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Relaxation massage orgasm leaves me smiling


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Are you bored. I work alot of hours during the week and on the weekends I'm seeking for someone to hang out with or go on a date with, talk with, laugh with and someone who is sarcastic.

Relationship Status:Mistress
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Relation Type:Sbf Looking For Friendslove

Relaxation massage orgasm leaves me smiling

Horny Wife Coloma Wisconsin

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I am fresh out of a relationship and while I am doing well, I am just not interested in getting involved with someone who has the expectations that a relationship brings.


Scroll down the page for my latest updates! Get a real taste of what's inside my Inner Sanctum! Go through the links on the left, as there IS so much more! Becoming a Member means you are becoming my submissive, this IS where you want to be. It's what you've desired, to be under my influence, guidance, and encouragement. I'm here to help you realise your fantasies! Take a look at my intimate diary, ready for you to read NOW once inside!

Leather in Autumn, combined with my breath-taking breasts. It's always a wonderful feeling to come home every evening to your Mistress, a Mistress who loves to take you on a most enjoyable and orgasmic journey of decadent erotica.

Indeed, that is me, taking pleasure from giving pleasure in an abundance, and with balance. As I open up your mind, I feed your brain with the nutrients it needs to continue functioning at it's best! The beauty of what I provide, helps to nourish your body and soul, thus giving you the energy and will to work hard, and manage those difficult tasks. I'm here to look after you, to encourage you to open up your mind, and embrace those inner desires.

Listen to my sultry voice taking you by your hand, guiding you, so you may follow my leather booted footsteps. Feast your eyes over my exquisite leather, worship with your tongue, indulge and enjoy. WOW watch as george receives his just deserts, a good pounding with my strap-on, followed by mouth fucking, and intense edging, before I finally permit dear george to let it all go, and boy does he let it fly! Right into your mouth! Mmm and you're loving it so much!

I love building the tension between you and I, and of course my slave, in this case, it's dear george. I cannot express enough just how much he thoroughly enjoys being depraved, something you'll see a lot of. Yes he's getting more and more debauched every time I see him.

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Come home george, it's time you return where you belong, under my leather booted soles! We have an unbelievable desire for leather outfits and leather boots, and here you will see george at his best. As he approaches my black wrought iron gates, you can almost feel the tension, his anxiety, and his excitement. It never ceases to amaze him how he always has this intense heart pounding adrenalin rush before presenting himself at my door!

It's so intense, he's almost ready to pass out as I swing open the door to greet him. I take him down to my candlelit dungeon, and as we embrace, he takes in a deep breath. I can't wait for you to indulge in this movie, there is so much more to come! This particular movie has been filmed for a number of my members who are absolute die hard leather fetish lovers. I receive an incredible amount of requests for movies, and I do try and work their thoughts and desires into my real life sessions.

It's not always possible to create everyone's tastes, some are rather unique, more so than others. It's just a matter of what works best with my gentleman friends. Leather is a popular Fetish, and one I love too! What makes this movie a little different, is because one gentleman, who resides in Australia wanted to see me reading The Financial Times!

Well that's easy, as I often have the pink paper with my morning cup of tea, before I crack on with my day! My goodness, I really am thrilled with the way I've edited the movie. Seriously, you MUST plug in your ears, as the leather's signature creaking sound is exquisite! It's a real mind and muscle fuck! I'm really looking forward to your thoughts, I know you'll love it as much as I've enjoyed filming it. I can't tell you just how much enjoyment I had, it's sensational.

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Dominatrix Annabelle - Preview

It has been too long for me to have the pleasure of being with you, probably fifteen or more years. I was fortunate to have been with you all the way back to when you lived by Gamma Photos and then to that great loft on Peoria where I enjoyed the greatest pleasure with you on all those Friday nights. I'm sure you do not remember me but I sure do remember you and that incredible tantra massage you offer. I was at your location the first Friday of every month for almost three years, a few misses but rare and enjoyed sharing sessions with you immensely!

Anyway, I no longer live in Chicago anymore since my company relocated to Minnesota; but I'm coming to visit soon and would love to have another session with you once I get there!

I am so happy you are still offering tantra and exited to see that we'll both be in Chicago at the same time! I've seen Diana's Tantra ads over the years for some time now. In all honesty I always remembered seeing Diana around my neighborhood walking her dog; but like many of us I was too scared, shy, and reluctant to try a tantra massage. Every now and then I would see this post for Goddess Diana but I never ventured forth to give her a call.

This past year was a difficult one for me and I almost passed away a few times because of health problems related to a chronic illness I suffer from. I figured I would finally give her a try and this was One of the best decisions I've ever made!

Diana is a very friendly, personable woman; and when I drove over to meet her she herself came out to meet me by my automobile and we walked into her building together chatting like good friends all the way to her room. Diana made me feel at ease and before we started our session she explained what tantra and Reiki massage was and then proceeded to our session. Because I have never tried energy work or tantra before I opted for the 3 hr session thinking I'd never do this again ; and believe me it's well worth every cent.

