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Another War For The Jews? This fosters a reluctance to plan for a firm follow-through on bold presidential initiatives should they encounter a foreign rebuff reinforced by powerful domestic lobbies. Thanks to their access to Congress, a variety of lobbies — some financially well endowed, some backed by foreign interests — have been promoting, to an unprecedented degree, legislative intervention in foreign-policy making.

Promoted by lobbies, Congress not only actively opposes foreign policy decisions but even imposes some on the president. The pending legislation on sanctions against Iran is but one example. Such congressional intervention makes it more difficult to ensure that US — not foreign — interests are the point of departure. The document reflects the sharp deterioration in relations between Russia and the West over the last decade. Who will be their next enemy?

The joint effort between Putin and Armenia will nullify these sanctions. If you benefited from it, please consider helping to cover my expenses for a very costly Web Site, Real Zionist News. I am also trying to keep my Street Evangelism going and my vision to go to every major City in the US. Brzezinski is at the top of the Satanic Pyramid himself.

If we read between the lines we can say that there are serious disagreements in the upper echelons of the international conspirators. Were the US strong enough, we would surely see a reenactment of the war on Iraq, there would be no differences in opinion. By the way, Iran has now tight commercial and military ties to Brazil, China, Russia and Venezuela, whioch includes three of the largest countries counting almost 2 billion inhabitants.

The only option left for the Zionists is a pre-emptive attack by the IDF. Should they opt for the nuclear option, they know that Russia can annhilate Israel with a single nuclear strike. However, they still have one option left: This new Pearl Harbor may indeed bring the Americans to attack Iran, without putting Israel in danger. To all Americans reading these lines: You have been deceived into two world wars already, but you can defeat the Devil this time!

Where do you begin? America would be much better if our leaders had spines like Ahmadinejad, Chavez, and Putin. Look at the oil pipelines mentioned in this article - their construction gives other Nations freedom from the Zionist imperialist cabal the USSA and the EU are oppressed under.

Our leaders are traitorous cowards. Free trade is something the ZOG hates. Russians are very street smart and hard to get over on. Creeps like the Khazar nepotistic cabal in this article vote them out if all they do is cut deals in Conference Rooms that look like a Jewish wedding on the American peoples backs all day.

That pipeline is awesome! Russians are street smart and hard to get over on. And explicitly condemns the Judeofascist Zionists as heirs to the Judeofascist Bolshevik murderers until they agree to set their borders and incorporate a Constitution spelling out God-given human rights guarantees for all human beings under their governance. It continued with the military and economic destruction of Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, several African, Caribbean and South American countries [beforehand] and using artificial earthquakes and tornadoes, attacked Japan, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Haiti, Sri Lanka, and even their own with Hurricanes Katrina and Andrew.

Australia was not spared with the assassination of one Prime Minister going back in the timeline and the ousting of another. They have kept their finger in that pie ever since and even disarmed the entire nation with a false flag civilian massacre at Port Arthur in Tasmania.

Um, no, that might be unpopular. Better still, let the Zionist media tell us what to do, think, say, and feel…easy street. Ask the people who have lost their homes if they are on easy street: Charlie you are so correct. They all fled here to the US. Uzbek Jews, Khazars, etc. They are waiting for the word to unleash on us.

I will open up this secret. A friend of the family, retired Secret Service agent, informed us that Jew relatives related to the murderers of Tsar Nicholas and his family reside here in New York City area. I think you can answer that on your own. I am an Orthodox convert myself. For over 16 years I have embraced the faith. With the grace of God I converted on my own. We do not force people to convert as most other religions. The goal for all perceived factions, of course, is a one world government death and slavery system.

In this way they seek to impose their own sinful ways on society under the guise of tolerance. Bible clearly and unequivocally condemns homosexual acts Gen 1: Men and women with homosexual tendencies must certainly be accepted with respect, compassion and sensitivity.

Nonetheless homosexual acts must be considered wrong and intrinsically disordered. They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved. Apart from religion, there is also, no scientific evidence to confirm homosexual activity as a normal behavior. The Laumann Report, published in , is today universally recognized as definitive.

In summary, its major findings are that homosexuality is not a stable trait and that it tends spontaneously to convert into heterosexuality as an individual gets older; that sexual identity is not fixed at adolescence but continues to change over the course of life and that there is no evidence for homosexuality being innate. The Western media often portrays the homosexual lifestyle and relationships as happy, healthy, and stable. Homosexuals also have very high rates of sexually transmitted infections such as HIV.

Given the overwhelming evidence about homosexuality and it penchant for undermining the foundation of the family, same-sex couples should be given no legal rights. On the contrary it should be vigorously opposed. Caesar Augustus, a pagan, sought to strengthen Roman society by outlawing adultery and sodomy and by encouraging traditional marriage and procreation.

He understood that there is such a thing as public morality. Emperor Augustus saw this, but it was too late to overcome the sexual licence of the late Roman Republic. This was the real reason why it collapsed. I pray that Moscow and other cities do not end up suffering the same fate. The Christian approach to modern-day homosexuality must distinguish between the respect due to persons and the necessary repudiation of any exalted ideology of homosexuality.

If you would consider that our separate lines of reasoning are both going in roughly the same direction, then perhaps it is logical to hypothesize the following:. The present destruction of the middle class in America appears to be an intentional ploy to inaugurate a full fledged fascist government in the wake of it.

It seems only logical to suppose that Sarah Palin the whore of babbling-on will be figurehead for this government. I think the problems started not long after RBN posted that video by that Israeli guy. Soon after this, the problems started. As i write this post, Iran is surrounded from all sides by the American army. There is also over 90 battle ships just of her coast.

I understand that most Americans do not want another war, but these monsters will inflame the lagging militaristic spirit of the Americans through the media. You see once both sides are devasted and exhausted, the Jews will arbitrate just like after WW1 and WW2 , sending Control Commission into all wrecked countries. This war WW3 will end for all time the struggle against the Gentiles. Once near total power over the Gentiles is achieved, dissimulation is an obsolute requirement for the advance of the dominion of Judaism.

