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Havent had a Melbourne to make friends here


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Your ok without it. Face is fine I'll send one in return. Please let me know if you could use some Havejt. I am looking forward to your response.

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Havent had a Melbourne to make friends here

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Sane and college Havent had a Melbourne to make friends here.

420 And food m4w Wanna smoke. Educated tall handsome gentlemen looking for an attractive lady Im a tall darkskin male, college graduate, a so i have a lot going for myself, love working out, a true gentlemen and a real nice guy, very patient, love to talk and hold long convos, very easy to please, love to have fun n try new things so im very open, SEND A PICTURE WITH RESPONSE PLEASE and REPLY WITH MEETME : ). You were my rock, my great friend, and so I th oi ugh you were the one my soul loved. Send me and what you're waiting for. Drawing is one of my bigger passions and I'm always doodling on something. And race shouldn't be, but to be honest I have only been with black men.


Updated February 21, Eventually you land your first full-time job, you get married and eventually have kids, maybe you even move to a new town, and you have less and less time to mingle with those who once meant the world to you. Don't despair, it's perfectly normal if you find yourself without any or many friends in your 20s or 30s. There are so many people who go through their life who are lacking in some meaningful friendships, and that's perfectly normal.

Perhaps you've moved to a new town, your high school chums are getting married and starting families, or your interests have changed from theirs and they're no longer the people you once knew. If you wait for people to come to you it may not happen," Ms Robertson said.

I know people who get lots of invitation who say they don't have friends, but say no to the invitation.

They have to learn to say yes. Ms Robertson said to have a think about your hobbies and passions, and see if they line up with any local groups on website Meetup. Meetup, the online social networking website, has been around since and lists hundreds of groups focused on various interests around the country. So just ask them about themselves, ask them what they're doing, how many kids they have, what they like doing, where they go out. Ms Baras said everything learned about another person is an opportunity to connect with them on that topic.

We listen to people and we find areas of connection, areas where we can relate to each other on those topics," she said. Ms Baras recommends that after meeting someone new, write yourself notes on what you've learned about that person. Those who count themselves as introverts — shy and reticent people — may struggle with even the thought of meeting new people. It's OK, some people are shy, and it's really hard to meet people. But shy people can be very good friends.

This is something everyone needs to understand," she said. They're looking for you, you're looking for them. North Lakes resident Sair-Bear Byrne has taken to a local Facebook group set-up to welcome new residents of the area together in a bid to build new friendships.

Ms Byrne said it could be hard to make meaningful friendships from Facebook, with some meeting up in person just once before speaking only through Facebook. Joelle Compton, from Transformational Coaching and Counselling, recommended social groups based on Facebook or websites like Meetup.

To maintain those friendships is the next level. You maintain it through that regular contact, having a sense of compassion for that other person, trusting them, appreciating them, being honest with them, keeping jealousy at bay," Ms Compton said. First posted February 21, More stories from Queensland. If you have inside knowledge of a topic in the news, contact the ABC. ABC teams share the story behind the story and insights into the making of digital, TV and radio content.

Read about our editorial guiding principles and the enforceable standard our journalists follow. Follow all the action of Prince Harry's international adaptive multi-sport event for wounded, sick and injured service personnel, in Sydney October When Bobby Hendry's mum handed her to the state for protection from her abusive father, it was the start of a chaotic life in foster care.

But that came to an end when she was How a night in a Mississippi Juke Joint and a morning with Al Green changed my approach to experiencing music. You can make new friends as an adult, you've just got to put yourself out there. Find yourself a loyal friend … like Simon. Prep with a few questions, don't do a Ralph.

Making friends as a child in school seems so simple. Fostering a friendship can take time, life coaches say. Prepare weeks in advance, scientists say audio 'It's always about the cash': Shifting the Australian embassy in Israel to Jerusalem would be a big, cynical mistake Opinion: Moving the Australian embassy to Jerusalem makes sense: Here's why Shanghai airport launches facial-recognition check-in Boston Dynamics' 'killer' robot has killer moves Dreamworld supervisor brings families to tears during inquest photos Viking ship found buried next to busy Norwegian freeway.

Connect with ABC News. Got a news tip? Editorial Policies Read about our editorial guiding principles and the enforceable standard our journalists follow. Invictus Games Follow all the action of Prince Harry's international adaptive multi-sport event for wounded, sick and injured service personnel, in Sydney October Behind Sydney's crane gain Stephen Hutcheon Australia's major cities are not just spreading out, they're also stepping up.

Love rock 'n' roll? Just In Conservative Senator Cory Bernardi lambasted over use of Australia Day lamb ad slogan At least 17 dead in armed attack on college in Crimea Abortion no longer a crime in Queensland after historic parliamentary vote Fake email claims Phelps has pulled out of Wentworth because she has HIV Boston Dynamics' 'killer' robot has killer moves Shifting the Australian embassy in Israel to Jerusalem would be a big, cynical mistake Viking ship found buried next to busy Norwegian freeway Bees swarm in Tamworth main street in shock for shoppers Afterpay shares plunge on 'buy now, pay later' crackdown fears Moving the Australian embassy to Jerusalem makes sense: Most Popular The heartwarming royal hug that stole the show in drought-stricken Dubbo Australia's top doctor on Nauru arrested and deported photos Horseface vs Tiny: Here's why Stressed about managing your child's behaviour?

You're far from alone Telstra's board may be angry about the protest vote, but they have only themselves to blame Three things turn women off construction careers — and it's not the work Trump painting: Dogs playing poker or Kennedy with a combover? Free-range eggs are on the shopping list, so why don't we buy free-range meat? Should vegans stop eating almonds and avocados? What's the deal with Trump and Saudi Arabia?

