The Summer List


The Great Big Giant Summer List 2012

  1. Be barefoot as much as possible.  Definitely done!  Barefoot RIGHT NOW.
  2. Grow a kickass garden  DONE.  Though the drought kind of stymied it a bit.
  3. Learn to can the summer harvest. (preserve, etc.)  DONE.  Canned tomatoes and lots of butters and pickles so far.
  4. Shoot a bow.
  5. Learn to fish.
  6. Buy an Adirondack chair for watching the sunset over the backyard garden.  deferred until 2013 – can’t find one I like.
  7. Make the perfect summer lemonade.  DONE.  Lavender lemon, even.  ROCK ON.
  8. Make pesto I GREW.  (Other than the pinenuts.)
  9. Have a picnic on the grass.
  10. Watch some fireworks outside.  DONE.  Blogged elsewhere.
  11. Search for (and hopefully find) an aluminum drink set like the one my grandparents had.  DONE! Found a source!  Will order ASAP.
  12. Make Sun Tea.
  13. Swim in a river.
  14. Learn to build a fire.
  15. Stay in a cabin overnight and wake up in the trees.
  16. Go to a county fair and pet the animals.
  17. Attend a pavillion dance.  deferred to 2013 — the one dance here was on a day it was 105 degrees.  Not fun.
  18. Bike as much as possible.  (Searching for a perfect basket for Wilford, bonus points.)  deferred, bike is broken. :(
  19. Record everything in a Summer Journal (Taking “In The Sun” class by Natalie Malik!)  DONE!
  20. Take at least one good road trip, no matter how short.  DONE – Wayne Chicken Show. :)
  21. Roast marshmallows over a fire!
  22. Test recipes for grilled pizza to find the best one ever.
  23. Go berry picking (if I can find a U Pick It.)  DONE-ish.  No local U Picks, but going apple picking instead.
  24. Press some wildflowers.
  25. Try “tanking”.  (Thank you, Shalle!)
  26. Participate in a Summer Reading Program at the local library.  DONE.  Finished, even!
  27. Visit some garage sales.
  28. Go to two small-town festivals.
  29. Go herb picking!  DONE.
  30. Organize a neighborhood barbecue.
  31. Go to a carnival. Bonus points for a funnel cake without guilt.
  32. Do the Practical Magic class.  (Lots of summery goodness in it so far.)
  33. Search for a 4 Leaf Clover.  FOUND.  Promptly dropped it.  Because I’m a clutz.  But FOUND, nonetheless.
  34. Plant 10 letterboxes at home.
  35. Hit the farmer’s market locally.
  36. Play in a rain puddle.
  37. Wear pigtails and braids.
  38. Try and find a local rodeo to attend.  (I’ve never been to one!)
  39. Make my own ice cream.
  40. Institute an outside date night once a week for the whole summer.

This list will undoubtedly evolve as summer goes on.  More things may be added; things may disappear if I deem them to be un-fun.  (Or un-doable, due to location, etc.)