I am currently looking forward to another session with this lovely woman. Diana does not rush through her sessions and is generous with her time and genuinely concerned about her client's health.

I met with Diana while she was visiting Orlando. My only regret was meeting for 2 hours rather than 3. While I've had many massages and body rubs, my experience with Diana was on a totally different level. I still received a massage and body rub but this was far more personal and explorIng.

It was far more relaxed. She knows when to carry a nice conversation and she knows when to keep things quiet. She teaches you breathing techniques which oddly enough really do enhance the experience.

It was a very slow amazing time with mutual touching. If you're on the fence about this and trying to decide if you just want a massage or giving this a try, trust me, you will not regret it. It's an awesome experience and if you do happen to be a massage enthusiast, this will take things to a much higher level. I hope she comes back to Orlando soon! See ya for 3 hours next time: Dear Goddess Diana, I am writing you this review tonight because you deeply touched me this past weekend and I am grateful to have found you.

I wish you every success in your travels as you head towards Los Angeles and I promise to look out for you there next time my business takes me that way.

First of all I wasn't expecting your touch to be so caring but that is how I could adequately describe how I felt You have such a wonderful smile and sense of humor and I especially enjoyed our conversation before, during and after our session because if it hadn't been for your naturalness I would have been too intimidated to try one of your sessions.

I like how you took time bathing me and explaining each step of bodywork along the way. I studied breathing techniques before but only from what I have read. Being so close to you and hearing your lovely voice made me feel so loved and important that the rest fell into place and I became a lot less self conscious. We had such a tender exchange that the three hours to me felt like only 90 minutes so we really should go through with the full day of tantra next time we cross paths which I hope will be soon.

You have a very unique approach and the scents, sounds and warmth of your hands were still lingering impressions on my mind for the rest of the evening so believe me when I tell you this but I slept well and felt pain free for days.

Dianna, I would just like to thank you for spending quality unrushed time with me. My spirit and energy have felt revitalized ever since. Your sensual touch and genuine care mean a lot and are felt deeply within. I cannot wait to book my next session. Right from the moment I stepped into the room I felt a kind of surreal, sensual energy floating around trying to enter me. Here came in Diana , training me on intricate breathing techniques to hold off my enormous energy from being fully released.

Diana made me reach my highest peak level and brought me back to a steady state and this was repeated four times and all this just through breathing techniques. While all this was happening my body and soul felt like they were filled with enormous sensual energy and sexual vibrations. As Diana brought me to the climax, she slowly without making me realize it had her finger enter gently into my g-spot a man's g spot is inside his anus.

When she entered my g spot I felt full arousal and I was elevated to the highest bliss state! As we proceeded the build up of enormous energy that I was holding back was released to the world giving me the most memorable orgasm of my life.

I booked her immediately for next week and I am looking forward to an even more special encounter! I was a guest in your city due to a flight delay and I feel so blessed that we had this chance to meet one on one for some pampering in my hotel by O'Hare airport.

I have been wanting to try one of your sessions for so long and finally due to strange circumstances and traveling snafus we finally had our first session. I wish to thank you for the gift of magical touch you bestowed upon me. I loved how you combined firm sports massage strokes with tender feather light strokes that sent major shivers up and down my spine to my toes.

I love how everything you do is slow, intentional, innovative and completely unrushed. You have the ability to know exactly what I needed before I could even express my wants almost like you were listening to my body. Thank you for your enthusiasm, your cheer, your laughter, and the comforting companionship we shared together. You are a special person and your touch made me feel loved and deeply secure. I sometimes have problems falling asleep at night since I travel a lot for the type of work I do; but I slept so peacefully after our tantra session and I woke up refreshed, calm and balanced.

What ever spell you placed upon me I can still feel positive, centered and comforted so I know you have that unique ability to touch people in a loving way that makes everyone feel special. Goddess Diana, Thank you for your gift of touch this past weekend and thank you for accommodating my wife and I for our second year anniversary and making this a most unique Labor Day Holiday.

My wife encouraged me to try tantra through out the years we dated but I really was not ready for the journey and honestly I had no real idea besides videos we had watched together what Tantra Massage or Tantra yoga practices involved. I don't normally even receive massages and when you touched me and I could actually feel your presence I understood exactly what I've been missing all this time and now I do realize I have a lot of "catching up" to do.

I could feel your energy move through me and when you and I started working on my wife I felt a tingling sensation vibrating between my fingers and my wife's skin as if we were electrically charged and feeding each other energy. I almost felt weightless and timeless if I can put all this into words for you. We scheduled you for a full three hours and to me it felt like we spent a good seventy five minutes together because our session moved through so quickly and without effort.

I had no expectations and I just trusted you to guide me. My wife and I were tingling for hours after our session and we both felt awake but peaceful at the same time.

I can say I felt safe, loved, renewed and peacefully content after our couples session. Also I am so happy with your hotel suggestion because we had a gorgeous view of the city and loved the spa bath that we all shared together so now I even know of a great place to stay in the future the next time we visit Chicago. I want you to know I am more open now to the possibility of exploring other aspects of Tantra and I do now wish to learn more about the energy centers involved especially when you helped activate my sexual energy.

