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Beautiful older ladies seeking dating Shreveport Louisiana

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I am a relatively recent fan fiction aficionado. I had very limted time to read for pleasure until about a year ago, and started writing fanfic in May I now have all of my stories loaded on FictionPad under the same pen name, fyi. I may also start posting new stories exclusively on that site that are more heavily MA so check me out over there periodically if you are interested and want to follow me. The fabulous nanou13 has created an amazing blog on wordpress for my stories alhfanfiction dot wordpress dot com.

In addition to the amazing photos and gifs that illustrate my fan fiction, you can also find stories that are rated MA and cannot be posted on this site. I have been working at a new job for the past year. Thanks to those readers who continue to hang in there with me-I appreciate it. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. The local watering whole is being rebuilt. But by who and for what purpose.

And what does it mean for Sookie and her future? Is there more to her than she ever realized? Bet on Me by kissa reviews Who in their right mind bets on their own virginity?

Innocent Bella gets herself caught up in the charms of the very gorgeous, very bad Jacob Black. Will she be able avoid him like her boyfriend asks or will she fall for his seduction? ExBxJ triangle Twilight - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: For mature audiences only, rape involved. This story does include very explicit and graphic scenes that are not meant for those who are underage.

If you are uncomfortable with that, I suggest you do not read. Isabella is returning home after the death of her father. A car crash lands her in the mansion of Alpha Jacob Black. Once Jacob recognizes Isabella as his mate will he ever let her leave? Can he help her or get her into even more trouble?

Raven's Read for the month of August! M - English - Chapters: Spellbound by wannabewriter25 reviews Formerly Marriage of Inconvenience? Family and distrust almost tore them apart. Determination and love has kept them together. They believe that they can withstand anything but will this new problem destroy all that they've worked so hard to build?

Will love be enough this time? Blue Moon by Egratia reviews The day Jake pulled her from the waves, Bella decided that Jake could not only fix cars, but mend her heart as well.

Edward and Alice don't particularly like that decision and with Victoria still running around the pack faces many challenges. AU set during New Moon. I don't own SM's characters, I'm just happy to play with them. M for some language and eventual smut. Everything is perfect, or is it? Something or someone else is threatening their bond. Was Jake really who she was destined to be with? Arms of an Angel by Kaitsa reviews When childhood best friends Jacob and Bella run into each other after losing touch for years, they decide to become roommates.

Will they be able bring back the good and overcome the bad from their past? Bella x Jacob, all human, rated M for future lemons and past abuse.

That's just the beginning. They belong to Joss, I borrow them. The Vampire Slayer - Rated: Heat by Mrstrentreznor reviews Leah Clearwater is the first female wolf the pack has ever had, so no one is ready when she goes into heat; least of all her. Dead Alone by choices2make reviews Sookie makes choices that tear her from everything she knows and set into motion changes that never could have been predicted.

How will she evolve and find balance when there is danger at every turn? Set partway through Dead Reckoning. Mean Eric in the beginning. Two Wolves One Imprint by blondie reviews What happens when each imprint has two wolves not one. Nothing Really Matters by wannabewriter25 reviews This story is derived from the song by Mr. It made me think of the Eric and Sookie that we all once loved. Eric has gone to see Sookie and they've had their talk but it's totally different than the Dead Ever After that most of us want to forget.

We're going to see the strong Sookie that once loved Eric so much that she would do anything to save him. No matter the costs. Broken Black Heart by astridt reviews Jacob is hurt and angry when he first phases and sees Bella was involved with vampires.

In the 2 weeks that he's gone wolf, Bella meets Paul and a bond forms between them. The story itself will be angsty, dark, and emotional. Bella will choose either Jacob or Paul. Banner by goldengirl of Printing Paws. Yours Again by a nyr byrjun reviews "I should have seen it then, that you'd be the end of me.

That you were a dangerous man, and though on some level I saw the signs, I hadn't been prepared at all for what you'd do to me. Experiments by Egratia reviews Jake and Bella's easy and comfortable friendship has tripped its way into the physical when curiosity about how the body reacts to desire leads to a series of experiments-and Jake and Bells are the actual subjects.

It will appear PWP for a while, but there is an actual story line in the works. Stephenie Meyer created the playground and we're just swingin' on the swings. I am finally, finally working on finishing this story so I have decided to repost it. Thanks for your patience. Fair Wages by M. Because clearly the two of them together has Happy Home written all over it Season 4 canon divergent Game of Thrones - Rated: T - English - Chapters: Lemon Cakes by klained reviews AU. Bad Blood by NikkiB reviews Bella finally realises what it means to be a vampire Own Me by Chezu reviews "With what you are, Fairy Princess, you need to be somebody's or you won't be at all.