By the way these wars have nothing to do with oil. I was reading a report by Cunningham-Craig. I just pray that many more like you will come out of that anti-Christ cult.

The true Israel is not composed of any Nation or Race. It is composed of those who accept Jesus Christ. He is definitely Machiavellian, anti-Russian maybe less-so post-communism? I really enjoyed your interview with E. Michael Jones, and think it makes more sense, as he does, to see the conflicts in Western civilization between Catholics the descendants of recent immigrants , Protestants the more firmly entrenched, eastern establishment , and Jews.

Sometimes protestants and Jews work together, as in libertarianism and neoconservatism. Sometimes Catholics and orthodox groups are co-opted, as with the Jesuits, Knights of Malta, and other fraternal orders. Organized Jewry is a big problem, and should be fought as you do. Jews control media, banking and have a big hand in drugs, weapons and terrorism. But look at the Fortune If you have not, I beg you and any readers to read the book Dope, Inc. The concern has to be shutting down usury, dope, lies and terrorism, not any particular ideology, however wicked.

Once man gives over to false religions, he is no longer rational, because he originates no thought. His greatest acomplishmnet has been to insure more innocent babies would die at his soulless evil black hand and heart.

ALL of these cowardly criminal psychopaths sold us out as a nation to the demonic Godless Jews!


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Don't deny that you are already married. Will you deny that you are no longer a bachelor? She ate a lot last night. Eat the roasted pig. Don't touch anyone you don't know. Touch Juan so he will get up from sleep. He broke away from his clique.

Rip apart what has been sewed. Huwag mong kalikutin ang ilong mo. Don't poke your finger in your nose. The ball rattled in the box. Don't shake the eggs in the box. The child sat on his mother's lap. Take the child on your lap. He just scratched his head. Just scratch your head. Just scratch a cat. He took shelter under the tree. Hide the clothes under the house. Sing on my birthday. Sing my favorite song.

He groped in the dark. Grope for the flashlight inside the house. He held on to me. Put your hand on the child's shoulder. Hold on to each other's hands or you might fall. Frisk my pocket for some money. Frisk the pocket of the thief who was arrested. They are fellow thieves. Slaughter some chicken for the fiesta.

Slaughter the cow now. Kausapin mo si Pedro tungkol sa balak mo. Talk with Pedro about your plans. He waved at me before he left. His trousers got hooked on the nail. Be careful as you walk or your trousers might get hooked on the nail. Kumawit ang pantalon niya sa pako. His trousers were got hooked on the nail.

Invite someone to go with you to to the market. Invite Juan to watch a movie. We scraped the coconut. Talk to the lonely child. Malamig sa labas, baka ka kiligin. It is cold outside, you might shiver. Carry a newspaper on the way to the office. Make the way narrow. They are inaugurating a new Dark Age that may last for eternity. The tragic wars that have marred modern history and inflicted unspeakable suffering were caused by a relatively few sick minds who hate God and humanity.

Their demented centuries-old plot is entering its final stage. Putin, Ahmadinejad, Obama and McCain are all stage actors. Rather than getting sucked into this pseudo drama by siding with one side or another, we need to make our own plans.

Essentially we are on a bus driven by a psycho. We need to find a way to get off. Feminism and the New World Order. We have victory in Jesus Christ. Seek him today, imploring Him, and He will reveal himself to you, his plan for you, and the wellspring of love, protection and sure guidance that is to be found in his heart.

He has already overcome all your enemies. The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form, and condemned to serve the Jew day and night. It is permitted to kill him even before he denounces. An orthodox Jew is not bound to observe principles of morality towards people of other tribes.

He may act contrary to morality, if profitable to himself or to Jews in general. The Christians belong to the denying ones of the Torah. Jesus Christ was illegitimate and conceived during menstruation. This will be the couple of parts, and hopefully a profitable glimpse into a world across the sea that is not normally presented in terms of Christian life in the Western media.

In the Orthodox and Catholic world, religious expression extends beyond the Scripture into Tradition, where spiritual life and symbolical truths are expressed in liturgics, religious art, church architecture, and monuments reflecting a national life in Christ and carrying forward the Cross. Russian history has already judged Stalin, and ultimately God will judge his soul.

In all of the churches in Russia and in the Orthodox churches around the world, there are liturgical memorials for the canonized Holy Passion-Bearers of Christ, the extended Martyred Royal Family of Tzar Nicholas II, and the New Martyrs of the Soviet Regime, not just in Russia, but from within the Eastern Bloc nations as well, and other New Martyrs from various regimes canonized around the world in the Orthodox Churches.

Let me present the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow, the most important basilica in all of the Russias, and monumental historical allegory of the national life of this Christian people, and important symbol of New Russia. Until quite recently, the centers of Jewish power had hoped to preserve some idealized memories of the murderous Soviet system in the minds of the Russians, but it turned out to be a vain hope.

These fond hopes were dashed by Vladimir Putin. The history of the Cathedral begins on December 25, Emperor Alexander I signed a Manifesto ordering the construction of a magnificent Cathedral in honor of Christ the Savior in Moscow as a thanksgiving to God and to honor the victorious Russian army. The first project called for a Cathedral built by the architect Vitberg. On October 12, , five years after the French entered Moscow, the cornerstone of this Cathedral was triumphantly blessed.

The first site was on the Sparrow Hills, between the Smolensk and the Kaluga roads. However, unsteady ground and underground waters made this site unfeasible. The emperor chose the new site personally - on the bank of the Moscow River, near the Kremlin.

The sculptures and frescoes in the Cathedral were unified by several themes: Therefore, holy protectors and intercessors for the Russian land, as well as those leaders, who worked to affirm and spread Christianity and those princes that laid their life down for the freedom and integrity of the Russian land are pictured throughout the Cathedral.