Our session as a couple this weekend meant a lot to us and I am now better prepared to want to explore other venues like tantra workshops because I feel a lot less self conscious about this entire journey. Your patience, your compassion and your ability to infuse laughter into our ceremony has left a strong impression on me. I guess I never valued touch till I saw the smile on my wife's face this weekend and I never felt so open and ready to learn more!

Thank you for being so generous with your time. I know I paid you for three hours but I noticed maybe it went on a bit longer even though the time went so fast. Next time we might see you for a whole day if we have the time and if you are still in Chicago. Thank you again for taking the time to reach deep within me and helping me feel and sense energy I never felt before. I never realized how touch starved I was or how energetically charged a good massage could be till I experienced your touch!

I realize now that touch, sexual chemistry, love, connection, and energy are all interwoven. I am even expressing myself much differently than I used to and I am thankful for people like you that actually do have passion for the work they do! I don't ever want to let myself get so "shut down" again.

Recently I booked an all-day session with Goddess Diana. From the start of the booking process it was very accommodating and a quality experience. Diana did her due diligence with a non-intrusive client check.

She was very professional and discreet. She understood that discretion was a requirement for me and made other accommodations, such as making the hotel reservations for our Full Day of Tantra. Diana has exquisite taste and provides an exceptional experience. I had a beautiful view of the city of Chicago from all directions and we shared an extravagant jacuzzi bath for two.

We must have spent at least two full hours just connecting, massaging each other and breathing but the time that we spent in there almost escapes me because it felt like there was no passage of time. She is an understanding teacher and well versed in her profession. Her knowledge is top notch, which accommodates her practice of tantra.

Diana fully understood my needs and truly connected with me to expand my knowledge, revitalizing my energy to awaken my body and stimulate my erogenous senses. In fact as I am writing this testimonial I am still feeling such positive vibes and energy from out time together just several days ago.

I feel more connected and energetic than ever and I am definitely going to make the time to see her again for another full day retreat. Diana is a teacher, healer, and most of all a sweet and authentic lady. My most recent Tantra session with Diana was in Chicago. I gave Diana a full weeks notice so we could plan a full spa day at an upscale location on the Mag Mile.

The experience was not only overwhelmingly comforting and very extravagant but also quite erotic. Diana's knowledge of Tantra is unique because she has an innate ability to bring people to a heightened state of arousal while also deeply soothing the muscles with a real genuine massage.

Diana always provides a 4 to 5 star hotel suite for her sessions. My journey with Diana led to my full body awaking and arousal of all my erogenous zones. I felt very comfortable letting go and just being on the receiving end of intimacy. All of my sessions with Diana have allowed me to feel completely refreshed and rejuvenated. Diana is not just a wonderful healer, but also an accomplished Tantra educator with years of experience.

She is authentic and fully present and truly concerned about peoples well being. There were times during our sessions that I felt I was traveling out of my body. Diana knows how to integrate full body sensual healing with gentle breathing exercises that make you feel as if one was floating out of ones body. I particularly enjoy spending time with Diana be it a meal together or just touring the city with her delightful company.

Diana is rare gem and a real treasure of a woman and I whole heartedly recommend her to any first time student of Tantra. A session with Diana is both fun and relaxing. There is no need to be nervous; she will put you at ease the moment you walk through the door. Her touch is impeccable! She was able to relieve the tension I was feeling in my neck and shoulders in a session.

After several months of going without a good massage it felt so good to have every part of my body addressed so thoroughly! She definitely knows what she's doing and I will surely go back to see her some time in the future.

She is very fun and funny! If you want to be pampered, nurtured and fully awakened I truly recommend Diana. This is my fourth time meeting with this delightful Goddess who always surprises me with her creativity and her passionate enthusiasm down to the settings she creates to the attention to every detail.

Her natural love for the work she does shows through in her touch and her eyes. I truly feel like I can be myself in her presence and these past two weeks she is visiting the Chicagoland area so we engaged in a bit of fun conversation catching up on our lives then started on our full hour bathing ceremony. We shared a huge garden spa sized tub for two, followed by deep tissue massage, tantra instructions and some mutual cuddling. I have no need to explore other goddesses.

Diana is genuinely present for me with an array of creative massage techniques that make me feel fully alive but completely serene by the end. The magical touch of her hands keeps me centered on the now and her healing abilities last for weeks after our time together has been completed. She is just a magical being nothing short of being the most authentic tantra goddess I have yet to meet.

I arranged a two hour session with Diana at my hotel. Sent a car for her, as she is staying out in MD just outside of the city. She added a little more time on to my session with her as a result. She arrived at my hotel exactly on time, in a very cute, little black dress and a leopard print jacket, since it was cold in Washington that night.

As we discussed the experience I was looking for, she slipped the straps off her shoulders and began to lick her lips. She was looking me directly in the eyes and told me what she wanted to do with me. We arranged the bed as she wanted, turned down the lights, then turned up some very sensual music. We were both completely nude by now.

