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Fallout Bible 6 is the sixth installment of the Fallout Bible , a collection of documents containing background material for the first Fallout games compiled and written by Chris Avellone. This installment was released on July 10, Well, I officially sold my soul by doing an Icewind Dale 2 designer diary and bartered it for some time to do another one of these Fallout Bible updates.

I don't know when the next one is going to be — depends how Icewind Dale 2 is going. The first three updates have been collected into "Update Zero" a cryptic and sinister name, isn't it? The reason the fourth and fifth stand on their own is because they are brave little updates, and my heart goes out to them. For those of you who haven't seen these before, the Fallout Bible is just a collection of all the background material and hi-jinks from Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 compiled into one document so the fans can take a look at it.

The term "Bible" is misleading, since it's not supposed to start some religion or be the word of some holy power — it's just a term I stole from Chris Taylor Fallout 1, Fallout Tactics , who apparently stole it from some guy named Dan Wood who called me at work once. Dan Wood's Bible and this Bible aren't the same thing.

This is just for fun. It is also not a marketing ploy to drum up Fallout sales, since this is for fans who already snagged the game and wouldn't mind knowing a bit more about what went on behind the scenes or what material never actually made it in.

Please feel free to take this paragraph and formulate whatever conspiracy theories you want. Some of the stuff in this update a little rough, so if you see anything wrong or if you think of anything you'd like to see, drop me a line at Cavellone blackisle.

I can't promise I'll answer your emails immediately especially with Icewind Dale 2 and my repeated attempts to barricade my office against Josh Sawyer's sudden designer artillery strikes , but I will get around to it, usually when the weekend hits. Small, quick questions have a much faster turn around time. This is because I am lazy.

More on this below. And within fifteen seconds, someone will post an answer to your problem. The answer will occasionally be snide and sarcastic and may be followed by the words, "silly rabbit" or "dumbass," but you will get your answer.

So make your voice heard. These links may be broken by the time I post this, but not as of this morning. Deadlus' site looks pretty spiffy, even though I couldn't read a word of it since it's in Russian, I think.

In addition to the list of questions I will be answering this time, I also have a list of questions I will not answer or questions that will most likely take a very long time before you see them. Among them are the following. When is Fallout 3 going to happen? When is it due out? I am compiling this information because it's fun and because I'm trying to get prepped to release a Fallout pen-and-paper game for free on the web, and it pays to run this stuff by you guys and get your feedback, since a hundred extra pairs of eyes and torches never hurts.

I swear upon Josh Sawyer 's life that I will never answer this question again. If you email me this question, I will not answer it. What happened to China , Russia , or any other areas outside the area explored in Fallout 1 and 2? To tell the truth, I really don't care — since I am an Ugly American living in California, I only care about the areas in F1 and F2, and possibly any areas close by that have some impact on them.

As for the rest of the world "ROW" , there's little to nothing on the ROW that hasn't already been hinted at in the games this also includes sections of North America and the United States that weren't in Fallout 1 or 2. Anything I would write would be speculation and would require a great deal of research, much more than I can put in on weekends, so it's going to be a while before you see these answers.

It's quite possible you may never see these answers fleshing out other countries may pigeonhole potential future Fallout titles that would want to make up their own history for the region. I may change my mind later, because I am fickle, but until then, don't send me these questions, either.

No one has asked this yet, but I thought I would cut this question off at the pass. Fallout takes place on a future earth, in an alternate timeline. I will not be including any information on how and when it diverged - it will remain one of the mysteries of the setting. Just let it be known that it diverged after WW2 , and leave it at that. What were the experiments in the other Vaults and where are they located? If someone is making a game in a section of the Fallout universe , then I'd like to leave them the freedom to say what was nuked and what wasn't.

Welcome to the pie in the face of the section where you get to rub my nose in bad facts. Based on how things are going, this will most likely be a regular feature. Vesuvius corrected me on ZAX 's initialization, so here's the corrected entry in the Fallout timeline from Vault Dweller returns to Vault 13 , only to be told "you're a here and you have to leave. Vault Dweller removes the Vault suit and from this day forward, never wears it again. My question is, what happend during the three years between and ?

Or is May 12 the incorrect date maybe it should be two days after the vault dweller was expelled? If you or anybody else see anything else wrong, don't hesitate to let me know. Or better yet, post it on the boards rather than email me directly, where it may take me a few days to see it.

We've got the usual round of questions this time. Ignore the bumbling numbering scheme - I gave up on keeping consistent after Deadlus' question barrage. I was just wondering once when I killed the deathclaw in Navaro Xarn I think I had used an energy weapon and had a critical hit. The kind where the target drops everything on the ground when they die.