Eric is handsome, he's rich, and in his own way he cares about you. Will be the same, but corrections will be made. True Blood - Rated: His smooth seduction soon turns to a dangerous obsession, and has a desperate Bella seeking help from her friend, Jacob Black. Heavenly Hills by Obsessedtwibrarian reviews Jacob's been doing nothing but running since the wedding.

But one night in a small-town bar he meets a strange woman who changes his life forever. My bidder was the glorious TamFan and her prompt was the tent scene with a twist. So, I tried my hardest to give her what she wanted by seemingly rewriting Eclipse in a one-shot. And now I'm able to share this with you. Some things seem just too good to last, others are just too insidious just to disappear. Cue the Volturi- stage left. How far will Bella go to protect everything she holds so dear?

Well — as usual — it's complicated. I Remember You by wannabewriter25 reviews The love of his undead life died 5 yrs ago. And for 5 yrs he's been waiting for her return. After 5 yrs of waiting, he sees the impossible. She stands in the doors of Fangtasia. She's returned to him. He wanted to hold her; his friend, his wife, his lover. She only stares at him and says, "Hi, I'm Sookie Stackhouse. He dies once again. Eric senses Sookie's return and is driven mad by the need to see her.


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At 37, Meghan Markle is having a pregnancy officially considered "high-risk. A new report reveals that cesarean sections have become much more common since the start of the century.

Doctors and maternal-health experts are concerned. Actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley opens up about the heartbreaking struggle and stigma her late mother experienced with dementia and her mission to help others. In , after his health was deteriorating due to diabetes, he was inspired to change his lifestyle for the sake of his future. This is the story of his weight-loss journey.

Egg freezing is on the rise in the U. Here's what you need to know about this method, which helps preserve a woman's eggs. Parents say kindergarteners are allowed only 12 to 15 minutes to eat lunch at school — and say their hungry children are suffering from stomachaches and weight loss as a result.

In , after losing weight due to severe health issues, she decided to embrace a healthier lifestyle for the sake of her future. This is her weight-loss story. The mother says that her son is "fighting for his life" some days because of germs he may have caught from other children.

If you just found out that a loved one is struggling with an opioid addiction, these are the three most important first steps to take. For years, dermatologists have prescribed hormonal birth control to help patients with acne. But for every group of patients that it has helped, it seems like there are plenty of others who say their skin got worse on birth control. My first act of rebellion was calling her and sobbing out my story.

She is the one who told me Bill was a predator and I was being sexually harassed. Reading these stories I realize he just got better at picking, grooming, and shaming to keep silence. What inappropriate conversations to have with a young lady!! How old were you at the time? He violates several of his own teachings just in your story alone. When he was teaching us young people how to give testimonies, he told us to be careful not to glorify evil, but to give brief and generic descriptions of our sins.

I'm glad you got out of there before anything worse happened. I had come across a teaching by some that the more specific the confession, including naming the body parts used, was somehow "more powerful". I confess that I tried it a few times, wanting the best results for people, and discontinued it due to the creep factor.

I just felt dirty afterward. It should be pointed out that I don't think Mr. If so, such inappropriate conversations would be in keeping with the teachings for those seeking to be counsellors. Rebecca, I'm so sorry you had to go through such an ugly thing, and am glad you had the older sister to help you get away from that life if you could consider it a real life. I hope you are doing well and are happy now that you are safely away from this horrid person My heart is breaking for you.

I wish I could give you a big hug. Thank you for sharing your journey and what you have been through. The courage it takes to do that OMG This man cannot be taken down soon enough. My partner is a survivor as well of childhood sexual abuse by a family member, and I have held her through the flashbacks.

It's not fun, and it makes you want to rip out the throat of the person who did that to them. I am so angry for you right now, Charlotte!! I am furious that no one believed you; I do believe you and your story. It takes courage to tell a story like this, and I don't think you would do this if it were not true because of the difficultly in doing so.

I am glad that your brother went to bat for you, and was watching out for you. That is what family is supposed to do for you. Gothard; if you are reading this or a member of your staff is reading and reporting it to you.

You should be ashamed of yourself. How dare you treat other humans like this? How dare you look them in the eye and tell them that your misbehavior is their fault and problem. You should received jail time for this sort of behavior; you are a sexual predator. You have no business being in 'education', character or otherwise fyi, I do not think ATI should qualify as education, but that is a different discussion for another day. How dare you mess with people's lives, emotions, and bodies for your own gratification.

What does Jesus think of this behavior? It's about time you step down and close shop. Crying with you, dear Charlotte, as I read this sad story. This is so heartbreaking to what happened to you. I'm so angry right now with your father, and especially bg. I'm sick to my stomach. He took perfect advantage of you knowing that you were already wounded by your father. Oh God, please, bring justice to this reprobate man in this case and many others. You are not dirty, Charlotte, you are beautiful! Those men are dirty in their hearts, minds, hands, etc.

