Maybelle Zine is ready!

by Elizabeth on July 19, 2012

Hey folkses — I’ve been a little quiet this week while gearing up for a 24-hour zinemaking challenge called the 24 Hour Zine Thing, aptly enough.  In the challenge, you write, layout, and produce an entire 24+ page zine (or independent, self-produced magazine, for the unaware) in just 24 hours.

Yes, it’s a crazy endeavor.  And it means a whole lot of coffee.  Trust me.

But now, my 24 hours are over, and I’m happy to share with you:


Maybelle, issue 1.

There are short articles on composting, gardening, making things from scratch, green housekeeping with vinegar, and even a recipe or two.  (And a nice little diatribe on Monsanto, because I can’t help myself where that company’s concerned.)

You can download a free copy here.

Fair warning:  it was made in just 24 hours, part of which I was sleeping, so it’s not at all perfect.  But it’s kind of fun, and since it covers stuff we’ve talked about here before, I thought I’d share.


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Laurie July 27, 2012 at 3:17 am

It’s very fun! Thanks for sharing it. And a good diatribe against the evil that is Monsanto is a good thing indeed. I wish there were more doing it.

I’ll have to try the Caramel Apple Butter. I usually make a spicy honey-based version that we love love love. It goes pretty fast especially during winter when we’re dousing cream o wheat with it.

I cold compost, so I never have to turn or mess with it. When I empty the chicken coop, pull weeds, whatever, it goes on the heap. Then come winter it gets covered with snow and next spring I’ll have compost. It’s slower, but it’s zero work. The chickens turn it over for me from time to time, looking for bugs and missed bits of kitchen goodies. Last year’s heap is this year’s strawberry patch, as they were needing more nutrients. Still no *#&$E berries from them…and this is year three. Someday I’ll have berries. And apples (if I can keep the bunnies and deer away from the new trees). Homesteading can be a challenge. But it’s so damn worth it!


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