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Nice guy looking to spice up life


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I am real seeking for tonight or tomorrow night. Mboobiesage Willing to give an excellent mboobiesage to a female that llife a conversation. I do have my own place and I go to school. W4m You looking for a good time. I am here waiting for the same thing you are.

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Nice guy looking to spice up life

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Would be nice to bring a friend along on outings to Burlesque shows, comedy clubs, bars.

FEMMES ONLY. You said it was your first time boarding. Im 27 and staying in a for work so I can host or meet you doesnt matter.


Sometimes, even for sex goddesses such as ourselves, banging the same person can get a little predictable. You meet for dinner, drink too much wine, the condom breaks and you take a terrifying trip to the pharmacy down the block, etc. Nothing to write home about. Not that you would write home about your sex life, anyway. It also explains why your mom is still obsessed with 50 Shades of Fucked Up Grey despite it being a literally terrible book and possibly the work of a year-old virgin with an overactive imagination.

But let me be clear: So for everyone else that wants their night to include something other than missionary-doggy-style-missionary-sleep, here are eight ways to avoid getting bored without being that one friend who fucks a new guy off Bumble every day of the week.

Do you go for the same positions over and over again? Missionary has a reputation for being vanilla AF, but even inexplicable and gross kinky positions like the rusty trombone get old if you do them six times a week. You have been warned. Six weeks later, you wanted to choke out the instructor just to silence her peppy voice, and not in a sexy way. Just be careful, I guess? Break hearts, not dicks. Waking up anytime before 12pm honestly feels like a human rights violation so I totally understand if you did a spit-take just now, but hear me out.

One of the easiest read: Try setting your alarms earlier—be honeset with yourself, you only need to set it like 10 minutes early. Also maybe keep some mints near the bed to combat any aggressive morning breath situations that might occur. Morning sex is basically like a mini-morning workout, without any of the having to get up early and shower and get to the gym that usually comes along with it. As we all know, exercise gives you endorphins.

Endorphins make you happy. If your dude finishes sex way too fast tragic , try dumping him setting a minimum time limit to slow stuff down. This will probably mean incorporating more foreplay, oral, vibrator type stuff into your bedroom routine, which never hurt anybody. Well, except the 2, people who went to the hospital in for sex-toy related injuries. And 50 Shades of Grey. If, on the other hand, you always end up late for things because you and your SO get caught up in marathon sex, good for you—but also try for a quickie to shake things up.

Plus, your skin will be all glowy when you get to brunch on time for once. This is another lazy betch tip: Have sex in different place than normal.

Just pause the Netflix, go at it, and resume. No need to change locales. In which case, what are you even doing here? I think we all know the power a simple wardrobe change can have on our level of attractiveness.

Pick a random day to get all dressed up and seduce your SO with the element of surprise. Dressing up is a two-way street.

But you know what we mean. You spend all this time pampering your face, hair, and nails, why not set aside a little extra dough to pamper your platinum vagine? All you need is a vibrator and like minutes of alone time to figure out what works. If only that was the kind of skill you could put on your resume.


8 Ways To Improve Your Sex Life Without Consulting '50 Shades Of Grey' · Betches

After a fairly long DRY relationship i'm basically keen as fuck to get on and do all the nasty shit i've been unable to do But not too nasty hey! We are a pleasant laid back couple who enjoy some of the pleasures of life that can be experienced with others. Nothing extreme but most things that are pleasurable. Some experience, but looking to broaden our horizons! Couples preferred but single guys or girls considered for NSA enjoyment.

I'm intelligent, sexxy and ready to meet, play and get involved In discreet or not discret fun I'm openminded and adventureos, well endowed and know how to treat you. Tight bum has been Filled before. Tight 4 skin, wont retract unless forced.

Fuck n go I dont care. I am a well endowed guy looking for NSA fun with larger ladies, love big boobs, and am willing to travel. Looking for NSA fun.. Looking for fun, carparks, carsex etc. Im clean but very naughty, give me a try Hello and thanks for looking at my profile, my name is Graham and I live in Dorset, near Shaftesbury but I travel all over the south, south-west with work.

I am looking for broad minded peeps for NSA fun. I am a non-smoker and very clean and discreet and I can accommodate daytimes or evenings. Please feel free to ask more or just get in touch. HI, we are Mark and Rosie. We are not together as a couple but play as a couple and can travel prefer to or accommodate. I am 5 foot 10, medium build, clean shaven and Rosie is 5' 4", size 12, shaven and loves to please.

Just looking for a a little fun. Ideally your 18 - 26, attractive and open minded- youll find im the same! Virgin as far as Lola is concerned, maybe you can be the lucky one to take it. Happy to meet males or females for intimate creativity.

Into stockings, chiffon, big petticoats and sensual fabrics, I have lots of sexy outfits. Like to get my make-up right and look as feminine as possible. I'm a 35 year old happily married female, with an average body type.

I'm looking for a mature couple to help with my really high sex drive. I am not picky about age, weight, body type etc as long as you take care of yourself. I can't say I'm bi, but I wouldn't mind pleasing a woman if given proper instruction. Fit, good body, and loves sex. Avoid the radio for playing romantic music. Loud commercials can kill the mood. Anticipation and waiting can be highly romantic — even erotic.

