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by Elizabeth on June 6, 2012

One thing I’ve been trying very hard to do is come up with: THE SCHEDULE.

I’m not really a schedule person.  Kind of a free spirit.  (As if you probably haven’t picked up on that already.)  I always mean to stick to one, and I’m really, really good at coming up with them, but then I have a tired day or a day where something unexpected happens (and doesn’t something unexpected always happen?  Seriously?), and the whole thing gets tossed out into the wind.

(Maybe it’s a case of All-Or-Nothing Thinking on my part.  But it’s how the Master Plans here usually go.)

So when I saw this schedule here, it made me kind of giddy.

I found it here, after my friend Effy posted it on Facebook, and immediately put it all in my iCal.  Because that, my friends, is almost exactly what I’ve been trying to do, simplified a bit.  The cosmetics are different, but the general gist of things?  Totally.  Right there.  From the getting up early to the getting five things done (though my lists often verge on the insane in length).

The only thing that doesn’t necessarily jive with me is the television thing — I really can’t remember the last time I watched teevee on purpose.  (I do have some shows I follow online or watch on video/amazon instant, but it goes in spurts when I’m sore or not feeling well or being generally avoidant.)  So I may change that to garden stuff for an hour and at least 30 minutes of house stuff instead, since I’ve become one of those weird Mrs. Ingalls types lately.

I love how certain things are unwaveringly certain in this list.

You will get up early.  You will play for at least 30 minutes.  You will not waste time on gossip.  Exercise isn’t relegated into just a part of that 5 to-do-list items, but is a set item of its own, inviolable.

(Fruit, by the way, is being defined for me as anything I grew, I think.  Or, if my garden fails entirely, which it might, then as something green.  I’m not a huge fruit person, and I’d like to include vegetables in that instead, as a solid reminder.)

What things are on your Do This Every Day list?  What makes you truly happy?

Is your list different?  Are there things missing?  What would you change about it?

Little note, too:

I’ve suckered encouraged a friend of mine to start in at the gym, and managed to further convince her that we can be exercise buddies long distance.  (Despite the fact that I haven’t really been darkening the gym’s doors much since I started in the garden.  That’s hard work after all, and apparently burns up to 600 calories per hour, which is more than I do in the gym anyway.  And I get veggies out of it, too.  Go figure.)

As a result, she’s going to be posting with me on Fridays with Fitness Friday updates, as some extra accountability.

Should be a fun time. :)

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Louise June 17, 2012 at 6:28 pm

I meant to tell you this awhile ago – I love this list and started using it daily. A few of the items don’t apply to me (or I know I’m just not going to do them), and I added a few items that I need to do every day, but so far it’s been a good companion. :)



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