The Cathedral is a perceptible memorial to the battle of the Russian people against the napoleonic hordes. The names of the renowned heroes, whom God chose as instruments to save His people are engraved on marble boards in the main gallery of the Cathedral. The Cathedral is shaped as an equal-sided cross with the corner pillars forming a square laid over this cross. The cross symbolizes the Salvation accorded by God to Russia. On December 13, the new church was officially named the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and priests and other clergy were assigned.

The Saint Nicholas and Saint Alexander Nevsky chapels located in the upper gallery were consecrated on June 12 and July 8 of the same year respectively. Regular services were conducted in the Cathedral from this time on. All important church and civic events were marked in the Cathedral including the th anniversary of the death of Saint Sergius of Radonezh, the th anniversary of the war of , the th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty.

Christmas was the main feast day of the year, when all Moscow also commemorated the victory over Napoleon. The Local Council of opened in the Cathedral during the troubled summer of on August This council reinstated the patriarchate in the Russian Church [just prior to the October Revolution and the establishment of the Bolshevik state]. When the persecution of the church began in , Patriarch Tikhon founded the Brotherhood of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in order to prevent the Cathedral from being closed.

This monument was to rise in modernistic, buttressed tiers to support a gigantic statue of Lenin perched atop a dome with his arm raised in blessing. It took more than one blast to destroy the church and more than a year to clear the debris from the site. The original marble high reliefs were preserved and are now on display at the Donskoy Monastery.

For over six decades, they were the only reminder of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. The construction of the Palace of Soviets was continuously interrupted due to a lack of funds, problems with flooding from the nearby Moskva River, and the outbreak of war. The flooded foundation hole remained on the site for nearly thirty years. The one-of-a-kind circular pool had a diameter of meters A massive wave of propaganda preceded the actual destruction.

During the so-called Khruschev thaw, the city built an enormous swimming pool instead of the Cathedral. Just as importantly, the dead are publicly honored, not just Christians, at their own memorials who suffered under the Red Terror as well, whether Russian Muslim there are about 20 million Muslims, and the long history is extremely intertwined and complex or Jews, and there are memorials as well for those heroically fallen in the Great Patriotic War.

Or that the Germans suffered terribly at the hands of the Allies, post-war? In the photo, Putin is venerating a holy icon that Metropolitan has brought from New York, and he is in the process of crossing himself. Glory to God for all things. The larger picture need to be seen as China-USA-Russia are on an equal footing in terms of space based weapons systems and thus cannot really threaten each other. They have been cooperating in space for many, many years.

America will be devided between China-Russia and Mexico thereafter. After the chaos and floods of a new order will be implemented with UN taking global control over the remaining herd.

As for the possible rise of a Caliphate empire with the Mahdi at its head after Zion1 Israel and Zion2 USA burns would become a big concern for Christians as non conformance to Islam will cause the forced removal of your head. The Holocaust is a post-war phenomenon we are experiencing now, not a wartime one, the so-called Jews experienced at the time. Germany attempted to throw off their parasitism by declaring war on them, not realizing the Jews engineered the war they came to win, not just over Germany, but the world.

This is the deal. The second rank comprises tricksters and destroyers such as the CIA and Mossad. Why is Jeff Rense avoiding Jane Burgermeister of http: The answer is that too many people are not thinking for themselves and rely on what they get either from the media or the alternative media.

Not to say that the above is not valueable but that they have to open their mind to a world conciousness that is not based simply on what they read in the alternative media but what nevertheless they can detect using the above as a signpost.

This is where prayer is important: Generally I respect Dr. Regardless of whatever branch of Zionism exists: Makow seems to demand. He is still a very popular political leader, effected many reforms as president which are still being carried on under Medyedev, chipping away at social, economic, military and political problems, criminal corruption and practices, promotes the culture and education of forming a highly moral, dignified and cultured society, and it is the Russian people that he is answerable to, not the US.

These fake Jews, flaunting their mockery of Faith, infuriated authentic Russian and Ukrainian Christians who had endured decades of repression by these same criminals. Something to keep in mind is that Dr. Having read through this piece it simply comes across as subjective, distorted, extremely biased, poorly substantiated, trivial and really a propaganda hitpiece, even if Dr.

One of my neighbors is a single dad raising a 4-year old son, and a good father, who is both disciplined and affectionate. Maybe I should call the authorities on my neighbor. Nowhere in the article does Dr. Really, this article of Dr. Of all the vast production of this very enigmatic person I selected a video in Russian, unfortunately with an english translation, below, dealing with The Old Believers.

The history of Old Belief is very interesting. They were expecting a deviation from Christian Faith and the forthcoming of Antichrist. But when Nikon started to implement the making of his universal Orthodox Empire under the auspices of Moscow Tsar and Moscow Patriarch, he launched a modernization. A kind of Eurovision contest to show how socking great we are. Arceni the Greek was a Pope legate, and they changed their belief a dozen times, those rascals: It was they who began to re-write books, spoiled all of them.

And Nikon having flown into a rage from what he has done, but too late it was, the Greeks have already crossed him out quarreled with Tsar and was dethroned. And those who were opposing Nikon were the Old Believers. They were true Russian orthodox folks, successors of the Byzantine belief orthodox church and they were loyal to the canons, to the letter and intent of the kingdom of Moscow.

To the Russian belief that had been taken from ancients sources, from the first Christians, and that remained safe in Rus even when the Byzantine Empire collapsed. Power especially after the council got into the hands of not even Nikon, but of all those Greek rascals who had come here. They organized the bloody council of and , that cursed the old Russian church. It all ended with the abolition of patriarchate, the coming of Peter I, all those western reforms, that finally perverted Russian Orthodox.

The Old Believers are those, who are standing on the ancient ground. The first declaration was in by Metropolitan Sergi, and in Old Belief was fully exonerated. In fact, that council has been our church, and he was terminated. In was crossed, such things happen. The importance of Old Belief can not be overestimated. And although the Old Believers are a minority in our society, that is a real, authentic minority. Our elite was a band of foreigners, Germans.

