You’re Going to Wake Up Smilin’.

by Elizabeth on June 11, 2012

One of these mornings,
You’re gonna wake up smilin’.
You’re gonna spread your wings,
and take to the sky.
– Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald’s version of “Summertime”

I think I’m about ready to finalize the summer list.

Well, by “finalize”, I mean rough-drafted.  In pencil.  Or maybe sidewalk chalk.

I’m popping it up on its own page, so I can edit things at will.  I fully plan on adding to it as time goes by and I learn about new things in this area, and possibly on removing a few, if I find they’re just not as fun as I thought. :)

I do wish there was a beach nearby, though.  I love looking for shells and rocks and little bits of sea glass, but since all beaches (of the ocean variety) are roughly a billion hours by car from here, I’m settling for rivers and lakes and small-town goodness.  (Which I also adore, so it’s not all that much of a hardship, trust me.)

Bring on summer, baybee!

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