It got to stop! Your courage is an inspiration. Thank you for baring your soul this way, and helping shine light where it needs to be shined. Thank you Charlotte for sharing your story Righteous anger has flooded my heart for you!

Predators are in the church and my husband and I just went through trying to defend victims and were told by our church that "all sin is the same and are you saying that you could never do this? My husband stood up for the victims and was shamed for not keeping unity Unfortunately to this date nothing was ever done except to make the victims ask for forgiveness from the predator!

We tried to warn friends in our church about this man and were told "I don't want to hear anything Oh Alicia, that is heartbreaking, and unfortunately not too uncommon. We need to change the rape culture in our nation. I am so thankful that Charlotte had the guts to tell. What is being done to stop this monster? The six-part story, while therapeutic to Meg, was somewhat sensationalized, drawing it out in six parts, written in third person narrative, other storylines.

For the record, I believe the account, but this is much more gut wrenching. Bill Gothard touched me sexually. This was far beyond grooming and playing footsies. Flagrant offenses that are criminal. The added touch of two corroborating witnesses makes it all the worse. Staff, is there a statute of limitations on these things? What is the Bill Gothard camp saying now about this?

Stop this monster now. I'm not RG staff, but as mentioned in the intro, the statute of limitations has expired for Charlotte and for Meg. Gothard has not responded in any way to my knowledge. The longer he stays silent, the more guilty he appears. That's a lot of witnesses. Way more than the Bible's "mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses. How old was she when this was going on? The age of consent in Illinois is 17, and she was 16 when she started working at ATI.

It sounds to me like it took some time for this activity to progress to stages that would be considered unlawful if done to a minor. To clarify, hugging, holding hands, and other nonsexual physical contact would have been legal; him touching her breasts, buttocks, or groin would not have been.

I think, due to the culmination, the other actions can still be considered grooming of a minor. Also, his position over her, similar to a clergy position, makes a big difference in the coersiveness of it all. That lends weight to the illegality and nonconsensualness of it.

She was there under his authority as an "encouragement case". She had been preconditioned to think this is what godly men did, that she had no rights in the matter, and that no one would speak up for her. As her "authority", she did not feel she had the option to refuse him. It all adds up to a very nonconsensual picture. Trying to find loopholes whereby it was "not technically illegal", doesn't really change the overall picture. Both individuals have to be ok with it.

Effective July 1, ; including Amendments effective January, 1, I think all of this was already in force in Aggravated criminal sexual abuse Aggravated criminal sexual abuse is a Class 2 felony. Is my concern that finding a current victim will be next to impossible. I imagine that Bill is fortifying his remaining supporters, telling them that they are the last hope of saving his ministry, and furthering the work of the Lord. I think that Bill is not stupid. He has established a pattern of selecting victims carefully.

Out of the myriad of employees he has welcomed to headquarters, a comparatively few have been isolated as potential targets, both because of hero worship and an apparent inability to disappoint their parents' complete faith in the ministry.

Now, more than ever, he is likely assuring them of how desperately he needs them. Being needed can be a powerful motivator, especially to the special encouragement types Bill chooses. There's a reason it has taken the victims years to speak out: Bill knew it would. I think this is very likely, Nicole. These girls have been "groomed" in various ways since they were young. Many of them seem to have no clue what inappropriate attention from a man looks like, and even less knowledge of what "sexual harassment" is.

Going public with their story is even further down the road in many cases, I'm sure. From what I have read recently, it seems that "suffering in silence" is equated with "living a surrendered life for Christ". This horrifies and sickens me, because it is not the Jesus Christ that I know. The Jesus Christ I know said, "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. Thank you for sharing. I haven't been very vocal about ATI and my involvement in the past, as my experience was fairly brief, and fairly mild compared to many here. I always saw fallacies and dangers, but didn't fully grasp the gravity of it all. After hearing these gut wrenching stories of pain, I want to shout the truth from every medium available and put an end to the abuse and deception.

You guys are doing a great job, keep spreading the truth! Why haven't the police been called???? Events like these, 'groping a girl's privates' almost never happen with witnesses, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen. The witnesses confirm that this young lady exists, worked at HQ during the time she says she did, and a few other things, things which add to the collective body of witness from countless other people in regards to many other girls.

It's for the purpose of establishing patterns of behavior enacted by Bill Gothard. It is only logical to suppose that if someone were to perform such an act on their intended victim, they'd do it when they knew no-one else was around to see it.

I mean really, let's think about this. As such, we cannot automatically assume such an account is false, given the nature of this kind of crime. Currently, it cannot be proven true, but it cannot be proven false either.