Huge debt and rising interest rates — why investors are in for a rocky ride. Media Video Audio Photos. Connect Upload Contact Us. Change to mobile view.


7 Habits of International Students Who Make Tonnes of Friends - Insider Guides | Study in Australia

Ava has been there a while and loves it, Star has been there a few months now and appears happy in her job. My mind boggles at the thought of being able to afford them both at the same time. Can we get the beautiful star, Yasmin, lolabox and Josephine to post more on Twitter. Stayed with Peaches a few times now. Shes cute as but has a real wild side lol. Sometimes you just get the same service over an over an it gets boring an u move on. Not Peaches she always keeps it interesting and tries new stuff with me.

I stayed with a couple of others when she wasnt in. There both hot an lots of fun too lol. Angel seems real fun might stay with her next time.

I would love to see a daily roster. Awesome girls here but not always up to date on twitter either. Some very good and young girls to choose from, the place is always very clean and well presented, still suits me fine. When my schedule permits I work at CL and have done so for over a year. I can tell you that having met ladies from all over Australia and abroad, that some of the nicest, sexiest and most genuine ladies are here and I am fortunate enough to call some of them friends.

What do you want from us…our soul on a silver fucking platter? And before you even gasp to take a breathe, or to retort with a winging response, stop. How would you feel if someone told you they wanted you to perform your job for them but for less?

Or told you to work overtime but for the same amount? Would you feel offended, unappreciated, pissed off? You have no fucking idea what we deal with physically, mentally and emotionally in this role and in my opinion we will never be paid enough for what we do. I dare any man to be in our shoes and then have the audacity to complain. You walk in and you walk out, you see and you experience what you want, for that short period of time. We on the other hand meet client after client after client and sometimes are treated so poorly that if you knew what we went through you would feel ashamed to dare complain.

So please, stop you fucking complaining because you have no right too. Any business has the right to charge what they want, you have the right to accept that or to reject it but you certainly have absolutely no right to complain about it and to attempt to negotiate it.

I meet so many lovely men who truly understand the industry and they would be absolutely embarrassed to see how some of you behave. Be a man, act like one, have some dignity for fuck sake. For the gentleman who actually do understand what immense effort we go to in this role and always treat us with respect and never complain or haggle for out fees AND support us by promoting us and thank us for the quality service we provide and genuine good times that we share with us…THANKYOU!

You are the gentleman that keep us ladies doing what we do. For those gentleman who still are game enough to spend some quality time with me please contact me via the twitter page. What workers are around years old that you have stayed with and are great and mature busty woman. Joe was an arrogant pushy abusive jerk I deliberately ended my booking with early because I felt unsafe. I create a brilliant intimate, pampering atmosphere in my room and I genuinely enjoy taking care of my clients and helping them feel good.

Upstairs you are on our time and you obey our rules. If a worker tells you to leave you leave, she has a damn good reason for doing so. Got to love what Ava does. All round top lady and deserves her dues for what she does. Amazing woman inside and out. Chances are you need to change your behaviour in the intro. If girls are intruding you then not staying with you, it means your a shit intro..

Especially that time in the morning, the girls have put up with a lot of crappy behaviour, and the patience gets worn down. Miss peaches continues to wow! Worth it, beautiful, all you want in a booking. See you when I see you gorgeous. I m crystal lodge regular customer. I paid a visit to the place Saturday early morning at 4: I choose the second one they told me she is booked. So they said they will be ready within 20 m. I picked up a little chubby C 28 for 20 m, she was absolutely no desire to have a a customer in her room.

I staied a few minutes and she said to me your time is over. I even could not fiinish my shower , I went the lobby i relized the other girls still in the rooms. It means one thing that I have been treated unfairly. It is a lot to say. Better to here was bad experience. Always busy but i know why!! Sex on legs, confident and sweet at the same time in a perfect. Peaches, again sex on legs and had lots of moves if you know what I mean!!

And holds a great convo Star too is gorgeous. Hi who r the available girls today until 6 and where i can find there profile before I pay my visit i want to check first. Thanks for getting back to me John and anonymous. I like busty mature woman. Who else is that? And is Yasmin late 30s or earlie 30s?

I wish this site was like the others I checked out described the girls ages appareance service and that way for us awkwardly social men can get an idea what we will be walking in. Just stating the facts my dear Lea. Blokes can go to other brothels and receive the same services for a lot less money if they choose to.

I stay at CL but a lot see the extra charges and just walk, I have been in the lounge many, many times when men walk out because of the extra money the girls choose to add to their services. Its the girls prerogative to charge what they like but its the mans choice to go else where! Would guess late teens or early twenties but she speaks like a much more mature lady despite her young looks. I had the pleasure of her for half an hour and she made me feels like her friend from the get go, always had something to talk about, very cheerful lady.

Great service too, lots of eye contact and enjoys all sorts of things in the room. Lea nights and Eliza I have the upmost respect for both of you ladies for taking the time to get back to me. I appreciate you explaining the situation where I can see it from a different perspective. I can not blame you ladies as it is your job and a paying customer you provide the service they pay for.

I guess I learned a lot here from the sex workers and possibly why men go to you guys. Thank you for responding again. Play within your budget. Ok, well, keep in mind that from our POV we are in noway invested emotionally with our clients. Ive had clients who are married literally just talk about their wives the whole booking. Husbands who are too ashamed to ask their wives for certain things. Or it could have just been to fuck.

