the side yard, ditched the front flower bed (that never really had any flowers that survived anyway), and reclaimed the tiny strip of mostly-shaded, swampy space in the back.  I’ve tended to tomatoes and onions, parsley and cabbage, brussels sprouts and lettuce greens and some unknown vining thing that isn’t really vining all that much.  And now that summer’s starting all properlike, a friend and I have two 10×20′ plots at the community garden (for more tomatoes, kohlrabi, bok choy, radishes and carrots, beans, corn, and herbs), and another huge 30×40′ plot at a private residence (for all the vining stuff that needs full sun — watermelon and canteloupes, squashes and pumpkins, cucumbers and anything else that didn’t fit in the other two).

It’s a lot of work.  We’re waging a Bunny War to end all Bunny Wars (chemical free, though we’re considering a fence finally, or we’ll never get any salad at all).  I’m learning things every day, and doing lots of things wrong.  But my peas are finally up again, I’ve got tomatoes fruiting, and the potatoes have started to get leaves.  Some of the kohlrabi even looks like…well…kohlrabi.  And even if I do it wrong, we’re going to eat well this year.

If I’m quiet here, it’s probably because there’s dirt under my nails (and all over the rest of me).

It’s not just growing a garden, it’s growing a life.

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Laurie June 2, 2012 at 9:08 pm

Since we still had frost warnings this week (which nearly took out my new basil plants – but fortunately it was just cold and not frosty) my garden has been slow to get going. That lovely man built me three new raised beds, and I have to import topsoil (we’re a lot of sand here) to fill them this week. If it’ll stop raining. I envy you with your lovely tomatoes already. I do have a happy little bagged potato garden going – 16 good sized plants and counting! Shallots are coming up and now that I have banished the chickens from the garden (took extra fence – they are clever, those chickens) the asparagus I planted last year is coming up as well. It’s still young, so I’m not harvesting any this year. But it lives! I shall have asparagus of my own! The apple trees that the bunnies stripped ALL of the bark off actually survived the attack and put out leaves. I have them wrapped now, so eventually I may actually have apples as well! Growing food/life ROCKS!!!


adminnie June 3, 2012 at 3:27 am

we’ll have to see whose fingernails end up blacker, lol. i ended up spending an hour hoeing tonight, AND watered my flowers out front. no tomatoes yet, but zucchinis are setting fruit, and the butternut squash has beginning buds, as well as everything else coming up.

the weird part? the lettuce is coming up sporadically. i think the birds ate the seeds.


adminnie June 5, 2012 at 4:07 am

oh, and i dug up my death-bushes. got tired of the trimmings sticking in my feet


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