F4 #4: The Insanity Edition

by Elizabeth on January 20, 2012

Ever see that Northern Exposure episode where the whole town gets the flu?

All the people are sick and drippy, and Dr. Joel is nearly lynched before Marilyn comes through with some kind of stinky ointment from a traditional native recipe and saves Joel from being strung up as the Commie Pinko doctor who brought Russian flu to the masses…?

Yeah.  That’s been my hometown this week.  The Crud has beset us all, and a large portion of the population has been sitting around trying to decide whether the doctors are in cahoots with the russians or wondering if hiyo hiyo ipsanayo might actually be real.  (And if so, where can we get it so we stop dripping?)

(Sidenote:  apologies to anyone too young to remember Northern Exposure.  It’s awesome, and it’s on DVD.  You should totally watch it, because it’s awesome.)

Anyway, the plague kind of derailed me this week.

Even my trainer took one look at me and told me to come back when I could breathe without wheezing on him.  I took that as a sign that perhaps some rest was in order.  One does not question men who could break you in half.

A lot of time has, quite honestly, been spent sleeping under a NyQuil blanket.  What time wasn’t spent unconscious has been a little fevered and loopy.  (Which some may say isn’t all that abnormal for me, even without a fever.  They’d probably be right.)

It is this “fevered and loopy” part that I blame for what I’m about to say.

Two days ago, I got an email from a local charity outfit that does an annual event to raise money for sick kids.  They’re putting on one of these events in June, just a few weeks before my birthday, and as I read the email…my fever made me crazy.

No, really.  I mean insane.

On June 3rd, I’m running a 5k.

Official US Navy Imagery photo of the finish line of a 5K event, used under creative commons.

Yeah, you read that right.  Me.  Girl who can, at this moment, barely walk across a parking lot without causing herself grievous injury, is going to strap on the running shoes (and probably the camcorder), and shake that ass for 5 kilometers.  On purpose.

I sent off the application immediately, so I can’t back out once the fever breaks and I remember that I typically only run if I’m being chased by a bear.  I also downloaded the Couch to 5K information (which, honestly, I’d planned on doing anyway, just not with a deadline attached), and recruited Dee from the Forums to be my running buddy/accountability partner.  So I really can’t back out now.


A few other random notes:

  1. Because I was sick, I didn’t have much of a chance to do anything by way of writing this week.  I’ve got a couple of posts about responsibility that I think are really important, once they’re out of the outline stage.  One of them will be posted later today (what to do with that list I asked you to keep on Sunday), and one I’m saving for the end of the week next week.  Since next week’s a review week, there’s going to be a mish-mash of all three of January’s topics, all week long.   Provided I don’t die from either this russian/swine/avian flu or the shock of having signed up to run somewhere.
  2. Over in the forums, we’re talking about natural cold remedies.  Things like antioxidant smoothies with Emergen-C in them and soups that will cure all ills.  If you’ve got a great way of dealing with the Crud, hop on over and let us know.  This flu season’s shaping up to be major.
  3. Kind of fitness related, even:  I got a new bike. :)  And by “new”, I mean vintage italian fixed-gear, which I’ve named Marco.  Everyone who rides it will be required to wear a fake mustache and possibly be able to pronounce ciao correctly.  I’m currently trying to convince the husband that these rules are mandatory, and there WILL be pictures of Marco and Lulu (my vintage Coast King) canoodling at some point.  Because that’s how I am.

That’s it from the land of kleenex and the great big Q.

Hop on back later for the post on responsibility and letting go, and I hope your week’s going spectacularly, and kleenex-free.


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Terry Lee Getz January 20, 2012 at 2:06 pm

I enjoyed the revisit to Northern Exposure and remember that episode. Down here in Florida we have as yet succumbed to the Creeping Crud, as my mother calls it. However, as I was reading, I was questioning how often you have actually run in your life, since you only do so when being chased by bear. Are there lots of bear in your hood? Or are you unlucky as all get out?
Hey, it’s a great goal for training, I think you are on the right track. haha pun.


Elizabeth January 20, 2012 at 2:11 pm

In my *life*, pretty often. Well, kind of. More of a bike girl than a running girl, but sadly, they don’t let us bike for the marathons. See how they are? And since there really aren’t that many bears here, my running has been sporadic, at best. (That, and let’s face it: I haz bewbs. Bewbs that no bra can tame. Running only when necessary, then, has behooved me in the past.) :D

Right track….::grooooan:: You crack me up, lady. :D


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