Diana began the massage with me on my back, and quickly moved her hands down to my lingham, getting it hard almost immediately. She had a little grin on her face, suggesting that she expected that this would happen. I was surprised I had gotten aroused so quickly. She continued teasing me, then began working up and down my abs and chest, and carelessly sliding her fingers around my lingham.

She continued down between my legs and worked on my front for at least 45 minutes. I was rock hard most of the time. We stopped to drink some water and I turned over on my stomach. Diana then gave me a wonderful rub with her hands and body, spooning into me and asking me to lightly touch her as well. As we approached the two hour mark, she had me turn onto my back again and moved into me with my legs draped over hers.

She quickly began stroking me again, and slipped a finger inside me and was stimulating my prostate. Lovely, strokes, direct gazes and gentle pressure quickly had me coming harder than I had in ages. We laid there for a few minutes and she went into the bathroom, got a warm cloth and towel and cleaned me up gently, but thoroughly.

This was a great experience, with a lovely woman who knows her way around a man's body and psyche. I hope to see her again the next time I travel to DC. We talked briefly about Betty Eadies book about Near Death experiences and you gave me your business card and I called you and we wound up seeing each other a few times over the years.

After all this time has gone by your teachings have stuck with me, those experiences and talks, after all of these years, probably a good twenty years or so.

I remember a few things you told me. You told me about a guy, a regular client who saw you often and was pestering you for something more, sex basically and you were celibate if I remember correctly, and you would say to him, "What would that give you? I have been reading your blog right now www. You have so much cool stuff to share-- you truly are a wonderful healer Goddess Diana! I remember you with Black hair, but like your pics now too: I also wanted to say, even before i started reading your blog, that your name popped into my consciousness.

After all of these years, Diana Grossman, I looked you up and sure enough it is you and you are still a Tantrika and helping people. I feel you helped me and influenced me and influenced me for good after all of these years and it still is in my consciousness. You are the real deal, a true healer. I also wanted to tell you that what came to me to share even before finding you and reading some of this is that you are truly yourself and you always have been.

You are a very strong and powerful woman--a real individual, doing your own thing, without any fear. You are fearless and you truly have touched many. I truly enjoyed talking with you during our sessions and learning from you.

You are a true teacher and healer. You have been one of my many teachers in this life. Even now I am still on the Spiritual path and it never ends. Once again, I love your website and all of your revelations on your site and your blog. I appreciate all you do for people, and truly wish you well and hope you are happy and peaceful and prosperous and enlightened. Much love and blessings Goddess, your friend and admirer. I met Diana in Atlanta 5 years ago when she lived in an old school house retro loft building in Little Five points.

I have had several tantra sessions with her over the years due to the heavy traveling I do for work related reasons transporting boats. I was happy to be treated to one of her longer 90 minute sessions after all of my driving, especially because my back was so sore.

Diana is very talented not just with tantra but she actually gives a great massage and she uses a lot of pressure using her elbows and upper body strength. Diana's sessions are a perfect energy lift and she uses her brilliant tantra skills along with a thoroughly strong massage just in case you need the extra work done on your back like I do from extensive driving.

If you are feeling low energy and want a lift i highly recommend a session with the Goddess Diana; it will change your life. Last Sunday I decided to contact Goddess Diana because I have read about Tantra and I truly wanted to understand how to train myself to be more attentive, more relaxed and how to put my own needs aside as a sort of test to see how far I could go out of my own mind under the training of someone skilled with breath and Tantra Mastery.

I chatted with Diana for a good twenty minutes and told her I'd read about tantra for at least two years and I am currently practicing Yoga under the suggestion of a close friend of mine who urged me to become more mindful and to lose a few pounds.

I have undergone a complete change in my body and I wanted to understand what it meant to work with a tantra partner who could lead me out of my own thinking processes. I think too much and I knew a little bit about breath but I wanted to begin my journey with someone I could trust and so Diana suggested I see her Sunday evening and I am so glad I did!

Diana greeted me at the door with a huge smile and a hug and we chatted a bit while I undressed in her space. I was so excited at the thought of being touched again but it was a challenge to look into her eyes because I suffer a bit from shyness and Diana is so beautiful! She encouraged me to look directly into her eyes as we chatted together and I never felt rushed! When we finally began our session Diana demonstrated a few breathing techniques to me and I was astounded with how long she could inhale, hold her breath and exhale in such a slow, relaxed pace.

I attempted to copy her a few times until I felt more relaxed and less agitated and self conscious. Diana is a "Master" of Tantra and her patient attitude and guidance with the breath kept me focused on the moment and in a state of heightened arousal. She has such a delicate touch as she spends time hovering over your erogenous areas, always teasing with a feathery touch. She doesn't "grab" or "rush" the experience, rather she seems to expand time as she carefully focuses on your pleasure in an unhurried, thoughtful pace.

I loved looking at her and this was also part of the enjoyment of our time together. She has very curvy, full, natural breasts and the softest skin. Diana let me touch her back gently allowing me to take my time exploring her body and cuddling. When we spooned together she instructed me to softly touch her with the just the tips of my fingers and to constantly keep the energy between us flowing as we breathed in unison.

