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Lady wants sex tonight Confluence

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This keeps the followers in a continuing state of fear and compliance. They are afraid to question the intentions of this invisible being and they are afraid of even expressing their own individuality in many cases. Christians and others are taught that they have virtually no power to do anything except pray, worship and do good deeds. They are taught to practice self denial and are told that their own will is totally irrelevant.

Religious followers believe that they are yielding their will over to a benevolent cosmic individual who has single-handedly created the whole universe and has their best interests at heart when in fact they are handing over their will and freedoms to hidden groups of religious elites for the elites own personal gains.

It appears that religion must constantly degrade and humiliate its followers in order to glorify and elevate its god. Unfortunately many people appear eager to give away their power to authority and seem to have a need and even a desire to be ruled and disciplined by it. Worshiping gods is futile and is nothing more than an ancient primitive custom practiced by weak minded and superstitious people.

It has no place in the 21st century. The reason we have life in this world is to experience life in this world, not to spend our entire lives studying an old book, looking up to the sky and worshipping an invisible ruler in another realm. The main method by which Christians in particular are trapped and deceived is with the messiah or saviour story. This is linked to the 'original sin' story which is designed to impose a large amount of guilt onto the whole of humanity.

The believers are then so grateful that they have been saved by the son of God nearly 2, years before they were born that in some cases they abandon all reason, logic and good judgment to obey and worship this god and his son.

Anyone who believes this story is indeed lost because to believe that a god would send his only son to help us, only to see his son get tortured and murdered, and then instead of unleashing all his wrath, simply absolve us from all crimes past and present, is pure madness to say the least. Where is the lesson for us in that? What has been achieved? There is no lesson or purpose because it's all about mass psychological enslavement and disempowerment.

The so called god that we are expected to worship is undoubtedly just a dictator strawman concocted by the religious elites for the purpose of controlling the masses. If there is a prime creator in this universe then it is unlikely that he would interfere and impose on us by foisting his arbitrary laws, let alone need and demand our frivolous worship and blind obedience.

Neither of those things requires any level of mental aptitude or creativity. The intelligence and skills that's been given to many has gone totally to waste. Furthermore, Christianity, Islam and a few other religions are polarised religions. They are polarised against each other. One is believed to be good and the other is seen as bad. The funny thing is, is that each one thinks that their's is good and the other's is bad. In most ways they're both bad. The only good kind of religion is a neutral and all loving one.

Polarised religions have been devised by influential elite leaders to play the people off against each other. That way the elite can defeat and enslave the population practically without lifting a finger. Click on the image above to see a full size version of this chart which maps the evolution of religions Religion is like a drug to some. And they need a 2, year old hero to save them - from themselves that is! The churches don't permit their followers to have any real truth and knowledge because that would empower the people too much so they spoon feed them kiddie stories, half truths, distortions and even lies and the followers value it highly even though they must spend the rest of their lives just making sense of it.

The irony is that religion is pretty much man made, so mankind has really brought this onto themselves. The religious elites are not totally to blame because many people actually enjoy listening to mystical sounding stories, performing rituals, customs and traditions, playing polarity roles and dramas and waging battles against what they perceive to be a devil boogie man.

They also have a secret fetish to be dominated and ruled with an iron fist by a supreme ruler or king. After all these centuries people still haven't learned to take back their power and start taking responsibility for themselves.

So Where does this Leave Us? For many who see beyond the prisons of organised religion, they take a more inclusive spiritual philosphy. They see the universe as a whole and themselves as part of this wholeness of creation, where we are simply a part of the creator as the creator is a part of us. Oneness as a force implies that all things are interrelated. Every one of us has a connection to one another, the earth, the universe, and to God.

This one force is a force for good which is attempting to bring the spirituality of the Creator into the earth. Unfortunately, because of our limited awareness of the power of free will, individuals are able to direct that force into selfish purposes and desires, creating "evil" in the process.

In terms of spirituality, the concept of oneness suggests that God is not limited to expressing through one religion alone. Instead, the Creator manifests in individuals' lives because of their faith and because of their relationship to the spiritual Source, not because of their specific religion.

From Edgar Cayce's perspective, religion is the form in which individuals attempt to understand the manifestation of this Spirit. God can and does! If it feels right to you to be part of a particular religion or spiritual belief, then that is your choice and your right.

So long as you realise that you are a being of free will. For we may not even be aware of being mislead without an understanding of the wider context of the situation, nor of pitfalls such as cultural programming and coercion. Months after Meisner et al. Former Archbishop Jozef Wesolowsk Related: Wesolowski is also suspected of having sexually abused children while serving in other posts during his career - in South Africa, Costa Rica, Japan, Switzerland, India and Denmark.

After being publicly accused of procuring child prostitutes in , Vatican officials secretly removed Wesolowski from his post as papal nuncio in Santo Domingo so as to avoid criminal prosecution. In September , Weslowski was placed under house arrest at the Vatican in response to popular outrage after reports began to circulate that the accused child rapist was free to wander the streets of Rome.

At least another 45, pictures were deleted, while even more child pornography was found on a laptop Wesolowski used during his trips abroad. Wesolowski was charged with sexually abusing minors and child porn possession; if convicted, he would face 12 years in jail. More recently, another high-ranking Vatican official was charged with sexual assault. Police gave no other details.