The claw the he was weilding fell it was a purple maybe blue square with white text that said deathclaw weapon 2 or something like that. This item was a okay melee weapon. Do you have any knowledge about this? The items are supposed to vanish upon death, but if you hit it too hard and too fast for the computer to handle, boom, it may drop it. I know that enclave didn't even exist as an idea in FO1, but it is in FO2 and I thought that you guys have a ready story "why enclave didn't do anything about master " and you didn't put it in the game for some reasons!

It may just be that the Enclave was only active in Northern California and besides, not many people even knew about the Master's operation in Southern California anyway. Eh, I guess I have to be piatent I know you answered one only one, the smallest one: In tanker there was a dead vault 13 guy near those vault doors, how did he get there blah blah you know the rest? How did those " aliens ", floaters and other things get into the tanker??? They sneaked in or something?? I had some other qustions but I forgot them: Vault suit guy in tanker: It's possible he was a test subject left over from the Enclave when they held the tanker, or a traveler from Vault City.

His origin was never mentioned in the documentation. The aliens, floaters, and centaurs were placed in the tanker, since we needed some major baddies in the tanker at the end game. They most likely crawled down there in search of a lair before the punks showed up. Centaurs and floaters get around — mostly wherever game logic not necessarily plausibility dictates. Ed - yeah, it's in-joke. According to Chris Taylor: In the undergrounds of Broken Hills there was another "dead vault women": Sorry, there were no other vaults around; she's from Vault City - one of the many Vault City unfortunates who couldn't adapt to the harsh life of the wasteland.

I do not know whether she had any legs while she was alive. It's possible, but unlikely Vertibirds tend to carry only one Mr. It was mostly like an old repair robot from the days when Klamath Falls was a real town. In Redding there was a corpse under some rocks of a man in vault suit , from where he, and how did he get there and died? He's another sucker from Vault City , possibly having come in on a caravan.

He could also be a fugitive Enclave scientist or worker, since they wear Vault suits, too, but this is unlikely. Vault doors were in the tanker in San Fran , from which vault are they, and who brought them onto the ship?

They are unmarked models, planned for shipment somewhere up or down the West Coast. The "Vault Doors" were used for more than just Vaults, however, so the door may have been intended for some other facility. Bible is updated again and its been a while since I've sent those qustions EPA, but I don't haven't got time to check this?

No - they were never finished. I posted the original design for EPA , below much, much farther below , if you want to see it. There's not one for the Abbey or the Primitive Village that I can find. How did that guy from New Reno Arms get vault-tec speech module?

And how did that friend of Vic from vault city get the "vault13 flasks" I don't remeber that it was explained in FO2? Oh, and why Enclave didn't do anything about master after he took vault-tec demonstration vault?

How did master move, he's just a big peace of crap! I'd like to know more about the player modeling behind the surface of the game. In this course I have group work with my colleagues about User modeling in Computer Games.

Apart to theory part, it would really help us a lot to hear also, how this is done in reality - in true gaming environment. Especially in Fallout 2, there was huge difference in the story line, depending on the way one played.

I remember playing once in a bit morbid way, digging up dead people and blazing my way through events.


Amy Schumer — PICS – Hollywood Life

It's a rough life, but raiders do sometimes have kids and families with them in the band, even if they don't always take them on raiding missions. My interest in the raiders has been perked. Specifically, I'm wondering about their culture if you can call it that. First off, I'm going to include a section on the Vipers that I found in some old design documentation by Scott Campbell ; the Khans you already met in Fallout 1, but the Vipers are the other side of the coin.

It may help answer some of your questions - basically, raiders are a pretty varied bunch. What sort of religion , or at least superstitions, do raiders have? It varies - there's no one overall religion for all raiders. Some have none at all Khans while others the Vipers are zealots. Usually, however, raiders are just violent assholes begging to be shot. Do they have any real culture or customs? I know that raiders like the Vikings and Monogolians did. Again, it varies, depending on the raider band and depending on the region.

It can be something as simple as survival of the fittest, with the strongest raider ruling everyone else Garl , and occasional codes of conduct such as "never surrender to the law," "never leave witnesses," "never bargain with a town or caravan master," to a complex set of customs and rituals such as the Vipers. On the subject of their families, do raiders ever marry or have an equivalent to it.

You mentioned that they would have families, but if both ma and pa are out on a raid, who takes care of the kids? Does someone stay behind? They can marry, if they choose to honor frontier law or follow a religion, but others simply take mates or partners for a period of time, then switch around - on occasion, the leader of a raider band has the sole pick of any members of the usually opposite sex in the camp.

