Those Leaves? They’re Inevitable.

by Elizabeth on January 3, 2012


Let’s pretend we’re all seeds for a second.

We’re all buried in the ground and can’t see anything except our own root-bit-thingies and our shells.  It’s dark, and it’s safe for the most part, and even though some of the other seeds are all I heard that if we reach out, there’s this thing called the SUN and it’s AWESOME, we’re kinda just happy where we are.  It’s safer here.  Who knows?  Maybe that sun’s got some kind of laser cannon that it’s just waiting to aim at us.

So we stay where we are, even when those stupid perky seeds are putting out roots and shoots and growing and stuff.  We’re seeds, dammit, and if we stop being seeds then what are we, anyway?  Better to just sit here in the nice dark dirt and rest a bit and dream about something nice and secure.

After a while, we notice that we’re kind of putting out roots anyway, because, really, change is kind of inevitable.  And the whole time we’re reaching for the surface, we’re probably griping about how much it hurts to have to stretch out like this.  How our shell split, and now we’ve got this stuff that looks like….what is that?….green leaves and stuff all over the place, and this is SO not what we signed up for.

And after a bit, we get to the surface, and the sun starts shining and there’s all this rain and air and it’s kind of awesome.  We’re not really seeds anymore, but we’re something else and that something else  kind of kicks serious ass, and all the perky seeds (who are by now probably perky plants with some kind of budding tomatoes or something all over them) are all WE TOTALLY TOLD YOU SO,  and if you weren’t a plant, you’d kick them very hard in the shins, but that sun feels too good to make the effort.

All my analogies are transparent.

Just to be clear.  I’m bad at occlusion of intent.  It’s a peril of saying what you mean.  So bear with my transparency.

We’re already seeds, you and me.  Some of us are just deciding not to stay in the shell anymore.

And if you cultivate an attitude of knowing that what’s coming down the pike is going to be ZOMGAWESOME, chances are, that’s exactly what you’re going to find.  It’s the same principle that Henry Ford was referencing when he said, “Whether you think you can do something or you think you can’t…you’re right.”

You can do this.

Insert whatever it is that you’re trying to do, no matter how hard and how much it might change you, for “this”.  Because you can.  You can find a way to dig deeper into life, however you see that manifesting, and you can turn your seed into something that makes gallons of salsa at the end of the season.

You’re the one in charge.

You just need to know it…and make the choice to grow.

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Laurie January 3, 2012 at 12:38 pm

Me, I like transparent analogies. My brain misses symbolism and such. I came out of the Star Trek movie with whales totally not seeing the “save the whales” message. Even *that* was veiled in my brain!!

I choose to be a seed today. I had an excellent seed quote that of course I cannot find. Le sigh.


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