I am no expert at Tantra but Diana's patience, sense of humor and natural gift of touch is something everyone should savor at least once. I feel as if I have learned so much in just one session and when time allows I'd so love to explore with her again. My recent visit with Diana in Virginia Beach was definitely the most interesting experience I have had in a long time. She was energetic, totally focused on my pleasure, and provided a very intense finish. When I entered her room, she made me sit down and she slowly undressed me, setting the mood for what was to come.

Once I was ready she asked me several questions and soon had me lying flat on my back as she began to minister to my body. Simple subtle oils and a light touch to awaken me to allow a more intense experience. She maintained a very stimulating conversation, sometimes very proper and at times, very naughty, depending on my response to her comments. She allowed me to spoon her, seeming to know that would be important to me.

She invited me to touch her and was generous with her body. As we progressed she became more focused on my sexual responses and stimulated me, but not so much as to finish too quickly.

She took me to higher levels and then backed off to allow a buildup again. After doing this several times, she let me reach a nice relaxed place before beginning an intense prostate massage. That quickly sent me to a strong orgasm which she prolonged as long as she could. Diana is an amazing woman, with an amazing personality. She is well worth a visit if you get the chance.

Fellows, I had a great time with Diana. She is a lovely lady with a sparkling personality, speaks well and intelligently and is a pleasure to be with. She gives a great sensual touch massage and keeps you aroused by touching your genitals almost all of the time, keeping you in a constant state of arousal.

She offers great cuddling sessions, touching you as you are touching her. The final erotic ending is extraordinary. I had asked for the prostrate male G-spot stimulation and I got it! I have never received that before and she is an expert. Simultaneously stroking my anus with her finger, she used a great combination of pulls and strokes on my lingham and before I knew it I was trembling and shaking all over.

Diana's version of Tantra is truly a mind blowing experience; and it took me quite a while to recover. I still feel her fingers and gentle hands touching me 24 hours later. She is a great lady fellows, and by all means see her if the opportunity presents itself. A new fan of tantra from Virginia Beach. Diana, I want to thank you for such an outstanding massage! I felt welcome from the time I met you at your door on up to the time we said goodbye. I was nervous about you having a dog and a CAT, but they were the most well behaved pets I have been around in a long time.

This was my first experience having a Reiki or Tantra style massage and I absolutely enjoyed every moment. Your place was easy to find and the parking was very convenient. Your space was clean, inviting and warm. You made me feel comfortable and at ease during the entire massage experience. I also appreciate your kindness and patience during your breathing instructions to me.

It was hard for me to relax in the beginning, but within thirty minutes I was feeling completely relaxed and ready to be taken on a magical trip to complete nirvana. I was most impressed by how relaxed you were and how unconcerned you were about the clock.

I know our session went over and you never mentioned the time to me, it was truly a non-rushed session! It is my most sincere wish that you stay in this area for a long time, I can assure you that I will be a regular customer for as long as you are here and if you leave, every time you come back to the Hampton Roads area.

Thank you again, Craig. Dear Diana, I entitle this review "The time machine" because you took me out of my body and back several times! I have seen Diana's website last week and I have been looking for someone to continue my Tantra adventure with since it has been quite some time since I took that journey. Diana's hands are soft and strong. She slowly works your body into a frenzy with her agile hands and her confident moves. Plus she is a very beautiful, funny and witty woman; and she will put you at ease so you can enjoy the ride!

She takes her time and coaches you on your breathing and helps you adjust your energy with slow paced breathing techniques. Her goal is not to make you climax fast, but to bring you up, take you down, then bring you up higher. She is gifted at bringing you on the verge or edge of bliss then she takes you down a little again and when you are ready, just be prepared for a mind numbing, porn star orgasm! I can honestly say if you are suffering from ED, do give Diana a try.

I believe she has the cure for ED and she is definitely worth visiting whether you are a pro or a beginner! Granted it has been a while since our schedules have synced, but the time with you compares to no other. You were sensuous,sexy, fun, and never rushed. Very few ladies are any of those things today. Not only was your surprise ending over the top and more than one could expect, but the whole 90 minutes was passionate from the moment I entered your door.

My only regret is presently that you are not here in Chicago, but I doubt that will deter me from meeting up with you in the near future. I wasn't sure what to expect but I must say it was a very nice surprise. I guess I was thinking it was really nothing more than a massage but more so on a personal level. It was so much more than a massage and quite honestly the massage wasn't even close to the best part.

It was a connection and you took your time with each and every part of the experience. It was such a relaxed and awesome time. On my way to meet you, I thought to myself, why on earth did I commit to 2 hours!!!

I should have only commited to 1 hour. About 10 minutes in, I knew I made the perfect decision to go for the 2 hours! When the 2 hours was up, I wished I had time for another hour.

There are so many steps to what you do and I say again, it was an amazing experience and I can't wait to do it again. Feel free to post this on your website if you like. Everyone needs to know that this is soooooo much more than a massage on so many levels. It was my pleasure meeting you and I look forward to next time!!! It was such a treat meeting you this past Friday in St. I was here for just a day and I am so glad I found you online while surfing the net for something out of the ordinary.