The Tatars were nice people, and the eastern princes. Who were the Slavophiles? Aksakov, Khomyakov, Kireevsky, Tatar surnames, classical Tatar surnames. Or Englishmen, the French. So, if we want authenticity, true depth in our elite, we should seek for it in this environment, not in the environment of the degenerated noble family.

You are at sea, you think that they have either degenerated or have been like this all the time. What we need is the Russian spirit and real Russian people, of whom there are not many. That is why Old Belief attracts the minds of people. The church does realize the importance.

Of course, members of the synod with whom I have talked much support the official ground that Old Belief is as salvational as the Church and its rites may be practiced.

A strong, active part of our nation. People who went to the official church during the Soviet era now accept Old Belief. Those who went to Komsomol during the Soviet era, now go to the official church. The most steady, the strongest people who care about their national identity, who remember their roots. It is a most profound trend in orthodoxy, it carries Ancient Rus, its spirit, its strength, its style, its moral principles.

The March 24, issue of The Daily Express of London shown above described how Jewish leaders, in combination with powerful international Jewish financial interests, had launched a boycott of Germany for the express purpose of crippling her already precarious economy in the hope of bringing down the new Hitler regime.

I have already made a post and I usually do not add anything else. They start of in Dutch I believe, but then goes into English.

I know most of you know what is happening, but since B. We were not fighting another Christian nation, PS, we were fighting Hitler. This group is at least as numerous, insidious and malignant, if not more so, and comprises most of those who attend Bohemian Grove. The so called alternative media never highlights it….. This then is why they allow sites such as this but close down those that connect the two dots: They are mortified of this partnership leaking out to the societal conciousness and go to great lengths to suppress knowledge of it…..

Who has a key to the vault wherein he keeps his magical arts. Often people stumble on one half of the key and go away and write about it, thinking themselves, oh so important for their discovery.

Other come along and stumble on the second part of the key, thinking it is the whole key and go away and boast about their discovery. When they are gone however, the magician puts the two parts of the key together and goes ahead and opens the safe. He has never made any Thoreauvian bones about this. He writes from the ethical standpoint of the Top Ten. His book The Illuminati: In his columns he uses the precise terms such as JudeoMasonry.

The same terms as Catholic discourse. He collectively calls the Jewish banking cartel and its political organization together with its Agentur: Since The City and international finance: They controlled The Party under the Soviet, I see no reason to assume they do not control the Russian resurgance as deep background.

If what I said was not correct, why was it then, that in Soviet times in Russia the mention of the word Jew, who to the authorities, were on the whole simply useful idiots, would not get you in trouble, from the eyes and ears of a network of informers, but the simple mention of the word Freemason would land you in a gulag?

It was because they were mortified of exposure. The works of darkness are best carried out in secret…. Maybe thats why Our Lady appeared to three little shepherd children in Portugal, and not 3 Russian children in Moscow….. Putin reminds me of Thomas Beckett. He lived a worldly life as a tough pragmatist serving the whims of a foreign despot, but then when put in titular charge of a duty, as Beckett was made Archbishop of Canterbury, he took on the role in earnest as a true servant of God.

Beckett and Putin are the same type, in my view. It is about shifting the moorings of Western civilization from Judeo-Christian to occult foundations. To what extent is arguable, I agree - but they definitely considered themselves to be Christian even if it was only nominally …. Charlie - I think thou dost protest too much! This proven formula is proudly displayed on the U. The idea is completely ridiculous if you ask me - but some people believe it. My take on it is: This is also what they have done with Jesus Christ!!

Are you capable of imagining what would have come …if it had infected a number of other states and brought about the creation of a period of autarchy [absolute rule, replacing that of the bankers]. Germany had to be destroyed! This is the same reason that Abraham Lincoln and John F. And they know it! While I read this your posting on Hitler I remembed the first and foremost postulate that should guide an interested person:. In the case of the Rothschild financing of Hitler through Harriman Brs-Bush-Thyssen there is no question about documental authenticity.

You are right, masonry and kabbalah and the Jews are intermingled. The amended law will allow Russian armed forces anywhere in the world to protect Russian citizens from armed attack and to rebuff the attack on Russian military units located outside Russia.

Prior to the amendment, the law only allowed the president to send armed forces to fight terrorism on foreign territories. In addition, the law guarantees help for foreign countries defending or preventing armed attacks by proper request, and helps to ensure safe navigation for anti-piracy measures.

For example, are the dispensational Christian Zionists all Freemasons, or mostly just under-developed, blinkered idiots? On the Left, are the Judeophile liberals and Leftists Freemasons, or just suffering from arrested development and indoctrination?

This is a very fluid category, as many of these will, as they mature and gain insight, eventually see the error of their ways and turn against the Judeofascist force. Others will live out their entire lives as collaborators, either literally or spiritually. The partnership between international monopoly capitalism and international socialism http: His books became classics in the study of covert politics and economics in the twentieth century.

Jews International Jews declared economic war and media war on Germany before Germany boycotted Jewish businesses. Chris Moore, I am not talking about the rank and file Freemason, who like the rank and file Jew is merely a useful idiot. I am talking about a highly organized, infuential and powerful group of Gentiles who, along with powerful Jews, control all powerful positions in society. Together they control the world, and when I say control I do not mean simply manage but are progressively devolving it into an institutionalized satanic nightmare.

If you are not aware of this how can you offer prayers to God to save your soul from the precarious events about to unfold, as mentioned in the apocalypse? The fact that he printed the Reichsmark and this was real German money not loaned at interest from Jewish Monopoly Capital but backed by the productivity of the German nation argues in favour of your statements.

Many, many Catholics perished under the Reich because they opposed the Nazi policies of euthanizing the unfit many of whom were cared for in Catholic institutions and also the Nazi racialist policies.

There is no better way to confuse people than making people believe that Hitler was financed by the Jews and thus part of the same conspiracy. Mocking them, Hitler demanded such large sums of money that these evil Jews were not able to provide.

The book by Antony C. Sutton goes to some lengths to explain how some American companies had ties to Nazi-Germany. Max Warburg himself had to leave Germany and died in the US in The German economic miracle between the wars was made possible by German work, and by a unique financial policy based on this work and not speculation which was the real threat to Jewish hegemony.