His ilk are everywhere — a killer plague in the church. If you have been abused, get real counseling. From church authorities who will actually fight sick evils. From civil authorities appointed by God to punish Rom. So sorry for the hurts you have experianced! I am not a Gothard-ite. Anyone who knows me realizes that I try to think for myself after immersing myself in Scripture. In depth Bible study So please do not accuse me of being a "follower.

This is NOT being handled properly. You can respond to me with all your cutting remarks, but that will do nothing but make me doubt your maturity, and convince me how misguided you are. In conferring with my lawyer friends, they say they would give you no credence based on this website.

In conferring with spiritual advisors, in numerous denominations, most of whom have had no experience with Mr. G, they also say that they would give no credence based on this website and how you are handling matters. He's lost all credibility as a "Christian" leader now. Would you meet with Warren Jeffs? And he was charged with felony child abuse.

Not just some website making allegations. Meeting makes sense if there is a reason. Meeting together to pray with or just stare at Mr. Gothard would be such a frustrating enterprise. I'm not sure what your lawyer friends mean by "credence," but I presume they are talking about what would be admissible in court. Of course a story website like RG would be inadmissible hearsay evidence in a court of law, but that doesn't mean the facts claimed are not credible.

But this isn't a court of law, nor is it claiming to be one. Also, the article i quite clear that the events alleged were not witnessed by anyone other than the victim and BG, and the "witnesses" only verified that BG spent a considerable amount of time alone with the author, not that they actually saw him touch her.

Annie, I would like to reply to your comment that there were meetings with Warren Jeffs. Who had those meetings with him? Was this before or after he was arrested? Because if I recall correctly, Mr. Jeffs was on the FBI's most wanted list for approx a year before he was arrested.

He was charged while still on the run after his temple in Texas was raided during an unrelated search, after they found proof he'd had sex with a 12 year old and more. If these meetings happened after Jeffs was arrested, than I don't think thought applies here. Jeffs hid behind his fences, guns, goons, and by hopping from state to state; he granted interviews to no one, and spoke to no one outside the FLDS.

Please correct me if I'm wrong here! He has NOT lost all credibility as a "Christian" leader. I know MANY people who still find spiritual enrichment from his ministry.

I am not going to speak about the horrible things this woman has described that happened to her. I am very sorry this happened to her. However, I would just like to say that some of the most influential, Godly leaders are accused of some sort of wrong doing. I think many times it is an attack of the Devil to discredit a ministry or man who is successfully being used of The Lord to bring people to repentance, wisdom, knowledge, ultimately to the foot of the cross.

Someone mentioned that as a single man, Mr. Gothard is not qualified to provide marriage counseling. So, following that line of thought, only victims of incest, pedophaelia, rape, child abuse, drug abuse etc. To be sure, he will use it if it works for him All truth is God's truth, and there is much truth in the field of Psychology. When you throw out an entire field because of a lack of Bible references, you're throwing much truth to the curb and refusing to see truth as God has made evident through the broader study of science and human nature.

God has made human nature and He wants us to learn from what He has made. Hi Becka, I thought your comment was interesting that you say most influential, Godly leaders are accused of some sort of wrong doing. While this CAN certainly be an attack from Satan, the sheer number of people preparing to come forward 34 women and counting , and identifiable witnesses suggest that in Mr.

Gothard's case, the accusations are more than just a smear tactic, or some ploy of the devil. In Charlotte's case, the fact that there are no direct witnesses does not mean the story is not true, especially considering what she said happened, it's only logical to suppose that anyone who is going to grope the privates of an underage girl, will only do so when there are no witnesses around to verify her story.

As such, her story cannot be proven true, but it cannot be proven false either, due to the nature of the crime. I don't know if you've read alot of the other stories or comments on this site, please feel free to do so. The objection against Mr. Gothard giving out marriage and child-rearing advice is not the mild thing suggested in your comment.

If he had merely been giving his advice as suggestions, with a, 'but don't take my word for it, search the Scriptures and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit', it would be a VERY different thing. But instead, he set himself up as an ultimate authority, to the point that I know I felt that to question him, would be to question God. This is the main objection. As a childless bachelor, how could he have given such precise, exact commands, with absolutely no wiggle room or consideration for unusual circumstances etc..

Most counselors for various sorts of trauma, sexual abuse, etc.. It is not the same scenario as a man who has literally never had the burden of marriage or children, to be handing out such heavy burdens, when he never tested them on his own family in the first place. In fact, there are reports from the early days of his ministry, that the deans of his school said they would only consider approving and publicly supporting his teachings if he TESTED them first and came back with positive results.

He went ahead and started preaching them without running the requested tests. My knowledge of those events is a bit sketchy, I may not be remembering it precisely, but I believe that was the gist of the information I found. Anyway, I apologize for the long comment, I hope it will present another perspective to this situation. We were involved with Gothard and I totally agree with all of his teachings.

