2013 Big List

My bucket list for 2013, inspired by Leonie’s Dawson’s planner.  (More description later.)  I should probably mention that my big challenge for 2013 is to write half a million words, which equates to just about 2K every weekday, which I’m on track for at the time of this writing.  (1/10/13)  It’s a stretch, but an achievable one, and since my day job *is* writing right now, it hits a whole lot of arenas.  More on that later.

p.s.  Some of this is in shorthand since it’s still under-wraps.  Other things are kept private.  For the record. :)

  1. Edit book 1
  2. release book 1
  3. write book 2
  4. edit book 2
  5. release book 2 (sense a theme?)
  6. Release the AT class.  (half done as of 1/10)
  7. 500 cumulative miles biking
  8. habit: 6 glasses of water daily
  9. collaborate with mikah on the SG project
  10. quit smoking (aiming for March)
  11. PM class creation
  12. Have a kick ass garden.  (needs parameters)
  13. create A & S Sp class.
  14. FJ release!
  15. contrib to two issues of (local)
  16. finish tokitaes
  17. finish shrug
  18. finish at least 2 pr of socks (using up the yarn)
  19. make home-grown blackberry jam (homegrown is optional, depending on bushes I planted. :>)
  20. draw at least 15 minutes a day for at least thirty days (done)
  21. release runes class (this year is all about the wild floofy in my classes, apparently)
  22. try growing mushrooms
  23. make some farm goat-milk soap
  24. buy a wheel.  (I miss spinning.)
  25. do an audio entry somewhere
  26. make a stop-motion trailer/bumper for video
  27. do a spring prompt series
  28. do a summer prompt series
  29. do a winter prompt series
  30. finish/revamp the autumn prompt series
  31. release all the prompts for kindle
  32. explore wikifiction (DONE)
  33. ask X about daily routines
  34. habit:  sleep schedule.  Have one.
  35. learn about road bikes
  36. buy one.
  37. find/procure a sewing machine and learn to use it.
  38. make two photo books of instagrams/dailies
  39. CAMP.  At least once.  I need me some tent time.
  40. make egg noodles
  41. look into home brewing.
  42. make a quilt top
  43. read 12 books (3 down.  I’ve been reading a lot.)
  44. buy a grill
  45. make 5 gnomes
  46. place the gnomes
  47. watch 20 TED talks (done)
  48. go asparagus hunting
  49. do something with Let Your Life Speak
  50. clean off external HDs  (DONE.  Holy crap that was a big job.)
  51. learn to build a fire
  52. read the FSs
  53. grow chives (planted)
  54. make chive-blossom vinegar
  55. visit the (local) museum
  56. visit the (slightly less local) museum
  57. carve the rest of 100 stamps (done! Including a full alphabet set.)
  58. bind 20 books (3 down)
  59. send 5 bits of mail art
  60. collaborate on one kit
  61. visit 5 new antiques stores nearby
  62. knit 50 hexies
  63. use up at least 20 skeins of yarn (must. eliminate. stash.)
  64. finish the granny ripple
  65. finish the days of the week towels.
  66. do NaNo in November again
  67. do Camp Nano in March
  68. participate in a Buy Nothing month
  69. go to a county fair (bonus points if I enter something)
  70. collect family recipes (book?)
  71. make a berry trellis for the blackberries, by hand
  72. fill up a smashbook
  73. re-read all the Moonlight Chronicles
  74. go bowling
  75. shoot a bow
  76. go thru wardrobe and toss things that are way past the expiration date (there’s a few.)
  77. do something with mg.com
  78. change all my p/w for the new year
  79. start a separate savings account
  80. repaint the big canvas
  81. read GoaH
  82. work thru one art book (Imaginary Animals, Carla Sonheim, on lesson 5 now)
  83. roast 10 pounds of coffee.
  84. get some photos printed for PL13
  85. take dogs to the dog park
  86. get J’s bike maintained (so he can ride with me)
  87. teach a class locally
  88. watch all of NEx again (done)
  89. alter a book
  90. make holiday ’13 cards IN ADVANCE.
  91. fold 25 envelopes.
  92. make 500 hand-printed papers (I’ve got about 60 so far.)
  93. hike three times
  94. swim in a river
  95. have a picnic
  96. press some wildflowers (if the drought doesn’t return…we didn’t have any last year.)
  97. hold a neighborhood BBQ
  98. attend a carnival.  Funnel cakes are a bonus.
  99. go to a rodeo.
  100. see a football game.
  101. make spiced cider.
  102. make/can some apple butter
  103. go to a pavillion dance.

Okay, 103.  I had a few in the margins that related to the ones on the list, so I added them.

None of these are particularly lifechanging or important…just experiences that would make for a richer memory of 2013.  Things that will make life a little more wild and unbound, as well as things that would free up some mental RAM cycles for bigger things.

Maybe 2013 is just a Completion Year.  I’m okay with that.