So the Nerd Adventure League Appears to be *A Thing*.

by Elizabeth on January 27, 2013

For Nerdy Adventurers of all ages.


Y’know how sometimes, you’re just bopping along, doing your thing, and suddenly, the thing becomes A Thing?

Maybe it’s just me.

Either way, right around the beginning of the year, after I decided that Adventure was going to be my word of the year, I was joking with my (equally nerdy) friends about starting the Nerd Adventure League and Blanket Fort Society.  Its purpose would be to promote adventuring and to watch numerous Dr. Who episodes from the comfort of a blanket fort.

Just to keep my regular, non-nerd, non-adventurer friends from being force-fed adventure spam, I set up a facebook group for it.

getting the Nerd and the Adventurer al mashed up.

And apparently, a hundred people or so thought it should be A Thing.

We’ve been invited to a convention in Florida to set up a blanket fort, for instance.  And a paper in Anchorage, Alaska’s mentioning the Year of Adventure in a story this week.  That kind of A Thing.

There’s not really a webpage for it, in specific, so I think I’m going to just pop any static stuff here from now on.  (We’re doing a Campcrafting badge program thingie that might need a place, for example.)  I’ll try to keep the Nerdy Adventure posts to their own section, in case you’re not a nerdy adventurer.

If you are, though, feel free to join us.  All adventurers welcomed.

(Now that it’s A Thing and all.)

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