Slimy Meat and You

September 14, 2012

It’s been awhile since pink slime’s been in the news. (And yes, I know that’s an old ad for bacon.  Which isn’t beef.  But it was too kitschy not to use.) Since the story broke in 2009, BPI, the company responsible for making the ammonia-laced textured beef protein that we call “pink slime”, lost more than […]

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Simple Life: Digital Closet Space

September 13, 2012

For the past four days, I’ve been out of commission. I got nailed with a pretty nasty cold around the end of last week.  I thought it might be allergies, but, because Murphy’s a jerk with his laws, it was a nifty little virus. Needless to say, doing too much physical simplifying was right out […]

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Fashion Facepalm

September 10, 2012

All this clearing out has had me thinking in some strange ways. See, I’ve been starting on my closets and drawers.  Going through and finally tossing out some of that stuff that I’ve been keeping around just for when I’m painting (eight tee-shirts covered in paint and glue splotches?  really, self?), or things that I […]

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September 6, 2012

Just a quickie today, as I’m attempting to do a little digital organization today (more on that this weekend). There’s a really great article over at Balance in Me that I found today (while reading a guest post about reasons to purge your closet). It’s called “How to Press the Restart Button for Your Life”, […]

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Simple Life: The Suck Process

September 4, 2012

I’ve been at this for a while. No, seriously.  A while. Like, since we left the rambling monstrosity in Iowa, a long while.  And while I was never a hoarder, per se (though dealing with three of them made me feel like it sometimes), I’m still just now starting to feel like I’m on top of things.  Or getting […]

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Elizabeth’s FF: The Best of Intentions

August 31, 2012

(apologies, btw.  I meant to post this last week, but forgot it in my “drafts” folder, which is, apparently, where old posts go to die.  Bad blogger, no cookie.) I think I talked about the PCT before. The Pacific Crest Trail is part of the US’s “Triple Crown” for hikers — a trail that runs, […]

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Simple Life: What the Experts Get Wrong

August 28, 2012

Didja find fifty things? I petered out at about 46, myself.  Got hijacked by a powernap and then by processing about four billion pounds of peppers and tomatoes.  (Which is awesome, but also created something of a typhoon of Mess for a day or so.) Still, even if there were only five things leaving your […]

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clutter update

August 26, 2012

Just a little check-in, mostly for my own benefit. I figured I couldn’t challenge you and not do the challenge myself. Understand, I’ve been doing this for a while, too. There really isn’t much here to get rid of at this point. Or so I thought, capriciously. In just under fifteen minutes, I was able […]

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Simple Life: Rubber, Meet Road

August 24, 2012

We can talk about the whys all day long, really. I haven’t even touched on half the studies that are out there about why things are so crazy with regard to crap stuff acquisition. There are a billion theories (not to mention actual mental illness) about why we all seem to think we need more than […]

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Simple Life: The Story of Fictionary.

August 23, 2012

This little object lives in your home. Or, at least, it does for the purpose of argument today.  It’s small, weighs about a pound, is made of plastic, and you had to have it. One night, you were watching television, and an ad came on for the AMAZING, REVOLUTIONARY FICTIONARY!!!.  The ad told you that this time-saving […]

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