My 3 children were also involved one even worked at headquarters and never heard a complaint never any misconduct. I agree with your assessment Becka. All of his stuff is very Biblically based and that is what I appreciated about him.

He didn't state his opinion he stated scripture. As I said we were very involved -how many of you really were or are you going on here say. I kindof feel like this is the witch trials most were not witches if you go back and study and a lot of the accusers were young girls. Most that are abused don't come forward-I know through experience they don't flaunt it and give details. Mary, if you would read more of our comments you would understand that many of us have much involvement with the ministries.

You would also see how Gothard's words were NOT scripture but his opinion, using scripture for proof texting. All you need to do to verify that is look up the scriptures in the back of the Basic Seminar textbook and read them in context and try to figure out what the actual scripture has to do with his "principles". Very often, they are totally unrelated. We never had time to look them up during the seminars and were too tired afterward. Cite a bunch of scripture but don't let them read it.

Annie, in all your talks with corporate lawyers and corporate denomination people -- corporate, corporate, corporate -- how much have you researched about how Scripture says to deal with flagrant nonrepentant church leaders and members per Matt. If not, start by reading those chapters. And if you have no comprehension of dealing with or identifying spiritual abuse, read The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse. Do not presume to know anything without knowing more about these topics -- and specifically how Christ is the peaceful warrior who saves sin's victims and by no means will let the guilty go unpunished.

Moreover, even if you approached this from a legal perspective -- which you cannot, if the statute of limitations has expired -- it is absolutely indefensible to err on the side of the accused offender in a sexual-abuse or -harassment case. You must always, always, give the prospective victim of abuse or harassment the leeway.

Especially if she is a woman. I am sure no one here has slandered you as a reflexive Gothard-ite, etc. And I daresay, show some sympathy even when folks here suspect you may be a Gothard plant. Could a once-powerful evangelical leader send "plants" to a website to defend him "objectively"? Anyway, if you fancy yourself objective and independent, you only prove the thickness of your own bias.

Those who pride themselves on their independence of thought prove themselves the most vulnerable to the memes and assumptions and even deceptions lurking safely in their own blind spots. Turn from your "independence.

Be dependent on the wisdom of His servant-leaders in the Church. Glad I am not married to you! As to being a "plant" I only discovered this site a few weeks back, and have no contact with anyone Gothard.

I care, I honestly do. Please take the Christian high road, and pray for me, will you? As for my stance Go have that meeting. Then I will listen to you. Annie, There have been too many meetings. The time for talking is over. Repentance first, then we can talk about reconciliation. People have met him, people have talked to him, it has done no good.

Are we supposed to get the thousands of people he has hurt together with him, to hear him say he was sorry they were hurt but he just came up with a program that will solve it? Many attempts have been made. It is time for answers not more of the past 30 years of dodge-ball. It's ok, God can close it down center by center if that's what it takes. We need to do what can be done and also call on God in prayer to close it. Pray and swim toward shore. Annie, Your passion is admirable, but Mr.

The RG staff would be well advised to step cautiously when dealing with a man who once wrote a letter to every pastor on his mailing list calling a man an "Agent of Satan" who's only sin was pointing out Bill's spiritually dangerous behavior with his staff.

Behavior that Bill continued and has probably directly led to where we are today. It's been well documented in this blog how Bill exacts vengeance on those who cross him. The RG leadership appears to me to be very wise in how this is being handled. Don't forget to look at this in context of the past 40 or so years.

This is all being handled appropriately, Annie. Only those of us who have been in something like this or Scientology, or Latter Day Saints or or or Going to BG before he is repentant only gives him another time to try to cover his tracks and would be costly in time and money for no purpose whatsoever.

Keep the testimonies coming. All 30 some and more. In churches, on the net, in print. At some point even those who do not want to see will be begin to question. God does and He will gently lead RG as to how to handle all these egregious accusations. God will give RG wisdom. Thank you for praying, for seeking God's counsel, and for seeking godly counsel in your decisions on this site.

I hope and pray that teachings on authority, grace, and many other very wrong teachings from IBLP will be purged from churches after thousands read these testimonies. Charlotte, thank you for allowing us this opportunity to see more truth. My heart aches for you and all you have gone through. May God richly bless you and your family. Meetings are only useful if both parties are interested in examining the truth. That's obviously not the case here. Are you not reading what's being written?

Do you not see the decades' worth of insular denial and reputation-protectionism on display from the top down in IBLP? Did you not read RG's correspondence with Gothard, in which he refused to so much as even vaguely admit to personal wrongdoing? What on earth would a meeting accomplish?

Why on earth would anyone waste their time in such a pointless pursuit? The man is neither honest nor trustworthy. From your comments, I can only deduce that you have little experience in dealing with such people.