I read about Tantra in my past and I have had a few friends suggest I try this experience; so when I finally had the spare time to enjoy some one on one nurturing I was excited to find you here in the same city as me!

I really felt that your surroundings, your calm nature and your playfulness made me feel so secure and loved that I had no fear of letting down my guard and fully engaging in the bliss. I am a good 30 lbs overweight so I do have a tendency to feel self conscious especially during a state of undress; but it felt good to be touched by someone who actually has passion for the work they do.

You exuded passion, laughter and unconditional love from the oils you chose for our ceremony to the flute music that played in the background. The bath ceremony we shared was definitely an enhancement to our time together but your soothing touch was more than enough with or without that wonderful bath. I felt like we were in some sort of time loop and I completely lost my sense of awkwardness and couldn't even account for the passage of time.

If this is what tantra brings to the average person I would love to make this part of my monthly ritual because I felt so much lighter and freer after our session was over. I felt less worried, less heavy and completely composed and calmed down. You have a way of putting people at ease so I hope you continue to touch others for a long time to come and when I have a chance to visit Chicago I will be sure to meet up with you again.

This was the first time I felt so much energy flushing through my body. It was like this heat firing up from my sexual area all the way upwards to the top of my skull and it happened so suddenly I had no time to think which is a good thing since I have such a hard time unwinding and simply letting go. I am glad you convinced me to shut my phone off. It's a bad habit I have being so involved in the work I do but this allowed me to receive so much more energy because I was released of the obligations of constantly being in contact with my employees.

If you ever decide to visit Omaha kindly keep me alerted as I definitely wish to try this again and I am sure I would love the opportunity to spend more time with you since 90 minutes with you felt more like fifteen mintues.. A tantra goddess cast her net wide to find me where I seemed to have hidden from here and now.

She is an accomplished masseuse, Her gentle touch quieted body and mind. Self criticisms of what should have happened yesterday were emptied. I felt refilled with waves of sensation from my fingertips and my lips tingled as if recalling a first kiss. Thank you Goddess Diana for being such an important part of my relaxation time here in New Orleans.

You made my vacation even more special! Words cannot adequately describe a tantra session with Goddess Diana. This was my first full tantra session and I was not sure what to expect.

Goddess Diana put me at ease from my first contact with her. When the date of our session finally took place, she was very accommodating with my schedule and saw to it that I got a real sensual experience like none I had ever received before. It started with a bathing ceremony that was both relaxing and exhilarating at the same time. Just for the record what Goddess Diana did during our mutual bathing ceremony was a very unique experience for me.

She started off very slowly using seemingly soft, feather like strokes and random light touches over my entire body. What was also quite new to me was the feeling of not being fully erect even though she was caressing my "jewels" very tenderly in the water and I was able to sustain feelings of pleasure without coming to close to reaching full arousal.

I will truthfully say this was one of the best times I have EVER had with a naked tantra goddess and I hope it will not be last time with goddess Diana. Diana I just want to interject here and selfishly hope that we meet again if your travels ever take you to Philadelphia; but in the event you never make it out this way I hope I will again have the chance to visit you in New Orleans or what ever city you choose to travel to to repeat this sumptuous experience!

I truly did find this enjoyable, relaxing, powerful, and educational! Back to the review! After we dried off and proceeded to her bed for the massage she indulged me in a connective back massage, focusing on my spinal column and my lower tail bone.

After the massage we snuggled or "spooned" one another for lack of a better description and continued with the sensory experience that she introduced me to during the bathing ritual for two. After that part of the session was over, she introduced me to a full and gentle prostrate massage and provided me with the most profound full body orgasm that literally went through the top of my head, through my fingers and toes and made my mouth vibrate with energy.

I was speachless and a bit short of breath while this was taking place and I couldn't quite express at the time what I was feeling but it felt like an intense heat and warmth that was going out of all areas of my body and it happened without warning! In order for me to summarize this experience I just wanted to express my gratitude because I have seen other Tantra "goddesses" in the Philadelphia area and not one of them presented tantra with such skill and such caring as Goddess Diana.

The bath ceremony and the Goddess ceremony we shared together was in my estimation money well spent and my only regret is that I may not be able to see Goddess Diana again due to limitations of "geography". Thank you again Goddess Diana for the extra time and the genuine love and tenderness you showed me during our time together and I hope we meet again! I have had the pleasure of knowing Goddess Diana for 10 years and have always found her to be professional, trustworthy, knowledgeable and a highly skilled Tantra practitioner.

If you are seeking a loving healing experience that will energize and restore your spirit, then you should spend some time with Diana. I had a fantastic and exhilarating session with Diana. It was totally non- rushed, energizing, and moving. Diana is a very skilled Tantric Goddess.

She is very friendly with a very warm and pleasant smile. All communications, including phone calls, emails, and texts were all vary pleasant exchanges.

As soon as we met Diana could tell I was very nervous. She immediately made me feel very comfortable. The mutual massaging was exhilarating and very fun as we took turns working on each other.