Some raider bands take women and children from towns in the wastes, or from caravans, which keeps their numbers up. Over time, these slaves become assimilated into the band - often they have nowhere else to go. This happens in slaver bands as well. As for kids, if they can carry a gun and shoot it, they are sometimes brought with the raiders, to teach the young ones about the "life" early - in some raider bands, going on the first raid is a rite of passage for children.

Younger children are left back at the camp with a few of the raiders - not all raiders always participate in an attack. Depends - some camps don't, which is probably why there's not a larger amount of raiders prowling the wastes. Usually the presence of a strong leader prevents arguments from erupting too frequently - or allows for controlled violence, where disputes are settled before the leader, usually with a fist or knife fight. Furthermore, it's in the raiders interest to police their own - the life of a raider is tenuous, and troublemakers need to be dealt with swiftly.

Furthermore, a number of raiders are free to sate their violent urges on the towns and caravans they prey on, which helps a bit.

Otherwise, violence and infighting usually comes down to fist or knife fights in camp especially if alcohol or drugs are present , and either no lasting wounds are inflicted, or else they are fights to the death, and the loser is left to die in the wastes. In some ancient design documentation that I think was written by Scott Campbell , one of the original designers I'm still checking if it was him, so I may need to print a retraction on the credits , there was actually supposed to be three groups of raiders: The Jackals , the Khans , and the Vipers.

Not only did they raid local towns and caravans, but they also preyed on each other - as you'll see from the descriptions below, their behavior and habits in F1 dictated or were dictated by their name choice. The second clan, the Vipers, are mysterious followers of an ancient religion or so they claim.

They usually only come out at night to hunt for food or to conduct raids. They are very ruthless when it comes to combat. They prefer stealth to strength.

They usually carry bone knives dipped in Pit Viper venom. This poison, when in the blood stream, paralyzes the victim. Most victims captured in this way are taken back to their hideout. The last group, the Khans, is probably the most dangerous. They live the lifestyles of Mongol warriors, raiding towns, burning what they cannot take and capturing the survivors for use as slaves. They usually travel in small scouting bands, but sometimes they roam as full war parties.

The Khans above all else respect strength. They are eager in combat to prove their worthiness to the clan by engaging in hand to hand combat with fists or clubs. The Khans carry very few firearms since they are for cowards. Anyone showing superior strength is worthy of their respect. The leader of the Khans is so because no one has beaten him in combat. One interesting thing listed in the original documentation is that all raider bands were supposedly all from Vault 15 after it opened, but they all splintered off into different groups from the overpopulated Vault.

All of these raider groups officially exist in the Fallout universe, though only the Khans are in southern California at the start of Fallout 1. The handful of Vipers that survived Rhombus ' campaign of extermination in fled North and East, following the same path the Jackals took after they had their asses handed to them by the Khans thirty years before.

Let's focus on the Vipers. Look for their fine products wherever computer games are sold, and you will be supporting one of the souls of Fallout development. BTW, no huge mutated Pit Vipers actually showed up in Fallout 1, so don't worry that you missed them. The Vipers are always dressed in bone armor. This armor, as the name implies, is made from strips of bone bundled around the body with strips of leather.

All viper clan members have crude tattoos all over their bodies. Exotic piercings are not uncommon. The Vipers usually carry bone knives , bone spears , and sometimes pistols. The Vipers hideout, or as they call it " The Shrine ," is many small adobe buildings surrounding a large pit. This pit is where they conduct their religious ceremonies. The sacrifices are placed within the pit and several huge Pit Vipers slither out to claim their meal. Although it has never happened, if anyone were to escape the pit, the Vipers would let that individual go, claiming it was the will of the great Snake.

Aside from Asp, there is at least one other personality mentioned as belonging to the Vipers' band, a woman named Cobra , a "Brewer" of the Viper clan, responsible for making the snake venom or extracting it from the Pit Vipers , she has a son named Fang , and her husband died long ago. In the original design documentation, there was an adventure seed for any characters coming across Garl from the Khans - he would task the player to go kill Asp and take his ceremonial helmet and dagger.

Although Garl prefers the direct approach, he knows the Vipers rival the Khans in strength, and if Asp is killed, it has a good chance of scattering the Vipers. Both the Khans and the Jackals hate the Vipers, but the Khans and Jackals hate each other more than the Vipers, so there is a nice little hatred pecking order going on.

When a member of the band called out to him, Faust turned, startled, and slipped into the Pit. He slid down twenty feet and then fell another 20 and broke his leg in the process. As he lay there dazed, a half dozen gigantic Pit Vipers slithered toward him. Not knowing what these things were, Faust was terrified. The group above heard one loud scream and then nothing.

