Simple Weekend Cooking 05: A Guest, A Recipe, and Something Very White

by Elizabeth on January 28, 2012

This week, we’re mixing up The Way Things Are just a little bit.

Normally, there’d be a little scrawly watercolor and one of the recipes I’m making here at home, but this week, some awesomeness came to us by way of the forums, and it was just too perfect not to share.  We’re talkin’ vegetables, eggs, and breakfast all day long.

Forum member Jenn has the beginnings of a kick-ass food blog over at Unhungry.  We’re pressing her to put more up there, because the jury’s already back on this particular weekend recipe, and everyone who’s tried it thinks it’s pretty awesome.    And easy.  And you know that when you mix up Awesome and Easy, it’s a winning combination.

So let’s make some of Jennifer’s Pepper Eggs.

picture by Dee, another forumite and all-around awesome human.


4 eggs, mixed to be scrambled.
1/4c of creamed spinach. (plain spinach with some cream cheese or something would be a decent replacement).
1 small can of Hatch green chilies
salt and pepper to taste.
2 red peppers, sliced into rings about 1/2in thick. (we had A LOT of left over eggs, so if you make this yourself, either cut more peppers or reduce the amount of filler you make.)


Lightly panfry the rings in a well seasoned cast iron skillet.

Then gently drizzle in the egg filler mix – not too fast or the eggs will leak out the bottom!

Let it cook for about 3-4 minutes – you want the bottom to be cooked and the top to start to firm up.

Then flip! (Use a spatula! If you try and flip you’re liable to hit your head. I absolve myself of responsibility!)

And allow the eggs to finish cooking through. (no pics of that, I was hungry and there was food to eat and I forgot. Mea Culpa.)

Here it is all ready to nom nom nom though!

It’s a really simple and really tasty sauce made from about 2 parts vegenaise (mayo would work too, obviously) and 1 part plain yogurt. Mix that up throughly. Salt n’ Pepa to taste. Dollop on foods all willy nilly. It’s wicked good!


Enjoy this recipe?  Make sure to check out all the great stuff over at Unhungry.  I think I may need to go find some peppers now.

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