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For best response potential please tell me layd first name, age, and tell me a bit about yourself, and what your hobbies are. Hard working Wanted seperated lady gal, waiting for a good man to be with. I am a rocker ( classic metalmodern and even scream oand some dove step tooI also listen to other types of music). Trust me when I say I am old enough.

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Wanted seperated lady

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Move on until tomorrow. If youre athletic at all or play any sports at all and would like to help me in a school project please reply with a photo. I have wanted to experience the lifestyle for awhile and am seeking for Wanted seperated lady partner in.

Age unimportant, but you should be attractive and athletic. Yes i have a job and a truck. So i do have a face pic I will send it after we write Seeking female for friendship w4w w4w i am a transgender who is seeking for a female for friendship to share experiences. I'm cuddly, funny and terribly shy in person.


I read your letters on the Hope After Abortion website and I just wanted to let you know how sorry I am that you are hurting. You have been through a very painful experience. Abortion is a life changing event, and you are not alone in your suffering. There are people available to speak with who understand your grief and can help you through this difficult time. Project Rachel is a ministry that helps those suffering because of a past abortion.

We understand the wound in your heart and can help you see that healing is available for you too. Our confidential phone number is HOPE.

Please give us a call. He was a marine and told me that he loved me and wanted so badly to start a family with me. A couple of months after our wedding I found out I was pregnant. Scared the living daylights out of me because I knew I was young, but I had a loving husband to support me right? I ended up becoming very excited about this baby.

I had a name picked out and could just feel that she was going to be a beautiful little girl. Unfortunately I lost her a couple of weeks later and only God knows why.

I have never felt such emotional or physical pain in my life. I figured my life was too stressful for a child at the time anyways so maybe it was better that I just let her go and always remember her as my first baby. My husband was sad, but more relieved when it happened. Another couple of months went by and my marine of a husband was still sweet and kind to me. Once again I found out I was pregnant. This time around I was not scared and so sure that this baby was meant for me.

I wanted it so badly and knew I would be a fantastic mother, even if I had my doubts in the first place with baby girl 1 and even if I was young. So I told my husband the good news as soon as I found out, and I have never heard someone so disappointed in my life. He was going over seas soon and wanted to be there for the baby and I. It was November, my freshman year of college when I first took those little white pills. I have never been so sick in my life.

Not only was I convinced to get an abortion once, but it happened two more times. I felt so irresponsible and like the scum of the earth to do that to three little babies. But every time I just completely shut off all emotion. Went to the clinic like I had no sorrow or remorse for anything I was about to do. You know they only do abortions on Wednesdays here and everyone else is in the waiting room, holding out for the same experience. I was so ashamed to have my face seen there because everyone knew what was going on.

Not only was I being judged by myself, my husband and God, but by the other women and their men sitting in that room. And where was my husband this whole time? Calling me every half an hour to ask if I had taken the pills or if I had started bleeding yet. I remember sitting in the empty bathtub, a stream of blood running to the drain, holding this tiny mass of tissue in my hand.

This tiny mass that could not be mistaken for anything else but a helpless baby. And not just one, but three times. No one can be right after that. I sat there for hours, crying and puffy eyed, holding the tiny body in my fingers wondering what have I done. Thinking about how beautiful and healthy this child would have been. What his or her name would have been and the color of their hair. How they would look and grow up to be something amazing.

I would think about those little eyes looking at me and loving me unconditionally because I was their mommy, not anyone else. But I took that chance away from them. They would never get to experience all the wonderful things that life brings. I worry about God not forgiving me. But I worry even more about them not forgiving me. I betrayed them and myself for ever listening to that guy. Some time later my husband divorced me after he felt so inclined to inform me that I was never really good enough anyway and he never really loved me.

Yes I still hurt because of him, but I hurt even more for what he convinced me to do. It makes me feel unworthy to ever be a mother. I need someone to talk to me… I avoid the pain and bury it deep, but it is still there. I am now 22 years old and need to heal. I feel like it has been a life time of regret, but it has only been a little over three years. Why did I do it? Babies…please forgive me, I still love you and I know I have a horrible way of showing it.

