DOWNTIME (whimper)

by Elizabeth on January 30, 2012

Hey FFolks –

You may have noticed, if you tried to access the blog or the forum yesterday, that the site was completely down.  Our webhost, Dreamhost, had a giant hairy configuration issue that knocked out a significant portion of its users, resulting in nearly 24 hours of downtime.  (Which, on the web, is like forever.)

While everything appears to be back up and running, some of my pre-scheduled posts are missing (ones written just before the downtime began), and things are running a little slowly still while they do whatever server-magic it is that it takes to make websites show up on the internets.

As a result, there will be no Sunday Challenge/focus topic this week.

Instead, I’m moving all my sites to a friendlier, more secure webhost this week, to try and avoid ever having this happen again.  There may be another short period of downtime, in fact, while the great big internet brain moves the files to a different physical location.  (I’m trying to figure out how to minimize this; I’ll try to keep you as updated as I can if it’ll be longer than just a few hours or so.)

The forums are up again now, too, and if you sign up for the mailing list, I’m going to send out a notification when Moving Time comes around, to keep you in the loopyloop.

Again, all apologies for the sudden lack of…well…anything, there for a bit.  The internet is a harsh mistress when she wants to be.  :D

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