The Eggplant Invasion.

by Elizabeth on September 27, 2012

So I grew some eggplant, see.

Back in May, a local boy scout troop donated about five billion plants to the Community Garden where I’ve got a couple plots.  Most of them were well-marked, but there were a couple flats of these really pretty mystery plants, completely unlabeled.  Some of them were recognizable — tomatoes of some variety, either a zucchini or a squash thing, some kohlrabi.  But these really pretty ones, nobody seemed to want.  I grabbed one and stuck it in the dirt, and when they were all starting to wither and almost ready to be tossed, I grabbed another five to save them from the dumpster.

The problem, of course, with planting vegetable plants is that, at the end, you have vegetables.

A fact that, apparently, eluded me.  They were pretty, and some kind of veggie, so they couldn’t be too bad, I figured.


And then the eggplants came.

And came.

And came.

This is from a few days ago.  And it’s not all of them.  There are about a dozen of them in the kitchen right now, and that’s after two days’ worth of eggplant parmesan, a pot-full of ratatouille from a recipe a friend sent me, and slicing & roasting & freezing another dozen or so.

And they’re still coming, people.

There are another good dozen on the plants, not including the teeny-tiny ones that just burst out of the woodwork when the drought broke (which probably won’t get big enough to harvest before the frost starts happening, to be honest).  Clearly, my garden soil is the perfect growing composition for eggplant, because if they were any happier, I’d be turning purple right now.

There’s a quandary, though.

I have no idea what else to do with them.  I’ve frozen diced eggplant, roasted eggplant, and sliced eggplant.  I froze some of the parmesan.  I froze garlic-roasted eggplant.  Half my freezer is eggplant.  (Oh, woe is me, having too much food.  I know, I know.  First world homesteader problem.)

I’m about to start randomly leaving bags of it in neighbors’ cars, the way I had to with the jalapenos last year.  (Which, by the way, I also have three gallon-sized freezer bags full of, including one roasted bag in the freezer for using later on.  THAT, however, I’m making into hot sauce.  Sadly, eggplants don’t make good hot sauce.  It’s a little too bland.)

So what do you do with eggplant, folks?

I’m at the end of my ideas, here.  Local food bank doesn’t want them, almost everyone I know has been loaded up with them (by me), and I don’t want them to go bad — that’d kind of defeat the purpose of all the weeding and watering I did this summer.

I’m open to try just about anything at this point. :)

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