How does it work? Each partner has a bowl in which the other can drop a bead when she feels amorous, and the other partner has a certain amount of time to act on the request. Make time for dates. We all get stuck in ruts at some point.

And daily ruts can kill romance. One way to get out of a rut is to make time for passion with well-planned, romantic dates. Take turns planning dates with your partner to experience new things and to create lasting memories together. These will help to set the scene for a romantic night.

Go to dinner and a movie. Believe it or not, this old-school date idea still works surprisingly well. Be sure to pick a sit-down restaurant and a movie that both of you will like. Try making a dish from scratch to tap into your creativity. Go on a picnic. A picnic at the park or beach is a great way to get outdoors and spend some quality time. Picnics are great options for sunny days and cost practically nothing. Go to a sporting event or a concert.

Take your partner to an event to provide entertainment and stimulate conversation at the same time. Or, do something active and adventurous! Try rock climbing, snowboarding, or zip-lining. We are aiming for passion and romance and a whole body-mind experience, not just sex. In fact, studies show that length of foreplay is a big indicator of long-term relationship health.

Cuddle, talk, and let the anticipation build even more. After all, the brain is the most important erogenous zone. Try slowly undressing your partner item by item. The more points of contact you and your partner make, the more intense and close your experience will be. Try keeping your eyes open, even while kissing. Be a good communicator. This question in itself can be a turn-on.

Stock up on sexy lingerie. Clothing can add a bit of adventure to your love life. Consider buying some for the first time or changing things up. If you continue to wear the same lingerie, the mystery factor will eventually vanish. Vary your wardrobe with several different colors and materials like leather, lace, feathers, and silk. Switch up the outfit to keep it fresh. Try different hairstyles or makeup combinations to compliment your sexy look. Guys can stock up on sexy clothes, too.

While you may not go for skimpy lace or a leather thong, your partner probably has a preference when it comes to your bedroom attire. Ask him or her what would be a turn-on. Find a discreet sex store and go together with your partner to peruse the wares. Take turns picking out different toys to try or videos that you might want to watch. Give each other the opportunity to choose the gadgets that look most interesting and fun.

Handcuffs and blindfolds can enhance mystery and excitement in the bedroom, for instance. For the even more adventurous, there are also gags and whips — though this might not be for everyone.

You can either switch places or dedicate an intimate experience entirely to the pleasure of one party. Some people find acting out fantasies and parts to be exciting. If this appeals to you, plan out a scenario in advance to create a fantasy character or situation.

Role playing takes you out of the restrictions of daily life and puts you in a context where sexual fantasies can become a reality. Some combinations include the classic sexy nurse and doctor or cop and robber. Try to imagine how your character acts, how she talks, and how she would use her body. Dress up for the part! Put effort into making a costume. An important part of role play is your altered appearance. Take the time to purchase or make sexy costumes and prepare your hair and makeup if necessary.

You can ad lib or prepare a script. In fact, a script might be useful in overcoming your self-consciousness. Chances are the words will start flowing as you get deeper into character. Add taste to your sensual experiences with food, including desserts, edible lotions, and even edible clothing accessories.

You can even target foods that are known aphrodisiacs like oysters and chocolate. Some classic choices — for obvious reasons — include chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Both can be drizzled or applied directly. Edible lotions, undergarments, and frostings are often available at adult stores. Keep an eye out for these products during your shopping excursions.

Do like the Romans: Wrap your arms around each other before taking a sip of your beverage of choice. While this looks most elegant when done with champagne flutes, other beverages will work, as well. Watch an adult movie.

Some people find adult movies to be exciting and also helpful for new ideas. If both of you are willing, consider renting or buying a film and having a private screening. Watching an adult movie can take you and your partner out of your normal routine. For example, you might incorporate it into a role playing game.

If you're too shy to tell your partner you want to try certain things, the movie may also prompt you. Make sure that both you and your partner feel comfortable with the idea beforehand.

Some people also find that switching partners or inviting others to join them adds zest and excitement to the same old routine. For them, bringing others into the mix adds to the experience and allows them to appreciate their partner more, because of the sense of competition.

While the presence of competition can help rekindle your passion for your partner and give you new ideas, it may have some unexpected consequences.

Met a nice country guy thank you spice of life I have found a nice country guy through spice of life, spoke through messages for a short time, then progressed to telephone, live 3 and a half hours apart so have each travelled to visit each other, have found a. Jul 12,  · The 7 Types Of Nice Guys Everyone Has To Avoid Tuesday, July 12, by Ashley Reese Nice Guys™: The guys who think they’re great, personable, and loving, but despite an endearing quality or two, they’re just dudes with a massive sense of entitlement over girls and their affection. May 09,  · Edit Article How to Spice up Your Sex Life. Three Parts: Setting a Romantic Tone Getting Adventurous Being Spontaneous Community Q&A Every relationship has periods of ups and downs, both times of passion and times when we feel too busy for romance%(80).