Three others went to look for him, but never came out. The small band, leaderless and stuck in the desert with no food and water, decided to stay at the oasis, at least for a little while.

They covered the pit with a tarp and nailed spikes around it to keep whatever horror lived there encased there. They then set up their camp as far from the Pit as possible.

Whatever was down in the Pit never bothered them. The more influential of the group argued about what they were to do. There was talk of joining up with others from the Vault. There was talk about going back to the Vault. Those who survived the radiation poisoning were too weak to travel, while those who survived either left or stayed and helped defend the little settlement against the desert creatures.

Finally, after a week, the remaining members of the group decided to move on. They started to pack their belongings when an almost spectral figure emerged from the shadows. It was Faust, except this was not the strong leader they remembered. He was wan, pale, and emaciated, and there was a feverish gleam in his eyes. He told them that when he was down in the pit, a god visited him and told him the True Way.

They would make sacrifices to the Gods of the Pit, and wealth and happiness would be theirs. Of course, everyone was skeptical. Some were even violently rebellious, saying that Faust was crazy.

After Faust patiently listened to them, he then whistled, and from behind him, came two very large Pit Vipers. Without warning, they struck. They attacked everyone in the group, including Faust, but he just laughed as they bit his flesh. As the sun rose the next day, the two snakes lay dead by Faust's hands.

Half of his people were dead, the other half were on the brink of death as the Pit Venom started to sink into their systems. By that afternoon most would be dead, but the forty or so survivors of the venom were half crazy with the aftereffects of the venom. Faust, himself immune to the venom, helped the remaining few through this time, which has come to be known as the Great Awakening.

He whispered things to them, told them how the Great Snake has spared their lives, so that they would fight for His mighty cause. And thus the Viper clan was born. They decided to make the Pit their Shrine , and to go out into the wastes and take what they needed from those blasphemers that did not follow the Winding Way of the Great Snake. When Faust or the Great Snakekeeper, as he was called , grew too old to rule, his son, Asp , was given the sacred role of leader and High Priest.

He has ruled ever since. Vipers typically dress in bone armor with a red sash, and their elite warriors are called the Crimson Tongue.

Once a month, the Vipers fall into a deep trance through a dangerous mixture of alcohol and snake venom anyone who doesn't awake is considered to have been found unworthy by the Great Snake.

When the Vipers reach manhood, they are given a special mixture of the Pit Viper venom. Those who die or are in a coma for more than seven nights are given as sacrifices to the Children.

The snakes in the Pit are officially called the Children of the Great Snake. Those who survive the week-long delirium become Warriors of the Snake also called Chosen Ones. There is also a monthly ritual, where the Venom is taken by the High Priests and Priestesses of the tribe in small quantities, which causes bizarre dreams. This is called the Time of the Summoning , because many claim to see the Great Snake come to them in their dreams.

When it is time for a captured prisoner to be sacrificed, he is typically hurled into the Pit at midnight. This is the large pit that lies in the center of the Viper's camp. It currently holds four giant Pit Vipers. Each one is old and very well fed, but they are still very deadly.

The Pit itself branches off into many tunnels, where the player can find Faust's old staff, as well as many nests of rats. One of the tunnels opens up into a secret exit near the mountains, so a resourceful player could use it to escape after being hurled into the Pit.

This is where Asp sleeps and attends to the governmental duties of his people. His mate, the High Priestess of the Great Snake , is always close by. They have no children.

The meeting room itself is long and lined with torches. The throne Asp sits on was made from the skulls and bones of the two snakes that Faust killed during the Great Awakening.

Where the prisoners are kept. Located at the very edge of the Oasis they cannot taint the snakes with the unbelievers , these pits are dug into the ground. Their entrances are made of iron grates set into the stone ground of the oasis. They are usually guarded by the Crimson Tongue, the special elite warriors. The reason they are used to guard this is because a lot of the time the Cages are used to hold the sacrifices to the Children.

The Hall of Ascension: This is the ceremonial lodge used in the Time of Summoning. This is also used for all religious purposes, except the Snake Sacrifice , which is done on a platform set up over the Pit.

So there you are - all I could dig up on the Vipers. Officially, they exist in the Fallout universe, but they'll differ from the description above in the following ways:.

During the campaign, the Brotherhood sent a few scouts and emissaries to the Hub to track down Vipers members, and from these beginnings, the Hub and the Brotherhood began full trade relations caravans had delivered to the Brotherhood before, but not long after the destruction of the Vipers, caravan trains ran directly from the Hub to the Brotherhood on a regular basis.