I agree with you, but you seem to be buying into the Holohoax religion. Yes there was violence against Jews in Germany, but nothing different to what happened during other conflicts. And the first concentration camps in European soil were built by the Soviets. You say that National-Socialism was not Christian in its roots, and I cannot agree more.

Nikolai Patrushev, secretary of the Russian Security Council, said Thursday the new doctrine should be submitted to President Dmitry Medvedev by the end of the year. The current military doctrine outlines the role of the Russian military in ensuring the defense of the country and, if necessary, preparing for and waging war, although it stresses that the doctrine is strictly defensive. Some Russian military analysts, however, have questioned the need to revise the existing doctrine.

Alexander Sharavin, director of the Institute for Political and Military Analysis, said on October 14 that the current document stipulates the use of nuclear weapons only in large-scale wars when an aggressor has an overwhelming superiority over Russia in men and materiel.

Trust me there are many in these positions that do not trust nor support the current administration. In this usage Agentur designates more than a mere agency or proxy. The foundation of the Mother Lodge was laid in Paris just prior to the Revolution inaugurated All the great Revolutionaries that destroyed nations and instituted republics were alumni of the Grand Orient: Therefore it should be of interest that the Grand Orient of the U.

So what work exactly will they be doing? Soup kitchens for the destitute as American wealth is looted wholesale by the Jewish Money Trusts and Monopoly Capital? I am sure stuff like that will be the facade. No longer making any secret of their purposes, they are now boldly rising up against God Himself. They are planning the destruction of Holy Church publicly and openly and this with the set purpose of utterly despoiling the nations of Christendom, if it were possible of the blessing obtained for us through Jesus Christ our Saviour….

At so urgent a crisis, when so fierce and so pressing an onslaught is made upon the Christian name, it is Our office to point out the danger, to mark who are the adversaries, and to the best of Our power to make head against their plans and devices, that those may not perish whose salvation is committede to Us..

His words are even more true today than they were in the 19th century. So their Revolution inaugurated rolls on. It would be good to read here some episcopal statements from the East upon the menace of Freemasonry as the hammerstroke of the Revolution fell particularly hard there. While growing numbers of Christian faithful in Russia publicly bearing witness to their piety is very edifying, I do not believe that their year old church has been restored in terms of the Succession they had from the Apostles and from that Succession all the sacramental life.

I do not think the war chest of Germany was financed by Germany alone given its crippling war reparations and economic devastation after WWI. The whole point of the crippling and insulting war reparations, the economic boycott AND the war chest financing was exactly to drive Hitler to war. Germany could never have bailed from the reparations imposed upon that valiant white nation at the Treaty of Versailles - if Germany had continued to issue a currency borrowed at interest from Jewish Monopoly Capital - namely the Warburg Bank.

When Hitler began to print the Reichmark, the productivity of the German people easily lifted the nation out of that bottomless pit and into the economic success. Germany had a manufacturing base. People will pay them for German goods.

I still have in my possession an old saucepan from my German Grandmother made in Germany during the Depression. It is real stainless steel. A magnet will fix on it. You can use it on the bar-be-que, on the stove. It has weight and a solid oak handle that never heats up even when the pan is sitting in flame.

Imagine an American manufacturing base for the hydrogen engine. It will never happen as long as America can not print its own currency backed by the resources and productivity of the American people. America is in the same bottomless pit with the Fed as Germany was under the Versailles Treaty. And the end result will be the same. Saakashvili is in the grip of the puppetmasters. He was coerced and silenced.

Unable to verbally communicate with his fellow Georgians about the real gitgo, he used the now famous body language and creatively ate is tie. The present charade is that Georgia has now gained its independence from the Soviet and now provides a democratic political charade for the peasants.

The necktie is a Masonic symbol - the noose of the hanged man. It signifies someone who is a owned, set up and given his job. As his Masters pulled his chain. This is an unnecessary ad-hominem offense. I hope that only Jesus Christ is pulling my strings…. How rich do you think that America would be if you shut down speculation, all sort of financial manoeuvres by the Jews and destroy the Fed? This is exactly what happened in Germany. Something similar happened after World War II.

Germany rose from ruins thanks to the tremendous work and will power of the German people. It was not the Marshall Plan alone, other countries like Britain received more money and were still bankrupt long after the war.

If the Germans were just Jew-puppets, how do you explain that all post-war extermination plans, such as the Morgenthau and the Kaufman plans, were directed against the Germans?

Only the efforts of real Christian American patriots could prevent this from effectively being carried out. To be able to untangle the unprecedented conspiracy strangling mankind we must differentiate, we cannot throw everything in the same bin. Interesting PS about the self financing of economic recovery as the reason for the Jewish boycott.

Does not take away from the fact that additional finance and capital was supplied not for economic recovery but specifically for rearmament how about fuel for a start, and IBMs input as well as heavy machinery - not all of which came from the Rhur. We are not talking about mere economic recovery, but the building of a giant war machine, in a very short time, which was capable of taking on the whole world.

Also the allied powers knew what was going on in contravention of the Versailles treaty - ie German rearmament and did nothing to stop it, although they could have quite easily, rather, they funded it in large part. I think we can all name some American products that have been made well and have lasted through time. It would be interesting to look into the idea that once The City and their N. I forgot to mention these are interchangeable and they wanted to emphasize the central role of Z-ionism in the platform of the Nazi Party, so they could sit around their Kabbala magic runes or roll around on the floor of their covens and have a fit of satanic laughter.

Interesting page on Official Symbols, meanings and interpretations, and their historical evolutions throughout various periods of Russian history. Emperor Peter the Great established it as the national standard in , preferring what was the banner of the merchant marine to several hundred other flags as its heraldry symbolised peace and friendship. On January 20, he issued an edict decreeing that every merchant ship must hoist the white blue and red flag.

He made the drawing himself, and determined the order of the horizontal bands. At that time, the three colors were each given an official interpretation. They also implied the union of White, Minor and Greater Russias.