He may just be a cheating dog, to you right now. Optionally, when I was cheated on. I turned to full service. But no, seeing a ring on a clients finger does not make me knock back a booking. Sexworkers are a notoriously un judgemental lot. You could come down and have a booking. I have no problems being a revenge fuck for the wife. Thanks for being reasonable about msging us. I know its just a another client to us, but for you this is your life. So Cheers for not being an attacky wifezilla.

We get widowers, divorcees, and yes, married men, but asking who is who is invasive and not part of our job. Last thing we want is to make our clients upset bringing up failed or widowed relationships. As for how we feel? We also teach men how to explore things safely and without injuring the women they sleep with. What we provide is a very transactional experience, no strings attached, and we are not going to judge anyone for coming and booking.

All I can say is it is better than him having an affair and knocking up some poor girl he met at the bar, or bringing some sti home and making you sick as well. We provide a safe, welcoming place for men and women alike to explore their fantasies and desires, without judgement. I wish you all the best,. It takes a lot of her time and effort and is always completely voluntary. She remains very important to CL and the ladies. She is well loved and respected at CL.

How old is Yasmin and Vivian? Any boys been with them that can let a new client in on their experience also with them? Lea Nights gets my vote too. I am neither a female or a working girl but I feel her.

Management you need to post a roster of the ladies working. The customers will never understand how much labour and preparation is involved in providing this service.

BTW, this web site should be upgraded with more info — at least rates would help. CL is an awesome place, but the web site makes it look like it is closed. Stayed with Star tonight, great time. Will definitely come back. Lea darling because my husband cheated on me and my kids by coming to you guys and I wanted to know if the bastard wore his band and if he did would you still participate as for us at home and this dog cheats it breaks us in every way.

I had the pleasure of staying with Peaches last week. I booked her 1 hr deluxe service. It was worth evry dollar! Her tits r out of this world and she sucks dick like a porn star! Not only was she great at sex, but shes good for a chat and a laugh too. Shes sexy n sassy. Ill definately be back. Give this one a go lads! Lard Lover, please, come visit me. I fuckin dare you. Robo — mate, can I just remind you that your the one paying for it. Curious to know — as someone who has had partners cheat on her, id have preferred my lover see a SW rather than develop an emotional attachment which is way more worrisome than just fucking some chick So, no.

Can I ask why your curious about that? Thank you to the men on here who are talking some sense! No thank you to the ones who are degrading my coworkers! My next shift back is Thursday 7pm sharp, then Saturday. Call the lodge for other availablities, or check my twitter. Variety truly is the spice of life. Man the fuck up. Im Eliza, one of the new girls here at Crystal Lodge.

Curvy, cuddly and cute. I work Fridays, Saturdays, Mondays, and intermittently throughout the week. Follow me on twitter ElizaGilvear. Does anyone know if Emma is still working privately? She had black hair, huge tits. I remember she worked privately. Interested to know if anyone has seen her recently.

I am clear in my intros what I charge for, what I do and how much I charge for it. No one forced you to pay my deluxe, and if I ask you if you want anything particular and you say no and change your mind upstairs do not be offended If whatever it might be is an extra. Also I saw how you responded to the other girls when they asked for deluxe so you clearly were looking for the entire package without parting with the cash.

No one ever books me and complains, in fact quite the opposite. I have many satisfied customers who appreciate the service I provide them. The men who do book me know that this is a business for me, and are happy to part with what I ask for or go for my standard rate which I am always happy with as I know not all gentlemen can afford it on that particular day. I am just glad you booked me as there were other girls who would have not been anywhere near as polite to you as I i was.

Come back during the day and try that on with lea and see how far you get. Can the girls please post more photos on twitter? I check often and only a couple of girls have pics up. The ones that do have pics are very sexy so more please!! Question to the SW at crystal lodge. If u get a married man wearing his ring still asking for a service are u okay with going ahead with it?

I mean a job is a job right but do u think about his poor wife at all? Extra Extra read all about it!!!!! Ive only un -booked twice in my whole life Tonight i wanted to try the BBW experience so i picked the biggest girl working there.

Young brunett very large,huge infact. Ive been to establishment many times and have been with some of your best girls,going back to the Shelly and Mary Jane days and have had some of the best sex of my life at CL.. Book Delux and wearing shoes is extra , give me a break!!!

Thanks management for giving my money back, biggest turn off ever!!!! Tiprat shut the hell up not everyone on thIs site gives bad reviews your looking for some free Pussy or praise for ur comment. Everyone has different experiences. Tuesday the 14th August, lodge only got 2 girls working day shift, both girls look like fucking super models. Went in and met both girls when place first opened then got called away with work and now cant concentrate on anything other than getting back there before they finish today.

So, let me wrap this up by saying that Crystal Lodge is blessed to have such talent as those who are genuine sex workers; who day in and day out choose to put their bodies, livelyhoods, souls and well-being on the line for a job they obviously enjoy and feel empowered in to provide a service for those of us who are thankful for that very service. Unless you visit CL and find yourself wanting frequent serves.

And if you liked being served, a little respect and hygiene will likely go a long way. Please feel free to check out my Twitter account listed , look for ward to the future encounters. Big call Gary, me old mate, a few were very hot indeed but to say they were all gorgeous is a little over the top. I did book however, a very sexy lady named Alla and she was very hot and a great service.

Hello CL ladies can u plz advise what a massage will include if I come down for a massage during the week from one of your lovely hands. I genuinely enjoy my job and love nothing more than a fun time in the room with you lads. Feel free to contact me on Twitter if you have any questions. If you write like a nasty arsehole, I will respond in kind. Be great for punters to pre-plan or save up for that special lady they are eager to be with…. You guys will have to go in and see what I mean! Or it only works half of the time?

