Slackeriffic Thursday

by Elizabeth on March 15, 2012

from "The Balanced Platter"

Hey, lady — where’s that post about meat?

Folks, I meant to have it today.  Really, I did.

See, though — it’s Thursday.  And apparently, to my brain, a Thursday where it’s 80 degrees in March is just the kind of day where it’d really like to go outside and actually play in the dirt rather than write about it.  It’s just a day made for slacking with a book and the first sun tea of the season. (Even when that season comes really, really early.)

I did do some research on the whole meat thing.  With all we’re hearing about it lately — what with pink slime, meat glue, and mutant chickens being in the news and all — I found out one thing for sure: it’s a freakin’ huge topic.  I’m a little overwhelmed in the research, in fact.  And most of it doesn’t really fit in with this week’s Dirt Revolutionaries focus.

Plus, it was interfering with my sun tea enjoyment.

So, in the spirit of simplicity, I thought I’d put it off until I could get a better handle on the solutions.  (Which will likely be right around the time my glass stops sweating.)  Apologies if you were on the edge of your seat. :)

Instead, I want to share a cool link with you.

The Balanced Platter has an entry today called 9 Reasons You Should (and Can) Keep a Vegetable Garden.  That picture up there is from the entry, in fact.  It fits right in with this week’s focus, too — you can, and you totally should.

The whole blog’s pretty awesome, actually.  Check the entry on what to make with winter produce, or get the scoop on garlic and a recipe for Drunken Garlic Chicken.

Tomorrow, we’re back to business as usual.

There’ll also be a second entry tomorrow afternoon with a bunch of great resources surrounding all of this week’s topics, plus a few.

Happy Slacker Thursday!

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megan noel March 15, 2012 at 10:21 pm

speaking of tea, i thought you might enjoy my home version of starbucks black iced tea:

what sort of tea is your sun tea? i like herbal sub tea but my fussiness says that black tea needs to be hot brewed.


Elizabeth March 15, 2012 at 10:23 pm

Right now, I’m using up some store-bought mass-market stuff. Lipton, probably. (Or maybe Tetley? One of the two.) It reminds me of my dad — he was a huge sun tea guy. :)

But I’m TOTALLY using your recipe next time, boyhowdy. :D


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