Annie, You are very emphatic. But a little non-specific. I can't tell the cause of your concern. Do you disbelieve these stories and think this is slander? If your concern IS for possible victims, may I make a suggestion? Since you say that you have experience with these matters? Please contact the Recovering Grace leadership team privately and detail your concerns, including the specific negative effects you believe their approach may have.

Refer them to the legal counsel you mentioned. That would be far more helpful than posting vehement criticisms here. I just wanted to clarify that I am not trying to be snarky, I am sincere in my request. I have no experience with these kinds of matters I can't say for certain whether or not that RG is handling this the way that it should be.

I just want to see any victims protected, and if you know the right way to do that, please help as an advisor rather than hinder as a sideline critic.

If you share that concern, you should recognize that you are on the same side even if you have serious reservations about their approach. I mean this as nicely as I know how No one cares what your lawyer friends say. I'm sure RG must have their own lawyers they are consulting. You have to be kidding. This is your response? Bill Gothard does not get to control the outcome this time.

He is sexual predator of minors. He is a monster. He belongs in jail. The only meeting he is entitled to is a meeting in front of a judge, with a jury present.

Kevin BIll has been controlling the outcomes for 40 years apparently he does get to control the outcomes Not this time John. This will be different. His organization almost collapsed in If that scandal had happened in the internet age, I doubt very much that it would have survived. From comments made, it seems that those who came into ATI a few years after the scandal had no idea that there even was a scandal. This time the information will get out.

The stories are getting out and being read by people all over the country. I have talked to people who have been to ATI conferences growing up and were raised with many of the teachings. Having just now been informed about the sexual abuse, and from there gone on to read many of the other articles on RG, they won't go near Gothard. They will tell others. Once a critical mass of Christians become informed of the truth, it will be very hard to recruit others to the programs.

I believe you will see that a year from now, the organization will just shadow of what it is today, if it is even still around. They will likely go the way of Vision Forum. If the leader is rotten to the core, why would anyone keep following his teachings? Oh, there will be the Alfreds, but there are only so many Alfreds. It's the new members that will be hard to recruit. Annie--Please see yesterday's post. RG tried to arrange a meeting with Gothard, but he wouldn't agree to it.

Also, if you read Don Veinot's book A Matter of Basic Principles, Veinot and his organization Midwest Christian Outreach also tried to meet with him, and they thought everything was good to go Gothard had even agreed to have the meeting recorded so there would be no future confusion. Then at the last minute, Gothard refused to meet unless the recording was cancelled. The book also mentions another time when Gothard did attend a meeting and agreed to change things and that meeting involved a building project, not something as serious as Charlotte's story , but again failed to follow through.

Another "meeting", even if Gothard were to agree to hold it, would solve nothing. My own personal dealings with Gothardism are nowhere near to the extent of the stories told on this site.

When I dealt with his followers I thought I was simply dealing with a bunch of snobs. Later I learned of the heresy. Now I learn how Gothard is little more than a frustrated dirty old man. Annie, why do they need to meet with Bill Gothard? So he can repent? His repentance means nothing to me, maybe it would to some of those he victimized, but the only REAL action that needs to be taken is legal, to stop him from doing this in the present and future.

Dude needs to be stopped, and ASAP. So "this blog" helps people cope but also gets the word out to those that are afraid to share. And eventually, someone within the statute of limitations will come forward and he's hopefully gonna spend some time in Sing Sing with linebackers that haven't seen a woman in decades.

They have been repeatedly requesting that meeting for the sole purpose of Bill Gothard's true repentance, but it is Bill who is not willing to meet to repent. You take a dish, and throw it down, so the dish breaks, and then say sorry to the dish.

Did the sorry mend the dish? Bill Gothard only wants to say he is sorry for their bad memories. He does not want to repent of all the evil he has done with his sexual molestation. Your branding the proprietors of this website as "liberals" shows that you lack discernment.

The article begins with a disclaimer that no liberal would write. Yes, some of the anti-ATI websites out there are liberal and anti-Christian, but this site is neither of those things.

Annie, a lot of people here have answered you on various points. I'm going to address the issue in your comment that seems most important to me. You said, "I am not a Gothard-ite. You claim that you study the Bible "in depth" and "immerse" yourself in scripture.

Can we get a little Bible and scripture here to explain your complaints, please? All I see are appeals to men's authority. This whole issue is about the abuse of man's authority.

How about giving us some of this scripture that you have proclaimed yourself to be immersed in? Yes, I'm being rather blunt and likely will be seen as rude and misguided. My answer to your complaints: For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.

Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them. Therefore watch, and remember, that by the space of three years I ceased not to warn every one night and day with tears.

He's been confronted - by one, by few, by many. One purpose in publishing these accounts is to warn others of the dangerous nature of this man and his apparently self-serving teachings. This is not all about him. But they would not agree to a meeting unless he answered their charges first, and made full "confession.