Thumbs up to crystal Lodge for being clean and full of happy workers. So far I have tried ivy, peaches and lola and they all deliver big time. Thank you girls and thanks management. Coulsnt have asked for a better booking. Riley is super into her work, works really hard in the room and all round great lady!! I went in yesterday, Wednesday, and missed out on booking a really hot looking new blonde named Audrey. It was her first day in the place fuck she is gonna be popular.

She was already booked out. Anyone who books her is granunteeded good conversation, lots of laughs and a beautiful little body. You all can fuck off, I would bang star til the cows come home and cheerfully pay extra for the privilege! For fucks sake, have you seen her?

You are true class and made my night. Would reccomend this beautiful and intelligent lady to all. See you again soon x. This hookers get so offended John is entitled to his fucking opinion. Let the man be. Your job is to fuck who ever gives you money and hid not impressed with the quality of the girls at CL.

Most of the new girls in the place are young and very good looking with great bodies and I am very happy with Riley and Elizabeth, the 2 girls I recently booked.

John, your comment is that of a fuckwit who sounds like he has a vendetta against the girls or the place. I am a regular and am very happy with the quality and quantity of ladies in the place. Looks like some disgruntled gentlemen are trying to cause problems for us. What does impersonating sex workers via comments on a website achieve for you? Come in and book, or move along. Short girl with beautiful body!! So someone help me out! I want to stay with them all!! PS do you close early every weekday morning??

Not happy with my service!! Some of us are really shy and this website could really help give us the info we are looking for into choosing who we want to stay with or what service we are after. Working from home so as you get all the cash and being best buddies with your clients so as you can rip them off what does that say about you …. Riley sexy as fuck, just saw her tonight and she went off. First time in Melbourne and saw a group of girls on a Friday night with a cool vibe and lots of smiles.

Got the deluxe service and she went off. Great kisser and the bj was top! Thanks Riley from Perth. I would like to add that anyone can add any name to their comments, and I sincerely doubt a crystal lodge worker is writing blatantly untrue and demeaning things about themselves and their co workers.

Pretty poor effort, yeah? I gareentee you fucked her silly, came and left just as you would have with any of us. If you have such a problem with sluts maybe you should refrain from seeking US out and paying us for sex. Great to see CL is responding to some comments on here. This website does not have much nor does twitter.

Cl gal your comment is fair enough obviously I want to come in but I would also like to know peoples experience with the girls. Ava has various regular shifts on weeknights and weekends, including Thursday and Sunday. Yasmin works both day and night shifts, including most days this week.

Booked stars for 45 min standard. She asked me to go for delux which I did not. When in room she said u can not touch me coz u booked me standard. If you mention that you would only like oral when you meet the ladies, some will even tell you about any special oral skills they have. Nothing on twitter of her. There is no discount if your after only sex or oral. I warn you now that if you ask for one the standard price only goes up. Currently has the absolute best looking bunch of girls I have ever seen in a northern brothel.

They are mostly young, happy and eager to please, unlike some of the things that have worked there in recent years. I went in Saturday night and the place was booked out and there were still plenty of girls to select from.

Bit dead during the day sometimes but I assure you no one there is unfuckable!! I want a blowjob and sex from a sexy lady for twenty minutes Monday nite. Do you have that at your crystal lodge thank you in advance. Anyway can someone tell me when she works? Hey guys, just a heads up on how to get a great service: Booked Tara for the second time last week. Speaking of which is Tara working tonight?

Just wanted to check what time you open on a Friday? I remember seeing a tweet about 10am but Google sidebar says 12??? IVY you are hot and sexy as babe always give a hardcore top service and those.

I read some shit reviews about CL on some other web sites and shit comments made by some idiots but in my opinion it is the cleanest, best managed place with the best and youngest girls in the north. I am a regular and have never had a complaint about the girls or the place. I had not been in for quite a while and went in on Saturday evening and was shocked to see the new and young faces in your place. There has been massive change of girls in the place and most were very young and pretty with great bodies.

I booked Star and she was fantastic, I highly recommend her and your place to all readers. Booked leah that girl was pretty, looked young I got her delux which she said was on special was only 25 , no kissing, but she blew me like her life depended on giving good head. I had the pleasure of spending a hour with Evie over the weekend and my god what a amazing chick! It did not feel like a pay blow and go service which you seem to get all to much these days.

Recommended to all see you soon Evie xx. There is so serious cuties in tonight!! I actually liked the look of every single one! Sometimes I book standard and sometimes I book Delux with girls like heny, leah, angel, other busty ladirs because it is good anyway! Everyone there has a big smile! I can be Flexible if needed. Sign up for updates today! There are heaps of younger girls some with big boobies you noodles!

This is a couple of months ago on a Sunday. There was only Celia and a slightly short girl. Could someone tell me who she was? Are there any tall girls available in this brothel? It was a couple of months ago. A Sunday there was Celia and another slightly short girl there only.

Who was that girl? It would be interesting to meet her. Can any of u boys or the girls working there tell me if drew or Yasmin are blonde or brunette and appaearancd wise how are they? They really neeed to do something about a couple of their receptionist…one of them for sure needs to retire…otherwise the staff there make u feel very comfortable and are pretty cool to talk to…only brothel I visit in the Northern Suburbs.

Why do you only have mature ladies or chicks with no boobs. Variety would be good. Yes too many blondes. Works been a bit quiet lately, and nothing makes a ho more harpy than when the dick dollarz dry up! Miss Tara will be doing every Thursday night from 9PM onwards.. So maybe instead of hoping for the impossible, takeup the other avenues on offer to source the information. Also I highly recommend you start describing what girls are on tonight so us guys can picture it in our head and get excited before we come in.