The bodily sensations and feelings were amazing. I learned a lot about focusing energy, the importance of touch and deep breathing. I look forward to coming back for my 2nd session. She is very funny, kind, considerate and soft spoken. It was certainly a pleasure to meet her. I recently had the opportunity to have a session with Goddess Diana. The experience was incredible! I am new to the tantra experience and Diana was the perfect teacher for me.

We met several days before to get a feel for each other and see if we hit it off. I enjoyed her company and found her to be quite delightful.

When it came to our session, Diana started me off with some breathing exercises and moved on to rubbing me all along my body. Her touch was soothing and obviously quite experienced. She has a way of putting you at ease and relaxing you real quick. Anne was determined to find out, no matter the outcome. Carefully, so the woman had plenty of time to know what was coming, she used her stroking finger to work the skirt upwards, gradually baring inch after inch of creamy soft skin.

Until she got the first glimpse of delightful, dark curls in the deep shadow underneath. She chose to try to maintain the eye-contact though, looking but not staring at the face in front of her.

Trying to make it an invitation for contact rather than an insistence. Instead Anne used the opportunity to admire more of the luscious body that her stroking hands were baring. Davis was an extraordinary sexy woman! So incredibly much more than her completely colourless dressing signalled. And so contradictory to the stiff, tensed appearance and the apparent helplessness in intimate contact with other people. The shape of those silky thighs was right out breath taking. Sprouting voraciously out from under the skirt, and continuing down along elegantly curved calves and ankles that completed the image of something that to Anne was nothing but nearly flawless mature beauty.

And as the exceptionally delicate pussy eventually appeared from out of the recess under the skirt, she felt her heart starting to race in a way that left her almost breathless. The pussy lips were full, soft and incredibly pouting, practically screaming for contact with a pair of enthusiastically kissing lips.

The slit looked exceptionally long and juicy, surrounded with a well-trimmed stripe of luscious curls that emphasized all the cringes and crannies of the whole delightful scenery. It all gave Anne the feeling of something different. Something else than what she had seen before. Maybe more delightful than all other delights she had seen and kissed so far?

The lady had noticed that her most secret place was on clear display, and she stiffened even more, making Anne stop in mid-motion in her move to spread those lovely thighs a bit more. This should be done with uppermost gentleness and patience. Taking a short break to prepare the terrified lady, she then let herself slip ever so slowly down on the floor in front of the couch. Then waited another minute or so, just stroking the soft skin gently, before she bent down to plant a light, soft kiss right above one elegant knee-cap.

The reaction was slightly more convivial than anticipated, and Anne continued with renewed confidence, still remembering to control her burning impatience. Slowly she worked herself upwards, making a moist trail up along the thigh, and then over on the inside, homing in on the ultimate target, hoping to be welcomed in to the familiarity of warm, moist pussy even on this strange occasion. And then they were there! She could feel the lips of her damp vulva kissing her back as she moved in to really embrace it with her own lips.

She knew she still had to move carefully though, and stopped for a moment to let the enormity of the moment sink in. Then, just as she moved to go a tiny step further, the lightning struck! Without warning — not even a single tremble or a hint of an evasive movement — the woman scrambled back up and literarily jumped to her feet. Suddenly she stood over her with the dishevelled hair covering most of her face, staring at her with a wild expression in her eyes.

As Anne struggled to get to her feet too, Catherine backed away as though she should be facing the devil in person — still without uttering a single word. Her trembling hands opened and closed, clearly showing off her almost uncontrollable rage. Then her eyes suddenly overflowed, and she threw herself sideways down on the couch as she started crying almost hysterically.

For a moment Anne felt like getting down to try comforting her, but then she found it wiser to just get lost immediately and leave the woman to sort out her feelings alone.

As the sobbing grew into despondent howls, she picked up a card with the number to her cell phone from her purse and put it on the table beside her. Then, without making a single sound, she got her jacked and sneaked out. There was nothing she could do by hanging around there anyway. Nobody but Catherine herself could figure out how to handle this emotional havoc; if she could go along with it at all.

Anne was a little nervous, and she almost jumped on her chair as Jean swept into her office the next morning. Jean was the boss, and Alison had to report to her also about these things, whether she wanted or not.

She thought she could see som hint of read in her cheeks, but that was all. The woman then disappeared into her own office, leaving a pretty gloomy air behind her.

Anne started typing almost frantically. She was just finishing the short note on the progress with Ms. Davies, saying in plain words how unsuccessful their first meeting had been.

Resolutely she strode over to sit down on the edge of her desk, still with this overly friendly expression on her face. As she went on to light it, Anne noticed an almost inconspicuous shudder on her hand.

I knew from the talk we had that she was very unsure about the whole thing. I mean — got used to you handling everything perfectly; just like that! She suddenly realized she had never seen her boss smoke before! She even recalled her total denunciation of it as the public health worker she had been when they met back in her school. And there she was, holding her cigarette between lightly trembling fingers as she sat there on her desk.

