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I can do things that you only thought possible in your dreams. I am short and in-shape and very sexual. I travel to occaisionally and would like to find an inteligent lady to have meaningful intelligent conversations with. I am no freak or REAAL?.

Relationship Status:Not married
Seeking:Wanting Real Sex Dating
Hair:Long with tendrils
Relation Type:Lonely Woman Ready Dating Chatrooms


Mature Muscular Male Seeks 2 Women

I'm ususally working this time of the day, but have the day off with nothing to do.

Bored at work m4w waiting for some e-mail to distract me from my boredom.


It says confidential so you know it's real. Hopefully this thread isn't locked because there is a high probability that these ones are actually legit. Loving the Bunny and Platypus. The lemur is just lacking some oomphf for me. Even though these are fake I bet fire rabbit will somehow have a fire fighting final evolution. There is a category every time starter Pokemon "leak" OP, its called fakemon. I love them all! Especially the water platypus. I really dig these designs, especially the monkey.

I like the water one. Water Starter is like the epitome of generic water starter fan designs, but that that's not entirely a bad aspect. Bunny is pretty safe and cute. Grass Starter would be cool if real, he's a funky looking guy. Do they put thst confidential on all of their design sketches? I know the Gen 7 leaks had them, don't know if others were like that. Monkey and Rabbit look good. Dat cute water pokemon tho.

I would be ok with these. Why is this even being entertained? I hold faith and remember what a beast Rowlett evolved into. Is that a mudkip psyduck. A grass monkey, because we've never seen that before. If by some slim chance this happens to be real, then lol. The duck looks like he's from those bootleg gameboy games. Psyduck and Squirtle have a baby? Fire and water look great.

Too bad it's almost certainly fake. So a lemur, rabbit, and a platypus Interesting combo. User requested ban Member. The leak before this one, had this "confidential" too So i will say fake for now.

I doubt Sugimori drew this. The lines and shapes are too Feels more like someone carefully imitating his style than his style. It's too precise, well defined. At least is not framed in a wall. I want gen 1 eyes back. It'd make these look so much better. I did a quick photoshop: User requested account closure Member.

Great designs but probably fake. There's a good chance that these are emulating the Gen 7 starter evo leak like the OP says.

As much as I like them. If these were real, I'd say it's going to be set in an Australian inspired region. Its fake but if it was real that platypus is my life. Water starter remains the best. The fire one basically being a Fire Pikachu leads me to say this is completely fake. A shame because the water one is adorable. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is:


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This can be done by asking them an unexpected question about their lie and seeing how they react. And if they react by standing still like a deer in headlights, then it is a good sign that they may be lying to you. So, no matter what you think they are lying about, try to notice their body language because it can speak just as loudly as anything they say verbally.

But, it is more likely that, the reason they have provided so many details, is because they have anticipated any and all questions you might ask and are trying to cover up their lies. This is because the more someone has to hide, or wants to hide something, the more thought they will put into what they will say if asked about their activities and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure they are. So, no matter whom you suspect of lying or what they are lying about, some other things to look out for are when the details are ruining the lie and when the details actually check out.

When people want to cover up the fact that they are lying or want to buy themselves more time to think of an answer, something they will do is either touch or cover their mouth to muffle their words to distract you from what they are saying. This is because they know they are lying and are uncertain about what to say and want to delay their response. This is because, when caught in a lie with no way out, your mind starts to race to think of an excuse in an attempt to save yourself from getting caught on your lies.

From this, you should be able to tell if someone is lying because of how much they may be struggling to find something to say and make it seem plausible enough for you, or anyone else, to believe. And, perhaps the best way for you to be able to tell the difference between the two is to know the person. If someone you suspect of lying appears to have an answer for everything, it probably means they are lying. This is because, they have gone to great lengths to cover up the fact that they are lying and have, in their minds, thought of every question you could possibly ask them about their activities.

Additionally, when asked about their daily or weekly activities, most people need to take a moment to think about what they did during the day or time in question, whereas, someone who gives an answer straight away, is probably trying to cover their tracks by knowing what they did right off the top of their head. Not knowing what to do with themselves by fidgeting for no apparent reason is a good sign that someone is lying.

It can also suggest that they are uncomfortable being asked about a certain topic and are busily racking their brain for an answer and a way out of a bad situation. Additionally, you may also want to see if they fidget more if you apply a little more pressure to the situation and press them for an answer faster than they can think of one. So, if you do suspect someone of lying, try asking about their day and pay close attention to their facial expressions because their first reaction can reveal a lot of information that you may not get otherwise.

Through this, you should be able to at least, pick up on any unusual behavior or mannerisms they may be displaying. We just have to be on the lookout for them. A graduate in Journalism, Media and Communications, she is passionate about in writing, travel journalism, video journalism and Public Relations.

Thanks for perpetuating that people who have bad social skills are liars. This is simply upsetting. I might not know what proof to give to support a true thing because of not having a concrete proof.

I might provide too much info that is true! I like the commercial when the wife asks the husband, do you think my sister is prettier than me while hooked up to the lie detector machine.

Some of these contradict themselves. One says if they sit still they are a liar another says if they fidget they are a liar.

It can also mean they are trying to remember and are going through what happened in their head, trying to focus on more details. And the research backing it up was no less controversial: Most studies involved asking women when they'd had their last menstrual cycle and then extrapolating based on a day calendar when they would be fertile. Fertile and nonfertile women were then asked to rate pictures of macho and not-so-macho men based on attractiveness.

These CGI male bodies weren't always realistic. First, they gathered women between ages 18 and 30 and asked them to come to the laboratory to rate images of male bodies four times across two menstrual cycles, twice when fertile and twice when not fertile. To make sure they could pinpoint ovulation, the researchers measured key ovarian hormones in the women's urine and saliva on test days.

They also used saliva to measure testosterone, which varies throughout the menstrual cycle, and the stress hormone cortisol. Finally, the researchers used images of male bodies taken from photographs of 80 real-life guys in their skivvies. The team also "preregistered" all their methods and hypotheses by uploading them to an open-science website, a move meant to increase transparency and honesty about scientific research.

Overall, women find macho guys hot, the researchers found. Male bodies that were more masculine were rated more attractive, in general. Unsurprisingly, stress seemed to be a libido killer, as women with higher cortisol levels rated all dudes as less attractive then women with lower cortisol levels.

During fertile phases, the macho guys still topped the charts, the researchers found. Overall, all the guys looked a little hotter to women peering through fertility-tinted glasses.

But there was a catch: That was only true for women in relationships. Singles didn't change their attractiveness ratings across the cycle.

One possibility is that they simply face less risk from sex than singles — for example, there might be less chance of a sexually transmitted infection in a monogamous relationship or less risk of being left high and dry should they get pregnant, for example. Another possibility is that women in relationships might have slightly different hormone profiles than single women, said James Roney, a psychologist at the University of California, Santa Barbara, who was not involved in the current study.

If someone chooses to make their OC a mary sue, I just want to hack their accounts, and mess their shit up. It's extremely annoying, due to the fact that the playing field isn't leveled. And things get even more uglier when that same douchebag thinks its nice to flaunt around themselves like the fucking sun and moon revolves around them. I walked in Jada's room and shut the door. She was on the phone. Ir was on speaker. When I looked closely I saw she was crying. Was it over me? I doubt it, Jada can go independent. She gave me one look and went off. "Lesane, what the fuck did I tell you?! Get the hell out of my room and Reviews: 6. Feb 20,  · It says confidential so you know it's real.