He has denied all abuse allegations. Pope Francis makes a law.. Ironically, the apartment is in a building right next to St. As such, the building enjoys the extraterritorial rights of the Vatican, unchecked by the Italian State. After neighbors complained repeatedly about constant comings and goings of visitors to the building during all hours of the night, Vatican police raided the apartment and found multiple men engaged in rampant drug use and homosexual activity.

Capozzi is now on a spiritual retreat in an undisclosed convent in Italy. Despite his arrest, he is still listed as an active staff member on the website of the Pontifical Council for the Interpretation of Legal Texts.

This privilege, usually reserved for high-ranking prelates, allowed the monsignor to transport cocaine for his frequent homosexual orgies without being stopped by the Italian police.

The Top Of The Pyramid: At age 79, Coccopalmerio is way beyond the age of retirement of 75, but was kept on by Francis. Michael Hichborn, president of the U. Hichborn said that the homosexual orgy happening right next to St. In March , reports surfaced that Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia , in when he was a diocesan bishop, had commissioned a homosexual artist to paint a gigantic blasphemous homoerotic mural in his cathedral church of the Diocese of Terni-Narni-Amelia in Umbria, central Italy.

The mural that covers the opposite side of the facade of the church portrays Jesus carrying nets to heaven filled with writhing naked and semi-nude homosexuals, transsexuals, prostitutes, and drug dealers. The image of the archbishop himself is depicted among those in the nets. Cathedral mural depicting Archbishop Vincenzo Paglio clutching semi-nude-man. Commenting on the cesspool in the Vatican, Riposte Catholique observes:. Catholic congregations are aging and dying off.

Catholic Church under Pope Francis: Critics censored, threatened with excommunication The Illegitimate Pope: Bishop adviser to Pope Francis claims papal infallibility over climate change Pope lectures U. His knowledge comes from his experience as a former priest in the church of Satan, a branch of the Dark Occult. De-mystifying the occult with Mark Passio. Passio, an independent researcher, public speaker, radio talk show host, conference organizer and freedom activist from Philadelphia, PA.

One shocking revelation offered by Passio, and confirmed for oneself by honest investigation, is that the world at large is in a state of consciousness which could be thought of as Satanic. The New World Order Worships Satan Stated more simply, humanity is being indoctrinated into Satanic belief systems, modes of thought, and do not realize it because they have a false version of Satanism pushed by the media. We think Satanism involves "the devil" and sacrificing animals by a few 'bad apples' that are not connected in anyway, but in truth this is not actually the case.

Within the definitions of Satanism provided by Mark, we have the following Tenants I drafted these in my own words listening to the show: Narcissism "Me and my needs are the only thing that matters, even at the cost of everyone else". Survival of the self, is most important. Narcissistic personality disorder, also known as NPD, is a disorder in which the individual has a distorted self image, unstable and intense emotions, is overly preoccupied with vanity, prestige, power and personal adequacy, lacks empathy, and has an exaggerated sense of superiority; balancing their low self image.

NPD is closely associated with egocentrism - a personality characteristic in which people see themselves and their interests and opinions as the only ones that really matter.

Moral Relativism "There is no such thing as truth, I make up what right and wrong are based on what I want. If I can get away with it, then it's "right" and I should; its only wrong, if I get caught. This is Solipsism, the belief that there is no truth because we can not know it with absolute certainty; "the view or theory that the self is all that can be known to exist" - Wikipedia.

As such, "what I believe is the only thing that matters, and if I don't believe it - it doesn't exist. Social Darwinism "I focus on my survival and personal needs only; by any means necessary. What gets the job done, whatever I need to do to survive, is the only thing that matters. If someone else can't do the same, they are weak and deserve what they get.

Eugenics "I get to decide who lives and dies, what their value is only in relation to my own self interest.


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Enjoy breasts that defy gravity a bit. Its my birthday Thursday. Someone Real Who Can Relate m4w I have written an ad here before and received mostly fake responses, so I wanted to try again because I just know there are many women in the area sadly enough who are in the same situation as I am; married, unhappy, needing someone to make them feel alive and excited again.

It's tough to find that spark with someone, but when it happens, it is magical and unlike anything else. I want to feel that again, and I want to make someone feel that way with me. A little about myself; Professional, warm, caring, funny, nice personality, great physique and very sexy.

It would be nice to find a woman who wants something a bit more lasting, not just a quick experience and then we go our separate ways. I want something that we can let build so the experience is more amazing each time we are together.

We can get together as our schedules allow, and I will work hard to meet your busy schedule the best I can. I honestly hope there is someone out there that can relate to what I am saying here. To get a reply, you will have to put "R-E-A-L" in the subject, thanks!

Want to blow yo now. Virgin women past age 18, do they exist anymore? HWP please and smokers need not apply. Could potentially develop into FWB or more.

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Religion: How It Was Employed As A Control System To Divide & Conquer. What is the Basic Purpose of Religion? Religion is designed to focus the people's attention and energy on a single, unchanging, uncompromising and invisible supreme being who allegedly created an inferior human race just for some extra companionship and love for himself and then supposedly foisted a set of oppressive and in. The best opinions, comments and analysis from The Telegraph.