In addition she discovered she had problems capturing those otherwise so intense and penetrative green eyes. They fluttered back and forth, over her hands, along the tranquil wisp of smoke, somewhere up on the wall behind her; anywhere but right at her!

Not the slightest hint of that usually so piercing green glance. And that was not all. The gloomy air had followed her into the office, and felt almost like a freezing draft around her. She wore her favourite perfume like usual, and the scent of it was as intoxicating as ever. But still something was disturbingly different. It rolled in all over her as the conversation slowly faded, and a kind of embarrassing silence started roaring in her ears. All of a sudden it was like she had hardly ever known that woman at all!

As though she was a total stranger. In the course of everyday work and training, they had drifted apart in a way, mentally as well as physically. Of course the money was good, and she had no reason to complain, although she knew that Jean and Pam Vasquez, and possibly Carol, kept the big bucks for themselves.

Like any contemporary manager would do. And now, all of a sudden, it almost seemed like the gap between them was way too big ever to overcome. A wedge permanently parting them like they had never been anything but some briefly acquainted strangers. Had she just been using her all along?

Had that been her cold-witted scheme all since the first time they met? And had it never been any more to it than that? The painful thoughts almost made her crumble. She felt her entire body getting uncomfortably covered with a thin layer of sweat as she sat there unsuccessfully looking for a relieving eye-contact. Please come with me right away. I need you bad!! The girl was almost torn out of her chair and tipped precariously along into the hallway as the woman lead her briskly by the hand.

All the way down to her office — and into it. Right inside the door she felt a hand on her shoulder peremptorily urging her down on her knees. Into the worshipping position that always used to feel so magnificently great. There was a frenzied ruffle of skirt-folds and nylons, until her head was grasped by unrelenting hands and hauled into the damp nest between the strong legs.

The brazen voracity with which her mouth was possessed stunned her completely. So much that she needed a moment to get grip and open her mouth as the demanding pussy pressed against her lips to take possession of her. The voracious tug in her hair almost drove tears to her eyes before she was able to get her tongue working on the budding clitoral shaft audaciously demanding her full attention.

It was a ride like none she had ever had before. Her mistress gasped hoarsely and went down in a low crouch over her as she kept up the sturdy pressure on the dark head. The fervour with which the soaked slit squeezed and pumped against her mouth was almost frightening, and for a split second she felt a surge of panic shoot through her chest. But then she went back to concentrate on using her tongue the best she could, and even try to get some air through her flaring nostrils as the pussy kept mashing itself wetly over it.

Anne hung on grimly, still drinking down the seeping juices, still working her tongue in an expertly declining rhythm in order to make the pleasure as optimal as possible — like she always did. It was after all the same old wonderful pussy. The same precious elixir that she had learned to love and appreciate so dearly over the last year. That taste that only Jean could give her.

The taste that represented such tremendous levels of delightful submission and servitude. Then, suddenly, Jean pushed her face brutally out of her warm haven and worked herself up and got to her feet. She left without saying a word, as arrogantly as ever, leaving Anne behind on the floor with nothing but that sorely missed taste on her lips.

As she wiped her face and freshened up the best she could, she had to fight to hold her tears back. Se was so utterly confused. So totally out of grip with the way things had turned these last few days. After all she had sensed beyond any reasonable doubt that the situation was escalating uncontrollably. And of course she would find herself in the middle of it.

She slammed her hand onto the desktop in front of her as tears blurred her vision. The pain in her palm made her crouch and groan through clenched teeth, fuelling her rage even more. Although she knew she had no reason to be angry. She knew exactly what the situation was. She had been so stupid and so naive that she deserved every last minute of it.

Alison looked like a living question mark as she came out to the reception area. Anne suddenly got an almost motherly protective concern about her. Exposed all her inner weaknesses to someone actually posing the role as her devoted and subordinated service girl.

Luckily a travelling salesman, Kerian, shows up with the perfect remedy, his patented Cock Tonic. Tommie is suspicious of Keiran and doesn't believe that his Cock Tonic will work. She demands a demonstration which Keiran is all to happy to oblige. He pulls out his giant cock, applies a few drops and has Tommie jerk him off, rubbing it in.

It works like a charm, almost too good, Tommie can't keep her mouth off of his throbbing cock. Tommie gives Keiran a sloppy blowjob and is almost caught by her husband. Thankfully, he's only come to tell Tommie that he is going out for a walk, leaving the two alone to give the tonic a real test! Custodial Cravings Katana Kombat is once again working late at the office.

I did [have an orgasm]; afterwards, people kept stopping me on the Her first stop was Great Jones Spa, a relaxation Mecca for the downtown set. The result was Andy, a pony-tailed Adonis with bicep tattoos and a winning smile. While the experience was refreshing (“I definitely left with a glow”) we still. Low-wattage orgasms once made me think that I could be a candidate visualizations, and massage—to help clients in a number of ways, achieving Minutes later, she appears at the door, offers me a big smile, a curt hug, and to strip to my underwear and find myself in the midst of a guided relaxation. (My last massage was more like being trampled on by apes) sensual play or sensual pleasure really helps me relax and get out of my head.