Should be nothing to fear if you have the truth along with your counsel. Fear is one thing. A unnecessary fruitless waste of time is something completely different. I personally do not believe Bill Gothard is interested in repentance. Look at his response to SaraJ's letter for starters.

I think he is more concerned with preserving his image. And for the record, you are not the only one who works in the corporate world or knows lawyers I know a few myself, including the one I see in the mirror each morning. And I absolutely believe RG is taking the right approach here. Love it, great response. Keep up the good work RG. We are praying for you all. Also, go look up the old Christianity Today articles about how more than half of Gothard's staff quit or were fired over the scandal in the s.

If Bill were approachable and if it were possible to have a productive meeting with him face to face, RG would never have existed. I think it could not be more appropriate, to shout this man's misdeeds from the rooftop. No more silencing the victims.

No more keeping things hidden. The only direction to go, now, is forward. You just kind of stumbled upon this site.

No compassion for the victims? No anger that this man has manipulated people into letting him continue his predatory behavior for 40 years? No anger at a man who was the counselor of a minor who had been raped by her father as a child, who goes on to take advantage of the situation and her vulnerability to sexually molest her from his position of power?

There are 34 victims! There are multiple witnesses! Something just doesn't fit here. I don't understand how the statute of limitations could be in effect for a sexual predator. Consider the cases of Holocaust victims bringing their tormentors to justice 50 years later.

There was no limitation on that. That is, when the victims weren't paid off. I know of a priest who was to stand trial for his sex crimes against adolescent boys. He committed suicide the day before his trial.

Also, some of the comments here lead me to believe that BG has been active in this way in more recent years. Charlotte, you are a heroine in my books, for bravely bringing this to light. I am not a lawyer, but I believe there is a completely different statute, if penetration occurs.

If it did not, the statute of limitations is much shorter. I was at HQ at the same time, and was oblivious to your pain. I am so sorry. I pray that the God Who Sees and knows all heals you, deafens your ears to those who don't believe, and judges those who've sinned so horribly against you.

Actually Annie, they wanted to know what he wanted to talk about so it wasn't going to be a waste of time to get LOTS of people in one place for a meeting. Why go when he's not going to talk about the reason why they were there. They wanted to make sure he knew they they wanted to talk about the Sexual harassment among many other things. And if he's not going to respond that he understands, then why even meet with him. On one hand it does not surprise me, sexual perversions run rampant among men obsessed with "purity".

On the other hand, yes, even I am surprised. With prayers for healing for you,. Oh Charlotte and Laura I am so sorry for your pain. That it happened under the 'protection' of your father Charlotte and this 'godly' man is just too much. That I we as a family were ever associated with this pathetic man and organization makes me wonder where my head was! I take back all my head shaking and tisk tisking over Catholic and cult leaders who have abused in the past. Always I was wondering how can you be so blind people?

And here are the many fingers pointing right back at me! When the initial articles started to come out on this site, I must admit I was not too sure.

The statues of limitations may have run out, but here in Canada, we are prosecuting Catholics and former members of the police and other offenders YEARS after molestations and improprieties took place. There must be precedent in the court of law. Frist thank you for sharing these accounts. ALL have been ignored, refused or sidelined. It would seem clear to me that the Biblical approach has been taken in the first step The Christian leaders of the day, Wheaton College who long ago washed their hands of him , and finally the law now need to be approached.

The law is there for our protection. Furthermore, from what I have seen here in Canada, the law seems to believe the claimant - even though the claim is decades old - before they believe the accused especially when it comes to claims of abuse. I was on the sideline watching from a distance because we had changed churches prior to the discovery of a prominent elder who admitted to his friend and son, pastor and assistant pastor, how he had abused boys in past churches when I witnessed what I feel was a Biblical approach.

After the elder's confession, they went to all the boys he had sexually abused. Asked for their forgiveness and to the parents and pastors under whom he had served. THEN they went before the current church. Finally they went to the law and even an interview on the news. That was the last we heard of it. Now I am certain this would not happen with BG. He has abused in so many ways so many thousands over a much longer decades. You have taken the first step. I am certain, given the broad range of both abuse and the thousands that were betrayed in other ways, lives ruined, financial loss, suffering of separation, in short manipulation of the highest degree, that this man and these allegations will not be squelched and come to naught.

It really is time to act. Unfortunately, only you have the power to do so as you have garnered all these reports. We can and will support you, but we are not able to act as you are. I certainly will do what I can. Thank you again RG and contributors for all you are doing.

We will be bathing you in prayer! I can honestly say that I have been able to think of little else since Meg's first posting. God lead you and bless you. Actually, and I am only speaking of evidence and legality not whether or not this happened, there is zero proof. We have two testimonies of seeing this girl alone and her testimony of what happened. There are conveniently no physical proofs, pictures, videos, or eye witness accounts of this situation actually happening.