So some good did come out of the Vipers' presence in the wastes, for what it's worth. I mean specifically the Hub , Junktown , Gecko a Modoc.

Modoc most likely took its name from the Modoc National Forest located near the location. Arroyo is a fictional locale, according to Tim Cain. That's an old military base that has been shut down near Monterey Bay. According to Fallout's very own Chris Taylor:. You said in the Fallout Bible, that Ghouls still live in Necropolis , but in the manual, it is written that the city was completely wiped out The bad thing that happens if you don't take out the Military Base in time.

I find this odd since I assumed FO2 continued with the assumptions that the Vault Dweller more or less did everything the "Best" way possible in Fallout 1 Such as taking out the base in time Perhaps I'm misunderstanding something here, which is not too unlikely considering how long it's been since I've had time to play the game, so anything to help clear up this little question of mine is appreciated. Most ghouls were forced to leave Necropolis , leading to the Great Migration across the wastes.

I will print retractions later. What happened to Sgt. Granite and his crew after the destruction of the Enclave? He and the EC crew hopped aboard the tanker , and escaped to the mainland after watching the fireworks from the top of the tanker, whispering "gawd-damn" to themselves and throwing suggestive glances at the women from Vault 13 and Arroyo.

After reaching the mainland, they headed north to Navarro or the remains of Navarro, depending on how your PC left it and were never heard from again, though their adventures could fill several eras worth of pulp comics, including a recent re-appearance in Keith Giffen's resurrection of Suicide Squad. Presumably, they'd already established some level of co-existence with NCR even before the events of F1, judging by one of the states of NCR being dubbed " Maxson " more on that in a future update except to say that the Lost Hills Bunker was NOT turned into a town in NCR and considering their pre-existing ties to the Hub , which became a state by the time of F2.

I've always imagined that NCR and BOS have maintained an uneasy truce, with barter and some technology sharing between the two groups. Devastated in the wake of finding his moral center, he did not inoculate himself. When he released the toxin, it is believed he died with the rest of the EC, but his body was never found.

Skynet's fate is undocumented. If I was to speculate, he left the player and began to travel west into the wasteland, looking for terminals and data to acquire more knowledge, collect more data, and perhaps "settle down" in a mainframe. The frame he was in, and the brain he had could only store so much information, and AIs need more data storage space to grow in order to evolve. It is possible he made his way to the Glow , but it's not known for sure.

Any fan writers out there, feel free to round out what happened to him - considering his combat messages alone, the world's in for some shakin'.

In the official universe, Skynet is not his real name. Like some other aspects in the Sierra Army Depot i. Marcus went east to try to find the remnants of the Master 's Army:. He is the last of his kind, a tortured soul in a kingdom of ruins. Can you hear him howling in the darkness at the edge of the firelight?

Of course you can. Shed not a tear for brave Goris — he has served the good people of the wastes, and now his time is done. See below for more information. After getting his motivator repaired, K-9 was left in NCR by the Chosen One so that he could receive necessary repairs from Dorothy and, not long after his recovery, Dr.

Henry who had been placed in critical condition after being reportedly assaulted by the Chosen One some time earlier. Henry, afraid that too much information about the Enclave would be obtained from K-9, attempted to destroy the cyborg, but was stopped by cyberdog and Dorothy, who suspected what Dr.

The NCR government used the attack as an excuse to confiscate K-9 and cyberdog in order to learn more information about the Enclave as well as what makes the two of them "tick. Structural damage during the disassembling is reported to have killed them both. Xarn the Intelligent Deathclaw from Navarro. According to F2 designer John Deiley , Xarn was supposed to go back to Vault 13 and warn the Vault about Horrigan 's attack, but he never made it in the original design, he was supposed to be able to go back and save all the deathclaws and warn them about the Enclave , but this didn't make it in.

He was last seen wandering east into the wastes toward Vault 13 - he never made it, however, so his final destination is unknown.

So if supermutants can now reproduce Marcus was joking in New Reno. Super mutants are sterile. Blame me for another episode of bad humor, oh cruel reader. Goris and Xarn can perpetuate the intelligent deathclaw race, and new ghouls are being made from over-radiated people dying Not as of the end of Fallout 2, no.

The predominant and most accepted race in NCR is human and probably will be for generations. While super mutants and ghouls are tolerated although some gain true acceptance, especially in the military and in the NCR Rangers , deathclaws of any intelligence would not be, assuming any significant number survived the Enclave 's massacre at Vault 13 , which they didn't.

Any generally accepted idealogy in the wastes? I'm assuming it would be monotheistic? Any interesting tribal religions you'd care to elaborate more on?