At present the current and most often used unofficial interpretation of the colors is as follows: First - let me state unequivocally: I am not a racist and I do not agree with ANY ideas of racial supremacy of one group over another. Aside from the pigmentation of our skin - we are all created equal in the likeness of God. The practice of eugenics was pioneered largely in the U. More info on this may be found http: When Hitler came to power, Germany was hopelessly broke.

These costs totaled three times the value of all the property in Germany. Private currency speculators caused the German mark to plummet, precipitating one of the worst runaway inflations in modern times. A wheelbarrow full of billion-mark banknotes could not buy a loaf of bread. The national treasury was empty. Countless homes and farms were lost to speculators and to private banks. Germans lived in hovels. On top of this came a global depression. Germany had no choice but to succumb to debt slavery under international bankers until , when the National Socialists came to power.

These figures are quite startling and begin to illuminate how severe the social and economic problems in Germany were at this time.

In such circumstances men entertain fantastic fears, extravagant hatreds and extravagant hopes. Hitler was indeed creating the figures of hate in his speeches namely the Jews and the Marxists who were also predominantly Jews according to Hitler.

On all fronts, the German state was revolutionized: When Hitler came to power in , 30 per cent of the working population was unemployed: In this economic recovery, Hitler hit upon something which helped to arouse the everlasting hatred of the international banking community: Freed of the peculiar and complicated system of instant national debt through the issuance of their own money, the German economy took off like a rocket.

Hitler also abandoned the Gold Standard as a means of weighting the Reichsmark: Sorry to disappoint you, but this is another legend. Only after the obvious failure of the Geneva Disarmament Conference did Hitler order to significantly enlarge the German Armed Forces Wehrmacht. The following are the number of weapons that each relevant country counted in their arsenals at the begin of WW II on September 1st , I can continue, but I think that you get the point: Hitler was not prepared for a larger war, he did not intend to unleash a European or World War.

His main concerns were the Danzig corridor and the German minority in Poland. I provided you with the one known example Hjalmar Schacht , which is irrelevant to this discussion. Did you know that actually France and Britain declared war on Germany and not the other way around? It is much too easy to blame it all on the defeated, but we should actually search for the truth. Remember the lies that Colin Powell had to present to the UN?

Now think about the propaganda pressure regarding Iran. Do you see the pattern? Satan himself controls the Jews and their helpers. They will be also annhilated if Satan wins on this our planet Earth. A subject of the State is a person who belongs to the protective union of the German Reich, and who therefore has particular obligations towards the Reich.

The status of subject is acquired in accordance with the provisions of the Reich and State Law of Citizenship. A citizen of the Reich is that subject only who is of German or kindred blood and who, through his conduct, shows that he is both desirous and fit to serve the German people and Reich faithfully.

Entirely convinced that the purity of German blood is essential to the further existence of the German people, and inspired by the uncompromising determination to safeguard the future of the German nation, the Reichstag has unanimously adopted the following law, which is promulgated herewith:. Marriages between Jews and citizens of German or kindred blood are forbidden.

Marriages concluded in defiance of this law are void, even if, for the purpose of evading this law, they were concluded abroad. Proceedings for annulment may be initiated only by the Public Prosecutor. Sexual relations outside marriage between Jews and nationals of German or kindred blood are forbidden.

Jews will not be permitted to employ female citizens of German or kindred blood under 45 years of age as domestic servants. Jews are forbidden to display the Reich and national flag or the national colors. On the other hand they are permitted to display the Jewish colors. The exercise of this right is protected by the State. A person who acts contrary to the prohibition of Section I will be punished with hard labor.

A person who acts contrary to the prohibition of Section II will be punished with imprisonment or with hard labor. A person who acts contrary to the provisions of Sections III or IV will be punished with imprisonment up to a year and with a fine, or with one of these penalties.

The law will become effective on the day after its promulgation; Section III, however, not until January 1, In these three decades, only love for my people and loyalty to my people have guided me in all my thoughts, actions, and life. They gave me the strength to make the most difficult decisions, such as no mortal has yet had to face. I have exhausted my time, my working energy, and my health in these three decades. It is untrue that I or anybody else in Germany wanted war in It was desired and instigated exclusively by those international statesmen who were either of Jewish origin or working for Jewish interests.

I have made so many offers for the reduction and elimination of armaments, which posterity cannot explain away for all eternity, that the responsibility for the outbreak of this war cannot rest on me. Furthermore, I never desired that after the first terrible World War a second war should arise against England or even against America.

Centuries may pass, but out of the ruins of our cities and monuments of art there will arise anew the hatred for the people who alone are ultimately responsible: International Jewry and its helpers! As late as three days before the outbreak of the German-Polish War, I proposed to the British Ambassador in Berlin a solution for the German-Polish problem — similar to the problem of the Saar area, under international control. This offer cannot be explained away, either.

It was only rejected because the responsible circles in English politics wanted the war, partly in the expectation of business advantages, partly driven by propaganda promoted by international Jewry. But I left no doubt about the fact that if the peoples of Europe were again only regarded as so many packages of stock shares by these international money and finance conspirators, then that race, too, which is the truly guilty party in this murderous struggle would also have to be held to account: I further left no doubt that this time we would not permit millions of European children of Aryan descent to die of hunger, nor millions of grown-up men to suffer death, nor hundreds of thousands of women and children to be burned and bombed to death in their cities, without the truly guilty party having to atone for its guilt, even if through more humane means.

I cannot separate myself from the city which is the capital of this Reich. Furthermore, I do not want to fall into the hands of enemies who for the delectation of the hate-riddled masses require a new spectacle promoted by the Jews. I have therefore resolved to remain in Berlin and there to choose death of my own will at the very moment when, as I believe, the seat of the Fuehrer and Chancellor can no longer be defended.

I die with a joyful heart in the awareness the immeasurable deeds and achievements of our soldiers at the front, of our women at home, the achievements of our peasants and workers, and the contribution, unique in history, of our youth, which bears my name.