Would the mom be willing to testify because that would certainly be strong evidence? Otherwise the question will arise, why didn't someone say something then?

Bill will get people to testify on his behalf that they were alone with him and nothing happened. That was the thing about this man.

He was very good at picking people to be around him that wouldn't question his decisions and were overly blindly loyal. Nobody with discernment was allowed two feet into the inner circle. These poor girls will only feel more hurt at the end of the day. He will say it is like Jesus being falsely accused. I don't think this could go to court unless you have other accounts exactly like this one. Perhaps with two or three of these, you might have a case. Up to date, this is the only one that contains serious sexual touching that would be obvious sexual touching.

Meg's story plays out like a love story gone wrong without any touching other than hugs and feet. Again, whether you argue how naive these people were is irrelevant. The courts will look at the age.

Bill could argue that he wanted to marry Meg but felt that there was too big of an age difference and decided that when she left, he would end it.

Meg would be grilled about her own intentions in the situation. Even rape cases sometimes are arduous for the victim I am just saying that legally, it would be very difficult to convict even though it would probably create a scandal, give more ammunition for the atheist camp who are constantly throwing this kind of stuff in my face, and drag a lot of innocent people through the mud.

I mean, what is your goal? What are you hoping to accomplish at the end? That's the question to ask yourself. Will this accomplish your goal? I know partially it is to destroy this ministry. In medicine we are often faced with the challenge of whether or not the pain of treating a condition was worth it.

For the right cause, I personally would say yes. What do you think? If Bill died tonight, would God let him into heaven? There are numerous warnings in Scripture on this. If not, shouldn't we be concerned to see people saved. In light of this, it just seems odd to me, the way BG would rail on and on at young people for benign "courtship violations".

I mean, they talked to each other too long. They smiled too much at each other. I recall him once taking up most of a Saturday night meeting at hq, railing on a young couple who had run a few errands around town.

I mean, she just needed a ride to the grocery store! And to hear him rant, they were the most vile of sinners! It was so out of proportion. And of course, the young people had been sent home in disgrace.

It all makes sense, now. Pieces of the puzzle, falling into place. I find those who falsely accuse others are often guilty of the very same offenses they accuse others. Those false accusations pop into the mind of the accuser because they are the thoughts the accuser privately harbors. I attended an Independent Fundamentalist college for a semester.

I got in trouble for smiling too much. I was accused of flirting. That made me smile, because I thought it was silly for someone to think all smiling was flirting.

My answer was "My Savior loves me and desires for me to know joy therefore I smile. And I am thankful my reality didn't match your imaginations. Charlotte, I pray your story will help young women stand in the power of the Truth and speak up against ungodly manmade authorities as opposed to submitting to them.

Like the others who have shared their abuse you are part of the next generation that refuses to allow abuse of this nature to stand. You are using your pain to educate others concerning the oppression of women in groups like this.

May God continue to bless you and your family. Charlotte, First, I want to say that I believe you. You are very brave and courageous. I sincerely pray that you will continue to find healing and restoration from all that you've experienced that was wrong.

I also want to comment on something you said above in your story as it brought a flashback in my mind. You said, "I am curvy, and he loved my breasts. A personal friend and well known lady in our community was also in attendance. Like Bill typically does, he made a time during the break for people to come up to him and ask questions, etc. I remember my friend coming back from talking with Bill and being vividly shaken.

She proceeded to tell me how uncomfortable she had felt the whole time she was talking with Bill. She told me that she was positive that he was staring at her breast the whole time. Not long after she and her family left ATI and so did mine. As an ATI parent from to , I am so thankful now that God used a lack of financial resources to get us out of the program before my younger sons and daughters would have been able to serve in the apprenticeship program. The last several weeks of reading Meg's story and now Charlotte's have been gut-wrenching to say the least.

This along with the other stories of inappropriate gestures towards other young ladies on this website makes me want to wretch. I totally believe the events of this story and every other story that this happened. As a minister, if I had that information then I am bound by law to report it. If I don't I can become accessory to the crime. Shame on BG for doing that! Shame on the board members and family members who continued to sweep these matters under the rug!

Everyone of you should be held liable of criminal charges! Thank you Charlotte, Meg and others for opening up these horrible wounds and sharing this information. Thank you RG for creating this forum for sharing this information to the public. My prayers are with you in your endeavors to seek true repentance, forgiveness and restoration from BG! I would like to respond to all who are commenting and are of the opinion that posting all these articles on RG is not the right method and that a meeting should be had with Mr.

I would also like to start it with the fact that I am sitting here typing without being all emotionally charged up on this. Of course, I am having to take a step back and separate my emotions from this because there is no way that I could be reading these articles and not be heart broken for the victims.

That all being said, here I go. For one, there have been meetings and they have done no good.

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