How about clearing up some of Hakunin 's gibberish? Where's the name Hakunin from? All the basic belief Pre-War systems are probably still out there, but they haven't been addressed in any Fallout game out of fear of riling the masses - the Hubologists is probably the closest we ever got, and even they are an amazing coincidence to a contemporary religion.

As a result, there's probably not much point on speculating on them except to say they probably survived in some fashion. Individual designers may end up resurrecting other religions if necessary to create controversy and screaming matches in the newspapers and message boards. In my opinion, the entire spectrum of Christianity still exists, and has scattered into even more splinter groups. Mormonism still exists, since it was hard to nuke all of Utah , and Mormons are pretty hardy folk.

Father Tully in New Reno wasn't really a priest, obviously, and Jo in Modoc was a "minister" of sorts, but neither one was a representative of a real world religion. In the original documentation, Tully was supposed to be from the Abbey , but they drove him out after he accidentally set fire to one of their libraries. There are no tribal religions anywhere in the documentation except for the Vipers above, so anything I added would just be speculation.

Don't know where his name comes from. If Hakunin was part of the original F2 design, Tim Cain might know. I'll ask him at some point. His gibberish is probably due to a constant barrage of mind-altering chemicals he's been taking in his role as shaman.

Game logic reasons, however, dictate that because Hakunin's text was written by Mark O' Green , that he speaks the way he does because Mark has a talent and passion for inventing cool ways of speaking for NPCs Set 's lingo, for example, Bonenose's whole Jamaican dealio , and he does it because it's fun. Let's give it up for Mark O' Green, people. Oh, and there are plenty of cults in the wasteland.

Watch out for them, because usually they don't like you and what you're thinking. What's the family structure like in the Fallout universe? From most of the examples we've seen it looks like it sticks to the typical nuclear family or in more than usual cases, single parent homes due to mortality rate in the wastes, I'd assume.

I imagine it varies according to region there's no documentation for this , but it would mostly be nuclear families and possibly a commune here and there or some sort of group-rearing village. In situations where the genre wants to drive home the s aesthetic, nuclear families are especially common. We've seen "city dweller" vs "spear chucker" discrimination in the Fallout world but is there any sort of racism? Aside from human vs mutant I mean: There's no documentation on this, but aside from the obvious mutant-ghoul-human and cultural bigotry tribals vs.

A person's skin color, status, and career are always good excuses for fear and hate to build upon. I imagine communities like NCR and Modoc would have less of a problem with this. The Great War may have brought some communities together, but it also made isolated communities as well. Even in Fallout 1, Shady Sands hated the Hub , was suspicious of Junktown , and there was quite a few groups suspicious of the Brotherhood , etc, etc. There's lot of potential for sowing the seeds of hate in Fallout, so buckle up, everyone.

It's not one big happy family out there. Let the flames begin. As a final note, I always thought it was kind of cool that there was lots of female Enclave soldiers, and I liked that the initial design team made Lynette head of Vault City and in a nice twist, had her in favor of slavery to give the player more to chew on. The culture of the world got shook up in interesting ways.

I'd really like to know this. Why did they become tribals in such a short time? My problem with tribals is not their lack of technology -- which is vaguely plausible -- or their tribal structure -- which I don't object to at all. My problem is that the nature of their tribal cultural is ridiculous -- it makes no sense that post-Apocalyptic Americans would degenerate into pre-Columbian natives.

If you're looking for plausibility in Fallout 1 and 2, you're bound to find holes, and there's not a concrete explanation for each one - and sometimes, you'll even find multiple explanations that contradict each other. There was a certain atmosphere that the F2 initial design team established with the tribal culture in Fallout 2, and I think they just wanted to play around with the fact that the player was from a primitive, non-technological, ancestor-worshipping culture.

It was a way of bringing the history of the Vault Dweller from the past into the present, and provides a nice backdrop for the events in the game. Also, one issue raised in Killian's question above is that many of the voice-acted dialogues were done by Mark O' Green , who likes to play with language and culture with the characters. Sure, they're bizarre, and they make you wonder about the culture of the world you're in, but I think that's a strength, not a drawback.

Something came up recently regarding one of the denizens of Vault City , namely Thomas Moore. The question is pretty simple: Leonard Boyarsky the original F2 designer who made Moore says it was most likely a reference to Chad Moore, one of the Interplay artists at the time. Why the doctor for Vault City the one inside the vault ask you to bring his a dose of Jet? For his personal use or for research? Doctor Troy wants the Jet so he can create an antidote for it, though at first glance it appears like he's nursing a habit.

Here's some from DoPr , Mat , and Cervantes I tried to email this answer to you guys, but I got bounced, so you may be seeing this for the first time:. First of all thanks for answering my question. Finally I know some more about Boyarsky's history.