Serms to genuinely like the work and loves to please. I want to give Yasmin and drew a try. What age are they? Can you describe them? I will back at CL on Saturday for day and night shift. If you love curvy, busty blondes then come in and say hello. Looking forward to meeting some lovely new and familiar faces. Lots of love xxxx.

How much for the 15 min hand relief is it just a quick handjob or anything extra to make it more enjoyable? Young Josephine truly has an incredible body, she gives a great service and is an asset to the lodge. Am just wondering if any of the girls on your roster offer a PSE and doubles service ie. Many thanks in advance for response! This week ill be in…. Would love to see you sometime xx. What a great looking bunch of girls in that place.

They all seem happy and no drugs, a very clean place and appears to be well run. Hi guys just wonndering if anyones booked josephine young tall sexy slim blonde? And if so how is her service? I went into the lodge last night Anzac eve and was confronted with about 10 lovely creatures.

Had not been in for a while but was shocked with the youth and quality of the ladies working. I stayed with a lady named Kirsten and had a great time.

There has been a huge change of staff since I was last in there and the girls all seemed so polite and happy. I will return as soon as I can afford it.

On a positive note I just stayed with Josephine and what a body, what a girl, what a booking. Very nice to talk with and very smiley. Oi dickhead, stop projecting your shit onto our workers. The issues in your booking where started by you and escalated by you. The WL tried to placate you but you just acted the fool. You booked one of our NICEST girls, who only asked that you have a quick wash because you were waring your under ware when she came back in the room. Just seen your website and I was hoping you are still open.

What time do you close? Might I suggest you try http: Can damage the bottom if lowered cars. A message to the owner, the place is great, the girls there are mostly great even the women behind the desk are great BUT how about fixing those pot holes in the carpark as I have an expensive car and those holes are a pain in the arse.

While you wankers sit home worrying about web sites and prices I went in last night and booked the beautiful Ava. She is fucking fantastic. I seen another sexy young girl called Riley she is well worth a look. You wont get your dick wet sitting on a computer, try going into the place, fucktard! If you need to know the price then you cant afford it so stay the fuck home.

I know I need mine! Where was Jody on Saturday night?? You can find out more about me on Twitter. This includes services and extras. My current hours of availability are: Thursday 12pm — 6pm Friday 12pm — 6pm. The standard service in Victoria currently is sex, and oral on the client. A standard will be just that at any premises you attend. Leave the girls Herschel the fuck alone! Every time I log on here to post my availability I see the same shit!

Ruby and I will be available for doubles in the evening. Also at the moment I have discounted deluxe services. She is great in the room and I suppose like with most things, you get what you pay for! Not kidding, our clients used to thank us for a great time with cold hard cash. This is our job. We provide intimate services.

And you should act like you appreciate it!! Have now booked her twice and I recommend her. I left without booking and returned that evening and stayed with a much prettier and sexy night girl who gave me the kind of service I expected and guess what?

Dm me on my twitter page raunchy ruby to book at time or about my service. Very excited about catching up with you all. I generally stay with however is on shift when I come. I stayed with Leah about a week ago.

Thanks ladies for what you do for me. Upcoming shifts are this Thursday night and Saturday night also. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting quite a lot of you out there still as I'm pretty fresh to the lodge [maybe 2 months? There are a few new girls finally at CL. Its about time and some of them are quite young and very sexable. Just curious as to which lady if any offer mutual golden shower play. Keen to spend time with a lady who is truly into the kink. When does Ella usually work. I have stayed with her and have been trying again but she seems very inconsistent, when ever I ring or attend it seems I just missed her or she is not on that shift.

I know she is still working there as my mate recently stayed with her. If I cant catch her I will try another lady! Hey guys Bn busy with life but missing the fun i have in the room. Looking forward to catch up with u all. I can be found on twitter under raunchy ruby if u like to dm me for appointments. I never knew it was a service you could choose but today i met billie and she told me about doubles. I had the privilege to witness ruby and billie play together with a double ended dildo.

Its well worth the extra rates. Will be back soon for more. Hope to see you soon gentleman xxxx. Went into your place for the very first time Last Thursday night. I had read a lot of very positive reviews as well as a lot of negative reviews so I decided to find out for myself.

Firstly CL is not a renovated factory as some reviews suggest but is in fact a purpose built brothel that is 20 odd years old according to staff.

There is ample off road carparking although the asphalt is a little worse for wear, the building could do with some modernising but is otherwise in very good shape and the interior is immaculate.

The room I had was spacious and very clean, I stayed with a slim and very attractive lady named AVA and my time there was fantastic. She was very nice, professional and the service was clean. All in all I had a great time and would go back there in a heartbeat.

There were about another 6 or 7 ladies on that I met and they were mostly very sexy and attractive and according to AVA the place and girls are totally drug free. Felt kind of weird so then I went onto CL and booked Billy. The new girls at CL are a welcome site. Highly recommend Billy, young, slim, pretty and great booking. I booked Leah for the first time yesurday after introing her heaps and never booking her. I have for the most part been turned off by her not offering DFK.

However she seemed in a bouncy mood and the other girl was older so I went with her hoping for the best. I was pleasantly surprised by her attitude and the service. I only booked standard, but it was certainly worth booking. Maybe that double with Lola. She is a great addition to the lodge. My standard service includes the basics and a few treats. I specialise in pornstar style services and fetish which I charge extra for.

Come in and discuss my services to make your fantasy play date. I am very open minded. Lodge has a great looking new blonde working there.