It goes without saying that I thank them all from the bottom of my heart and that it is also my desire that in spite of everything they should not give up the struggle, but continue fighting wherever they may be, faithful to the great Clausewitz, against the enemies of the Fatherland. From the sacrifices of our soldiers and from my own comradeship with them, there will come in one way or another into German history the seed of a brilliant renaissance of the National Socialist movement and thus the realization of a true national community.

Many very brave men and women have resolved to link their lives to mine to the very end. I have requested them, and finally ordered them, not to do so, but instead to take part in the continuing struggle of the nation.

I ask the commanders of the army, navy, and air force to strengthen by all possible means the spirit of resistance of our soldiers in the spirit of National Socialism, emphasizing especially that I too, as founder and creator of this movement, have preferred death to cowardly flight or even capitulation. May it be one day a part of the code of honor; as it is already in the navy, that the surrender of an area or of a town is impossible, and above all in this respect the leaders should give a shining example of faithful devotion to duty unto death.

Before my death I expel the former Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering and deprive him of all the rights he may enjoy by virtue of the decree of June 29, , and also by virtue of my statement in the Reichstag on September 1, Goering and Himmler, by their secret negotiations with the enemy, without my knowledge or approval, and by their illegal attempts to seize power in the state, quite apart from their treachery to my person, have brought irreparable shame to the country and the whole people.

In order to give the German people a government composed of honorable men, who will fulfill their duty of continuing the war by all available means, I, as the Fuehrer of the nation, nominate the following members of the new Cabinet:.

President of the Reich: Doenitz; Chancellor of the Reich: Seyss-Inquart; Minister of the Interior: Gauleiter Giesler; Minister for War: Several of these men such as Martin Bormann, Dr. Yet I must ask them to obey my request, and in this instance place the interests of the nation above their own feelings.

Through their work and loyalty they will remain just as close to me as companions after my death, just as I hope that my spirit will remain amongst them and will always accompany them. Let them be hard, but never unjust; above all, let them never allow fear to counsel their actions, but may they place the honor of the nation above everything on this earth.

Finally, may they be conscious of the fact that our task of building a National Socialist state represents the labor of the coming centuries, and this places every single person under an obligation always to serve the common interest and to subordinate his own interests.

I demand of all Germans, all National Socialists, men and women and all soldiers of the Armed Forces, that they remain faithful and obedient to the new government and to their President unto death. Above all, I charge the leadership of the nation and their followers with the strict observance of the racial laws and with merciless resistance against the universal poisoners of all peoples, international Jewry.

Given in Berlin, 29th April , 4: Hitler Signed as witnesses: You left out the number of tanks …….. I am not attacking Germany, or Hitler, although he did attack my Motherland causing untold and prolonged suffering. I made it clear that I thought the Allies were more to blame for the war and not the other way round. I would like to say a thing or two about Hitler. I get where Hitler was coming from. He was a willing participant in a giant act of magic, for magical reasons that probably make no sense to normals.

Whatever the story of Germany is, it is much too broad to characterize the way Hitler is a character. The two are in no way the same. It would be like taking George Bush the Lesser as an example and trying to generalize what Americans are like from him.

These countries are not really capable of being victorious. It is pretty obvious that this conforms to an intentional war-starting strategy that leaves these countries no other option than to fight even when they have no real hope of winning.

Thus setting them up as scapegoats for all of the ills of whatever war. There are other sites by religious people but with one or two exceptions they are not interested in truth, over and above everything else. Thats just the world in which we live. We have remarked on the strange omission of works which one might expect in our libraries, works which treat of the phenomenon of parasitic communities in human civilizations.

And we have suggested that these works have not been written because the parasite exercises control over the academic and scholarly life of the host. Is this a fantastic conclusion? Not at all …. Since the host is physically stronger than the parasite, obviously the parasite cannot control him through physical strength.

Then he must exercise mental control. How is this done? The Jewish parasite controls the Gentile host through an entire class of Gentiles which he has created, and who serve him by maintaining control over the Gentile host.

This class is known as the Shabez Goi. We have pointed out that the Jewish parasite is a disease of the more advanced civilizations. One does not find the Jew sharing the hostile desert with the Australian aborigine. Primitive man had no experience of parasites. There was little food and less shelter. But those who survived began to master their environment, to till the land, to domesticate animals, and there began to be surpluses of food.

Now rats and cockroaches appeared, feasting on these surpluses. One of the heroes of the Jewish intellectual movement, Franz Kafka, wrote a work in which a man envisioned himself as a cockroach, writing out of some ancient racial memory which has bemused thousands of university students who had it rammed down their throats by their professors, with no explanation of its overtones.

With these surpluses, there also appeared a new type of person, a variant of the species, one who existed by producing no goods or services, but who became adept at producing an illusion that he was giving goods and services. This was the Jew, who made his appearance upon the stage of history as a magician, a fortuneteller, a petty thief, or, in the open country, a treacherous and cold-blooded bandit. He became a physician, a teacher, an acolyte in any kind of religious group.

From earliest history, he practiced money-lending, and always at usurious rates of interest. All of these Jewish vocations have one thing in common, the opportunity for fraud. The Jew always operated from a basis of fraud, and slipped easily from one vocation into another.

A Jew practices medicine in one city, and, leaving behind a trail of corpses, turns up in another town as a soothsayer. After some widows are bilked of their life savings, he again takes to the road, assisted, as always, by the international Jewish community.

In another town, he becomes a student priest, and soon he offers daring new interpretations of the religious beliefs, until his superiors find that he is stealthily transforming every tenet of their faith into some strange and barbaric dogma. He moves on, and turns up in another city as a highly trusted government official, respected by all, until, one evening, the gates of the city are opened to an invader, and the Jew becomes the Grand Vizier of the conquerors.

But is this parasitism, or is it merely crime? It is crime, yes, for each of these isolated events is a crime, but the whole is not merely crime, it is parasitism. Treason, fraud, perversion, all are hallmarks of Jewish life among the Gentiles in the Diaspora.