The citizens of San Francisco often fight with knives called " Shiv ". I tried to use them, but it was impossible. They're really shitty daggers - basically, their big claim to fame was supposed to be 1 they would never be detected as a weapon in hand if you approached someone or entered a boxing match, or fought in the ring against LoPan , and 2 they were easy to conceal in case anyone searched you. There wasn't a way to pull off the "see no evil" power, so we didn't implement it.

As for being "searched," you don't get searched anywhere in the game except at the Vault City , so the shivs just ended up being really crappy knives - still, there was plenty of places where shivs were thematically appropriate New Reno , so they're lying around in people's inventory. Is it true, that Holly Hand Grenade can be found in a regular encounter with a cave full of enemies?

I checked with Jason Suinn , the random encounter designer from F2 he also designed the encounter with King Arthur. He says he doesn't think so - it's only available after the King Arthur encounter, in a cave with an extremely dangerous rat. We could be wrong and one may be accidentally placed somewhere we're still finding the solar scorcher in strange places.

If you guys have a savegame where this happens, let us know. Why Miria and I guess Davin too don't promote to higher levels? Because they're terrible NPCs.

Basically, they were intended as a burden rather than a force to be reckoned with. In NCR there is a doctor I don't remember his name that works on an antidote for mutants. Unfortunately the antidote is lethal. I'm curious who is that guy because, according to the dialog, he seems to come from Enclave Henry used to work with the Enclave cyber-genetic research program at the Poseidon oil rig and at various other Enclave installations.

Henry claims he left because he felt his "work wasn't being appreciated," which is true: Schreber , who he worked with jointly on many genetic research projects in the past. Henry was arguing with Schreber at the Navarro base about the mutation problem for the five billionth time when Schreber, in a fit of anger, told Henry he was going to recommend that Henry be transferred to another Enclave facility where he would be put to work on cybernetic maintenance the equivalent of cybernetic janitorial duty.

Henry took the threat very seriously, and within hours, Dr. Henry stole a cybernetic dog cyberdog and slipped away from the Navarro facility, heading east and eventually making his way to NCR. The Enclave, while not pleased with his attitude and the directions of his research, were not happy with his escape they need all the scientists they can get , and several soldiers were punished for negligence.

Schreber never confessed to his role in Henry's disappearance, and simply claimed that Dr. Henry had been acting suspicious for some time, and was displaying "sympathies for the mainland mutants. Why such a large city like San Francisco is not so well known as Vault City?

The people there didn't seem to isolate like VC citizens. I also don't understand why San Fran was avoided by caravans though there was a lot of good stuff to buy. It is actually well known at least in the South , you just don't see the caravans from San Francisco. San Francisco trades fish to other cities in the wasteland. Now a question about Brotherhood of Steel. How did they know my hero's name??? They're psychic, can read minds, consume human beings and absorb their thoughts, and neurolink to computers like the Master.

No secret is safe from them. I also have two more questions, but they are not exactly from me. Some people sent such questions to my site and now I have opportunity to finally find the answer. The first question seems to be a "walk through question" but I'll ask it anyway. A guy named "Mat" asked about the second excavator chip in Redding. Is there any way to sell both chips? There should only be one chip.

If there are two, then that's a bug. Let me know where you find the second one. The second question is a real mystery for me, because I only managed to verify that part of it. Someone called "Cervantes" asked about the sixth toe gained in Toxic Caves , which can be removed in Vault City. That part is clear but now is something interesting Cervantes says, that after he finished the game whores in New Reno kept saying: Is it true or is Cervantes just pulling my leg?

It's just a joke; don't do it. It doesn't do anything. Don't eat the toe, either, since I believe it poisons you. Whatever happened to the inhabitants of The Sierra Army depot? General Clifton and his troops evacuated the base sometime between July 10, and late October, and went to join the remaining troops in neighboring installations or sent to the front lines in China or Anchorage on a plane or ship before their lives were reduced to ash by a rain of nuclear fire.

Who were the Sierra Army Depot soldiers attacked by? Since when u get the robot to take out his body from a tube he says "I got to get back to my squad! They were attacked either by hungry or striking rioters in the United States unlikely from Dobbs ' description, however , or they were deployed to China or Alaska, where they fought the Chinese.

Dobbs' unit was in Alaska when he was wounded and dumped in the meat wagon. Why does he have a Red Ryder LE? I never used the beebee guns because I thought they were weak. Were the enemies weak or something? The fact he is carrying the BB gun is a joke as well as the fact that he dies from post-cryogenic syndrome a few seconds after popping out of the tank , but the gun itself isn't very funny to anyone you shoot in the eye with it. It has a high chance of doing some blood-curdling criticals and consistently does 25 points of damage with every hit, I believe.