Her name is Kirsten. Which women have the best ass? Love looking and touching when they are on top! Can someone describe me Kim please? Does she have tattoos? Like who gives a fuck what the girls issues are, you go in to those places, pay your fee and fuck them, have a good time and leave. Also met another new lady called Peaches, cant wait to stay with her, she is also very pretty and young. I cant wait for my next visit.

Hi there anonymous Sorry its taken me a while to get back to you been slightly busy. What can i say? I love what i do. Hope to play with you soon or anyone else for that matter. It would be my pleasure. Has anyone done a milk maid session with evie? When will she be available for one? I reckon ya got a secret crush on her.

I book other girls but will no doubt book Lea again when I feel like it. It was an amusing situation and was nothing personal at all. Your just grasping at air.

Sweet to know Ive seemed to be on your mind for such a looooooong time. If my live streams ruin the fantasy of sex workers for you I highly recomend not watching them. She is a great pickup for the lodge. Sounds like you have lots of choice and some real gems in there atm but it would still Ben nice to know what I am squaring myself up for! Some of us are a little shy and hate using the phone and this blog can be a bit choppy. Just ask her periscope viewers, i heard she once made fun of a client who came into the brothel who happened to be a dwarf.

So calling Lea a cunt is an insult to cunts! Lola is back regularly again, she is built for sex and her service never disappoints. She is always friendly and I always have a great time with her. She also has enormous tits! Went in looking for Brooke but was told she was not known by current manager and the crop of girls that were on.

Does anyone know if she still works and if so, where? Is sexy Jasmine still there? I rang to make a booking with Celia for this Saturday but was told she has now taken a break for a couple of months. That is great for my wallet but bad for my balls, girl has the THE best bod in the business and I have seen a lot of them! Please allow me to reply to what may only be described as an utterly moronic and nonsensical essay.

Seriously, you need to shower way more than your alleged amount of showers. Jumping under running water does not constitute a shower. I commend you on the money you make — bravo! If your regulars are foolish enough to drop their money on you smelly arse I am being literal then great for you. A sucker is born every minute — but please stop insulting the readers on here by writing your own reviews praising how great you are!

You are under the delusion that you are some wise philosophical poet, who has some kind of insight. Are you eluding to my feelings being hurt, or my dissatisfaction about you as a person and service provider? Tell us all about hurting butts, I am curious as to that obsession? Or is it a lack of ability to express a coherent thought? Never been with Leah but she sounds too gronky and rough, good luck to her regulars.

Looks like lea nights is leaving good reviews of herself to balance out the bad ones. Highly recommend Lea Nights. Had such a good time I ended up extending my booking. Can not recommend Lea highly enough. But generally a wet one! If you want extra you pay extra. I am never going to shame a client into paying extra. I lay it out there, if you want it. Although with your fucking charm……………. I average showers a day fuckstick, did you even use soap when you saw me or did I make you get back in?

Is that why your pissed? The fact that you took the time to write this tells me: Your butt hurt with no life and nothing better to do during these holidays but be your miserable self and as such feel the need to spread your misery to someone else. My many regular clients seem to find me less cunty than you…. If you had anything to actually criticise there you would, but instead you have resorted to two yr old insults.

Mate, totally agree with your comment on Lea Nights. Never would recommend her to anyone. There are other wonderful ladies like Jody, Ava, Jess etc.

Absolutely fantastic service and worth your time and money. CL does not escort so when and how did this supposed recording take place? Very unlikely that the girl would put her own image on the net as well so it all sounds a little weird to me. After I initially left a comment I appear to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now every time a comment is added I receive four emails with the exact same comment. There has to be an easy method you can remove me from that service?

Had a fantastic booking in there on xmas eve. Cant stop thinking about it, will be back for sure. That crazy blonde has not worked at CL for a very long time. I think she was too crazy even for the sex industry. What a disappointment and overrated person you are; both as a sex worker and as a human. Your service is underwhelming, and your attitude is less than underwhelming. You are a cheap person, and a cheaper root! Your hunger for a quick dollar is just disgusting, you would be better served working the streets that working in a bordello, the turnover would suit you much better.

You insist on the hygiene of your clients, though your hygiene is questionable a proper shower and some deodorant would go a long way. She has worked at CL under the name Michelle a while ago and goes also by the name Grace.

She has a spy camera and films all her clients and posts it online for monetary profit. She is such a darling, your time and money would be well spent in visiting her. I know you quite well. I just wondered if it was someone I used to know that it took me a while to recognize.

I should have gone up to them. Thanks 1st time, I know who you are you were a pleasure to meet! Who was that blond girl two Thursday afternoons ago who left with another girl? She kept looking at me and smiling as she left. I was sitting in the lobby. In need of a nice dick to play with and get my rocks off on. Also have a new toy i would like to experiment with.

It was my first time in a brothel this week. I stayed with a young lady called Leah. She laughed at me for booking the most aggressive girl there, but in truth she did make me laugh when all I wanted to do was leave I was so nervous.

She actually made me feel like she liked being with me! She is very similar to me in that standard service is sex, oral on you and a hookers version of a massage, you want extra you pay extra. This is the hustle industry! If confusion happens try not to get salty and shit all over our ladies, we work hard to smile politely while the vast majority of clients fail to listen to what we do offer them, then book us based on what they WANT us to offer, only to get on here and spew you frustration over our site.

Jasmine is the hooker equivalent of a thug. She keeps talking at me, bullies me into staying with her. But I felt hustled, got kicked out early cum once gfe or not to find Leah down stairs introing and made a speedy get away.

