Review Time: No More Monday Demons

by Elizabeth on January 23, 2012

photo courtesy Pink Sherbet Photography @ Flickr.

Week One was all about a positive attitude.

I have to admit here:  I don’t have all that much of a problem with this one.  I’m a born optimist, and even though I have my bouts of Not So Positive (because we all do),  keeping a positive attitude hasn’t really been one of those things I’ve ever struggled with.

All around me, though, I see people who have lives that aren’t so bad, really.  They just choose to focus on the wrong things or the bad things as the case may be, and they hobble themselves as a result.  It’s really hard to keep moving forward when you’re so busy lamenting the present (or the past) that you’re unable to even see the future.

So, my check in:

I did notice that it was easier to maintain a positive outlook when I’m moving my tailfeathers.  I hate when the fitness gurus are right, but they really are, here.  Something about the extra oxygen or something — but I’m a much nicer person to be around when my butt’s been out of the chair, at least a few times a week.

I’ve been trying to watch the way I talk.  To others, to myself, to the dogs.  The less I sit around and bitch and complain, the more I notice all the other awesome stuff going on.  Does it mean that everything’s perfect and I shouldn’t speak up if something’s irritating me?  Of course not.  But by keeping my general level of self-talk/communication positive, it’s much, MUCH easier to keep my attitude positive, too.  Even when you’re busy picking gravel out of your face in a parking lot.  Ahem.

I cut irritating subjects out of my life.  This was a big one, and I don’t think I talked about it much, but it did wonders for my attitude shift.  I have a political science degree.  I have pretty strong opinions on certain things political.  So much so that screaming at the television during the nightly news wasn’t all that uncommon sometimes.  Embarrassing to admit, really, now.  But there ’tis.

So I cut all political discussion off my attention radar’s scope.  I skip political discussions online.  Scroll past them on facebook.  Don’t watch the nightly news.  Get a quick run-down online of the news items on a factual basis (no more than five minutes, and just so I can still be a responsible citizen of this world), but that’s it.  I delete anything anybody sends me with political overtones.  I expect this to get harder around the US election season, but seriously?  I have never been happier.  The only things I really concern myself with are the two issues that are most important to me (food politics and rural issues), and even there, I don’t debate.  Either you agree with me or you don’t, and either way, it doesn’t matter — it’s for you to decide.

It’s like being World-Drama-free.  Whew.

I started building a community of positive people.  They warm my heart, have great ideas, are totally supportive, and are insanely smart people. Building this kind of community around yourself makes maintaining a good outlook about a billion times easier.

I started working toward goals instead of just talking about them, writing down my gratitude list instead of just thinking about it, and started paying closer attention to the things most important to me.  That three, alone, are like the Positivity Trifecta.

All of those are, really, very small things.

Put together, though, they’re like an amazing bit of magic. I wake up with more energy.  I feel better equipped to deal with the day-to-day Stuff of Life.  I signed up for a 5k for heaven’s sake.

So what about you?  How’re you doing with your quest for more positivity?  Are you doing other things?  Are you doing any of these things and having them work for you?  Leave a comment and tell me what’s working for  you.  I’d love to know.

(also, stay tuned for a bonus post on attention in a few hours, all about 365 Projects and the uber-cool things people are doing with them.  I think you might find it kind of inspiring…) :)

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