Triple H inducted Michaels, and after Michaels gave his speech, Nash and Waltman joined the two on stage to celebrate. Punk verbally berated Nash on the microphone, [73] so Nash attacked him the next week. He also distracted Punk in a match, making him miss out on a championship match. Nash was signed to an on-screen contract the next week by John Laurinaitis and demanded a match against Punk. After Triple H booked himself in the match against Punk instead, Nash attacked them both at a contract signing and was fired on screen.

Triple H then attacked Nash with a sledgehammer before winning the match. After the match, he attacked Triple H with a Jackknife Powerbomb and attacked him again the following night with his sledgehammer, preventing him from receiving medical attention and taking him off TV.

The following Monday, on October 31, Laurinaitis again signed Nash to a new contract. He continued to appear on Raw , attacking Santino Marella with a Jackknife Powerbomb and cutting promos about how Triple H was more of a boss than a friend. Tables, Ladders and Chairs in a ladder match with a sledgehammer hanging above the ring which he lost by pinfall after a sledgehammer shot to the face, ending the feud in the process.

Nash initially appeared as the guest Match Commissioner for the night, a title given to him at the request of Dusty Rhodes. After announcing this to the crowd, Nash was interrupted by Heath Slater to whom he promptly delivered his finisher, effectively turning face. Nash later again appeared on NXT to reunite with members of The Kliq , allowing him to effectively settle all issues with Triple H , embracing him once again. The reunion also turned into a reunion of D-Generation-X and Nash was awarded the title of being an honorary member of the stable.

Nash then helped DX take down Damien Sandow. Nash competed in the Royal Rumble match as the 14th entrant, eliminating Jack Swagger before being eliminated by Roman Reigns. Nash was suspended by WWE on December 24, , following his arrest, but was quickly reinstated when the charges were dropped. On March 28, he was inducted by long-time friend and Kliq member, Shawn Michaels. However, Sting lost the match. The Secret of the Ooze [81] as the genetically enhanced version of the villain, Shredder , called the Super Shredder.

He also had a very minor role as a jackhammer worker in the movie Family Plan. In , Nash created and co-wrote a comic book titled Nash , set in a dystopian future and featuring himself as the primary character.

He was the first choice for the role of Sabretooth in X-Men , but the role ultimately went to his former tag team partner Tyler Mane. He made guest appearances in three different TV shows.

He appeared on one episode each of The Love Boat: His current manager is Kelly Paige of Film Florida. Nash and his wife Tamara wed in but separated in , [87] although they later reconciled. Together, they have a son named Tristen who was born on June 12, The family resides near Daytona Beach, Florida. Nash is part Native American. The five of them formed the backstage faction known as The Kliq. On December 24, , just after midnight, Nash was arrested for battery against his year-old son, Tristen.

Two hours later, police were called back and Tristen was arrested for battery against Nash's wife, Tamara. Nash's lawyer maintains that Nash was only defending his wife the night he was arrested. The announcement came on the same day that women's soccer star Brandi Chastain said she was doing the same thing.

Nash has been outspoken about supporting gay wrestlers in the business, due to the lack of support he received during the 90's as a gay wrestler. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the English cricketer, see Kevin Nash cricketer. Two Dudes with Attitudes. The Main Event Mafia. The Band professional wrestling. Online World of Wrestling. Retrieved August 18, Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of Spike TV broadcast Retrieved July 27, Kevin Nash , p.

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Retrieved May 4, TNA Impact for next Thursday". Retrieved May 5, Styles, Jeff Hardy vs. Retrieved May 16, Retrieved June 11, Retrieved June 15, Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of Impact on Spike TV". Retrieved June 18, Scott Hall reportedly fired by TNA. Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of Spike TV broadcast updated ". Retrieved July 25, Archived from the original on June 27, Archived from the original on July 11, Archived from the original on July 19, Archived from the original on July 25, In the aftermath of Captain America: Civil War , Scott Lang grapples with the consequences of his choices as both a superhero and a father.

Del is alone in the world. Thanks to an anonymous tip, investigative journalist Jessica Fox is convinced that key evidence is hidden inside the abandoned Abaddon Hotel-evidence After the sudden death of his wife and a fractured relationship with his two daughters, John Moore along with his best friend Charlie Wylde, decide to ride their motorcycles from Long Island, New York to the West coast.

A chronic sleepwalker reads from a mysterious text that foretells his impending demonic possession. He struggles to hold his family together as the ancient evil threatens to consume everything he holds dear.

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