The last time I was sore from all the laughing we did. Odette has not been in the place of late so I stayed with a lovely new lady called Jackie. Very nice and built for sex, had a great service, she loves her work. Hey guys Raunchy Ruby is back today Sunday 25th November All fired up and ready for a nice dick to rise to the occasion. Been to long feeling like a born again virgin. Wow, wonderful blog structure! How lengthy have you been running a blog for?

The entire look of your web site is magnificent, let alone the content! Please contact me directly for prebookings on eviemelbourne gmail. See you real soon. Do you have a lady with very long hair around butt length with a big boobs?

Tried to email you at the info crystallodge. The new girl Adrianna offers a great time. She looks nice and has a great slim body with great arse and legs. Ethan I would enjoy teaching u a trick or two. Virgins are one of my specialties. I also have toys to play with if your looking to explore that option. My service is all about the person im in the room with and i go at their pace.

Otherwise you can organise your booking with me directly via Twitter. I had read reviews about Ivy and went in to check her out for myself and was not disappointed. She is polite and friendly and made me feel very comfortable. I payed for her deluxe service and it was worth paying the extra. The salesman said in his email and his phone calls that his name was Sam Johnson, Executive Consultant, and the sales pitch included a claim that the program was tried and tested and the new system was only recently opened because Betfair had been finally granted a licence in Australia for lay betting.

Nouvallie had a number of licences they were permitted to sell but the number was restricted by state. In NSW there were apparently three licences left.

This is a mixture of true facts that were verifiable and others that were not and may not have been true. The company has a website and sent me some. These were in screenshot format and looked like they were taken right from their system. The company address on all of the correspondence was: I used to work at this address and know it to a prestigious and expensive location. She talked me though logging on and creating a Betfair account online.

Nouvallie was provided with password too, so they could bet with my account. Betfair checked my id and also called me to verify my account details. I was all set. His mobile was The VIP account was to pay for traders to make overseas bets and trade on weekends.

During the next two weeks there was no activity on my account. I called the number and asked why there was no activity. The woman who answered did not give me her name but she said she would hold a conference call and speak with the trading team about what the hold up was. The background noise suggested she was at home with small children. Within two hours I received an email saying that the Nouvallie number had changed to When I called this number there was a new person answer the phone — Jasmine.

The background noise sounded like a very busy office with phones ringing and people talking. Steve Wilson, VIP Account Manager called me two days later, but his mobile number was different to the ones he had used before. It was He said he was returning my call and what the problem was. He called me back and said there was a problem with my account. When I said I would rather just stick to my basic account, Steve Wilson started calling me every ten minutes.

The next morning the calls started again. Every time I did not pick up the phone, Steve did not leave a voicemail. He just kept calling, leaving no messages. At this point I changed the password on my Betfair account, although Betfair appears to have good security and withdrawals can only be made to my credit card registered with them. So what is the status. Perhaps I should have kept taking calls from Steve Wilson. So is Nouvallie a scam? All I have is my experience and I hope that by sharing it with you have read something useful.

I will get my money and thats a bet i am willing to back. You are not the only one. Good luck going after him. Harry Omeros and Shelley Richards are total scammers!! Jump on the web onetrueform. Go get him and remember to post back so we can all see what happened. I cant believe Harry Omeros is doing this again considering his famalies high profile. His accountant is Matthew Hicks 07 If you wish to become part of a civil action against harry please e mail to wallandrews hotmail.

Thinks his the Gingerbread Man, thinks his Gekko, but he is nothing but a scum of the Earth. And if you watch Gingerbread Man, he eventually gets caught and goes to Jail. Explain up to this date how we have managed so easily to track you down and all of your mobile numbers.

At the end of the day employees you did not treat all to well will testify against you along with:. Now Harry this information has taken a very long time for me to gather, but i have finally managed to do so, although you only ripped me off for a couple of grand i come to understand this is not the case for many of these trusting and good people, that have lost houses, family, and a lot more because of your scamming ways.

She will squeell and tell us everything once she is under fire, along with all of your EX Employees. You see you ripped off the wrong people, signing guarantees; there is absolutely no way to get yourself out of that. Harry you amaze me with how you torment the clients you have scammed. I know for a fact that you and your little lawyer from the Gold Coast will have nothing when a rough number of 71 clients all hit you with a class action, you will stand for nothing. There is so much more i have on you Omeros, so if I was you please keep posting stuff like you have previously, it is only helping me in my quest to put you behind bars.

Any one else been scammed by Harry Gingerbread Man Omeros contact me on hamishboot live. Sydney, NSW Harry i dont think that you are able to edit documents clients and myself already have with your signature on it. What a great contract, looks like you might have taken it from some other companies paper work. Past Performance is no Guarantee, although we DO guarantee future performance. You tell us ill pay off your morgage, you like toys cars , holidays , come on you and your sales people get new lines.

And you think that can stand in court when you get bent over with a civil action of 94 of us? I also have recordings of you fat little greek boy, telling me i am guaranteed this and guaranteed that, you think null of mouth is also going to cover you? Keep going mate it is making this more interesting for me. See you soon Fat Little Greek Boy. A message for our Harry: Everybody is getting just that little bit closer to finding you.

The more enemies you make, the more likely you are to be brought down. What you have done to Shelley is a disgrace, how could you allow her to use her actual home address on an ASIC document.

If Shelly really cracks it and goes to the Police they will offer her immunity for a conviction against yourself Harry. You had better hope that you have paid all your employess past and present all the money that you owe them.

Now the shits going to hit the fan. What info will past employees give up on Omeros???????? Poor little Harry Omeros hasnt made enough money from his families world famous Gold Coast restaurant… Omeros brothers…still living in Daddys shadow Harry…..