And it is parasitism. We must remember that there is no Jewish crime per se, since the existence of the Jewish parasite upon the host is a crime against nature, because its existence imperils the health and the life of the host. Thus, everything that the Jew does in connection with this parasitic existence is a criminal act, and part of an overall criminal existence. A Gentile government which had as its concern the health of the nation would convict the Jewish parasite and cast him off. This has happened hundreds of times in recorded history.

Therefore, the Jew knows that his first task, upon arriving in a Gentile community, is to subvert and take over its government, and to paralyze the people with subtle injections of poison, so that they become helpless and unable to defend themselves. First, they are prevented from engaging in any gainful employment.

Then they and all members of their families have their landholdings, bank accounts and other assets confiscated. Thus the Jew has introduced the blood-thirsty custom of genocide, or extermination of groups, into world affairs. Now, does not this sound familiar, the confiscation of assets, the mass murders? The Czar and his wife and children were murdered in cold blood, because the biological Jew is not concerned with chivalry in his struggle to maintain control over the Gentile host.

We have only to read the sadistically interpreted Book of Esther in the Bible to see the Jewish custom of mass murder exposed in detail.

Is the helplessness of the Gentile host before the onslaught of the parasite an essential weakness? We have only to think of the strong, healthy man subdued by flu virus to get the answer.

Health in all matters is the principal defense against the attack of the parasitic virus. For centuries, the larger and stronger Gentile host has gone down in defeat before the smaller and weaker, but more deadly, parasitic virus.

The survival of the Gentile host is a matter of understanding biological laws. The Gentile community has set up elaborate codes by which it lives, codes of honor, codes of laws, and the trust which the observance of these codes breeds in the members of the community. RIP Eustace Mullins, a true patriot and a man who stood up for the truth unlike the limp wristed fools who call themselves men today. There are significant, even radical, differences between the Greek Esther of the Septuagint which was translated in the centuries before Christ by Greek-speaking Judeans , and the Hebrew Esther of the so-called 10th c Masoretic Rabbinic Texts which Western versions of Esther are based on.

There are important parts missing from the Hebrew Esther from the Orthodox point of view; conversely, the Jews and Hebraists claim that the Greek Esther has spurious additions. In any case, even just reading the two side by side comes up with almost two different stories. In the Greek Esther there are prayers to God that are said by Mordechai and Esther, as well as a prophetic dream that Mordechai had, and copies of royal decrees that are not in the Hebrew.

It would probably not be far off to guess that in anti-Christian disputations by the Rabbis, that the Hebrew Esther underwent the Talmud treatment trying to disprove Jesus as the Messiah, and it would definitely appear that the Sages performed serious kabbalistic overhaul glorifying themselves rather than giving proper glory to God, especially the way they interpret and conduct the Jewish feast of Esther as a carnival of blood vengeance celebrating their own choseness and delusions over life and death.

I think it is of interest that in the scriptures that cover the Babylonian exile, the Sacred texts designate Esther and Mordechai as Jews. On the basis of this designation, I would assume they were descendents of Esau. The Traditions of the Elders certainly pre-date the Talmud and the Canaanite, Edomite lineage was insinuated into the heritage of David and one would assume other tribes under Solomon when he took idolatrous wives. I can find writings which say that Jesus put forth good teachings - but that He was only a man, and that He was NOT God come in the flesh….

I can find writings which say that Jesus was a sorcerer who performed black magic with his penis, and that His blessed Mother was a whore…. I can find writings that say Jesus never ascended to heaven - that He lived out the rest of His life here on earth….

I have seen writings that Jesus never died on the cross - that the resurrection never really happened, that the whole thing was a hoax…. I can remember tearing up as I read - my youthful mind believing it all. The reason for the French defeat were the superior tactics of the Germans, which relied on mobility and interplay of forces.

The French relied on static defense their Maginot Line , once they were overrun the fate of their army was sealed. War is a tragedy.

The two World Wars were maybe the greatest tragedies in the history of Christianity. But it is important that we learn from the errors of the past, and see where are the real instigators.

The Jew financed and instigated almost every modern war. Profits during wartime are enormous for the banks. My statements regarding the absolute impossibility of using violence arises from being a Christian I mean extreme violence against regular Jews, a different situation arises when considering leaders, be they political, high profile businessmen and religious elements.

And I do not want to carry with me the mortal sinful guilt of inflaming minds and hearts against any innocent human being.

It is not so easy as to just pin point them as sole executors. We allowed them to control our minds because we were gullible and bought their ethics and their unstoppable thirst for money and getting rich i. We still fight their wars and feed their bellies through the insatiable globalistic multinational companies…. If you Prodigal Son accept the fact that Jewish organizations were working well into the war hand in hand hasbara with Hitler to move as many Jews as was possible to Palestine Hitler partially guilty of this monstrosity , you may ask why they, let so many die in the intense suffering of forced displacements and labor camps, etc, when there were several attempts to free Hungarian Jews for a deal, as an example?

The Jewish leaders considered two kinds of Jews: Einstein et al and the useless eaters, those that depended historically of their charity organizations, the poor, the low middle class that were left behind. Their riches and power were already secure in the USA. The problem is that perhaps you may think of a uninterrupted flow of money from NY to Berlin during the war years, not being this the case. You must overcome any preconceived ideas and read those books with their ample documentary proof.

Shakespeare), Great Shakespearean (Bloomsbury Academic) and the Arden . Fletcher (Fletcherian Dramatic Achievement: The Mature Plays of John .. the variety of movement (fights, love scenes, dance scenes) and the .. photo- monograph of YDT (Belgrade ) and as an information professional. the social, sexual and psychological dimensions of women's emancipation conference in Belgrade, Polish feminists founded a Neofeminist Associ ation in the post Chinese Revolution, and was a mature adult at the time of previous generations, nor the blind pessimism of the younger generation. Meet With Outgoing People | Adult Dating Site . Mature woman looking for woman older 20 for sex · Village of nagog woods.