Angelo would be turning in his grave knowing your involved in this crap…. I wonder what the family will say when they see the ACA cameras coming in though the front door of the restaurant on a friday night looking for you!!!!! You,ve ripped off the wrong person!! Based on how much jail time was given in this case only a few months ago, Omeros must be looking at the same jail time.

Between and , Mr Koch promoted a fictitious, international, high-yield investment program where investors were told they would receive returns of between 50 and per cent in periods as short as 90 days. Mr Koch is required to serve a minimum of ten years before release.

He is a former director of 3 companies now in liquidation. He was found guilty of 5 fraud charges and one perjury charge following a four week trial. On 4 June — Mr Kevin Pollock , of Perth, WA, was sentenced to five years, four months jail, with a non-parole period of three years four months. He was the operator of finance and mortgage broking firm, Jewel Financial Services, which is now in liquidation, and was guilty of obtaining property by deception and of one count of obtaining a financial advantage by deception.

He was sentenced in the Melbourne County Court to six years imprisonment. He will serve a minimum of four and a half years. I think his done, or maybe that might not be the case! Let him justify himself, because when court time comes he will have nothing left to justify and we along with our solicitors will know exactly how to attack the case, as there is not much more he can say to try and protect himself. So Gay Jamie and Click keep going with your defense.

So from our point of view any people that have been scammed by this scum, do not try and justify yourself, as we want to save all of our energy and arguments for court.

He might actually think this is all a game and no action will be taken, but I can assure you that is not the case. Harry give it a maximum of 2 weeks. You try and say you only change numbers and companies like you change your under wear, but if this were the case and people were trying to defame you and your product, may i ask what product you actually have to offer, besides for what you would call a service. If you were a legitimate company why would you not state where you are?

Remember like you said Betezy need to keep a record for 7 years, but you should also be able to keep a record for at least 3years which will show how much you have actually bet for all of us. Might it have been once, twice or none?

Who knows will you be able to justify yourself with this one? Yes Gambling is gambling; we would have all taken that with a fair whack if you had done right by us. He sounds like a big man with all the talk he throws around. I can also assure you Harry does not have any team of Barristers he uses this as big talk to try and make himself get a hard on.

He will not and does not know how to protect himself, Story has it Alan Davenport had the money had the power and yet he still went to JAIL, and apparently he also rated the best by statistics had the best lawyers looking after his case and what happened to him?

Ha-ha he still went to JAIL. So do not fear this scum and his big talk, he will have nothing to stand on. He keeps on replying with the same stuff day in day out trying to protect himself your whole defense is all old. His petty sales spiels worked on me Gay Jamie. The reason being I do good by everyone in my life and thought this might have been my chance for a repay, They guaranteed and promised that I would make money and I believed them, being an Aussie I did not think another one of my country men could do such a thing to me and all of these innocent hard working people.

And then I found out he was a fat little Greek boy. The operation commenced in October and primarily focused on a company promising investors high returns by investing in sporting events, iron ore, a gas pipeline, gold and diamonds with little effort.

In phase one of the operation, police from the FCCG executed a search warrant on a Parkwood address on March 4, and arrested a year-old man. It is alleged police located a significant amount of cash and two handguns at the property. In phase two of the operation, police from the FCCG executed a search warrant on an Ormeau Hills address on Thursday, April 1 and arrested a year-old man.

Detective Superintendent Brian Hay of the Fraud and Corporate Crime Group said this is just another example of the absolute importance of doing your homework before handing over your money. Do not take at face value the claims of someone over the phone or the internet — seek independent advice from a third party. I cannot remind the community enough how important it is to be vigilant and never commit money to people cold calling you without thoroughly checking their credentials and where your money is going.

Investigations are ongoing with police expected to make further arrests. Anyone who has been the victim of a fraud offence is asked to contact the Fraud and Corporate Crime Group or to report the matter directly online at the QPS website http: Anyone with information which could assist police with their investigations should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via or crimestoppers. Crime Stoppers is a charitable community volunteer organisation working in partnership with the Queensland Police Service.

Omeros owns a property with his father Nick. This property has been in the family for years. Not long now and Omeros will be in custody. Family members have simply had enough and want Omeros arrested and taken off the streets. Nick will cut you out of his will if this keeps going on. He has already stated on a few occaisions that he will not visit you in jail.

You have brought shame on the good family name. We plead to you to stop this scamming and turn yourself in. It will be much better for you in the long run. This address has been confirmed by two independant sources. He is definately there. Very interesting to note that the address in University Drive is the home address of Shelley Richards. She has been the faithful servant of Omeros for many years. She uses the alias Monique Ryan. This is a big slip up by Omeros and Richards. She has been living at this address for a number of years.

She has heaps of info on Omeros that will put him behind bars for quite a few years. Now that we have her home address, will she stay loyal to Omeros or will she give him up to avoid jail. A guy called Alan Davenport is currently in custody for doing what Omeros and Richards are doing. Three of Davenports closest business partners are also in custody. Denied bail and awaiting trial in November of Richards has a big decision to make!!!!!!!!! The following is a summary of all the events that have led me to believe I am the victim of a fraudulent company called Managed Wealth Creations.

It is owned by Harry Omeros and Shelly Richards. This is the same people that own Nouvallie. The stories are to similiar to be a coincidence. On the 22nd of March I was contacted on my mobile phone from a person claiming to be from Managed Wealth Creations.

I was asked if I was interested in some investment opportunities. I replied maybe and asked if they could e-mail me some information about their company and gave them my e-mail address. That afternoon they e-mailed me some information about their company. I had a look at it and visited their web site.

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