Thank you, for sharing your story via our website. I am so very sorry for all of your losses. You have been through so much pain and suffering and at the same time you are so wise. You mentioned that you need to talk to someone and that you need to heal. This is so true and so wise of you to realize and then brave of you to admit, first to yourself and then to me and all our readers.

Thank you, for leaving me your e-mail address because this will provide a way for me to respond to you further tomorrow. Your post is the beginning of your healing. Until we are able to have some e-mail exchange, I encourage you to be good to yourself: A brief word about having had three abortions — God can forgive this and I know from my work with women who have had three or more abortions, your little ones will forgive you too and one day you will be able to receive this forgiveness from them and from God.

I look forward to e-mailing you tomorrow and helping you find a local post-abortion healing ministry. Please know that you are in my prayers. My story is a long one. I was 15 when I got pregnant. Immediately after we got married he started talking about getting an abortion. When I look back now he really pressured me and brainwashed me into thinking that it was the right thing.

He convinced me to lie to my family and friends and tell them I lost the baby. That was 33 years ago. I never shared my story with anyone. I was too ashamed. I have never had a friend to get close enough to be able to confide in. I have never told anyone until now. I have been so alone since then. I stayed married to this man for 17 years, the whole time him telling me that I deserved the abuse he gave me. He physically and mentally abused me for years and I still think I deserved it.

He turned my son against me when I finally got the courage to divorce him. He even used the fact that I had an abortion to try to gain custody of my children. I am seeing a married man now and never ask anything from him. I do think about dying a lot. I have never tried suicide but I think about it. I pray for relief but it never comes. Where does it end? Thank you, for trusting me — the person who read and is responding to your post.

I am so sorry that when you were only 15 years old, your husband pressured you into having an abortion, abandoned you to go through with the procedure alone and then went on to abuse you for 17 years. This is a lot to go through. Please take my encouragement that you are a strong woman who can recover from all that you have gone through. Despite the horrible suffering in your life, you do deserve good things and you can heal.

I consider your post a step in the right direction to your becoming whole. Please take the next step and contact a Project Rachel Ministry in your local area, for help in this healing journey. We are not meant to go through life and especially suffering alone. There are good people out there who have made this journey themselves and with others like yourself. Give the local contact person a call or e-mail and continue this journey. Also know that suicidal thoughts are common amongst people who have experienced abortions.

If ever these thoughts become overwhelming or even more serious, please call or go to the nearest emergency room.


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It launched itself at me quite unexpectedly as the reality of everyone's pain registered. I would never have fallen in love with you if my marriage had been strong. As divorce proceedings began and the painful arguments as they negotiated assets, finances and the children worsened, my guilt deepened. Neither of us believed in staying in an unhappy marriage for the children but their reproachful eyes staring at me as they realised that Daddy had a girlfriend began to haunt me.

I heard Yoko Ono say during an interview with BBC's Woman's Hour that when she and John Lennon first started their relationship they were totally shocked by the disapproval of others.

I can relate to that. Telling my parents was hard but they were amazing in their response. Unfortunately, few other people were quite so accepting. I didn't meet David's parents for years. Their loyalties were understandably torn. Mutual friends ignored us and acquaintances stopped smiling. But what I really didn't expect and what I haven't ever come to terms with was the blame directed at me. It felt as if people presumed that I had lured David away with a trap.

I think they believed that if it wasn't for me he would have returned to his wife, blaming some sort of midlife crisis. Sometimes, out walking, some of David's friends would stop and speak to him. Never once would their eyes acknowledge me at his side. All this caused stress within our relationship. There were times when I considered walking away. Maybe I had been wrong to become involved so soon. Maybe other people were right and without me, David might go back to his family and all the hurt that we had caused would slowly dissolve.

But I knew that I couldn't end our relationship to please others. David had lost his home, his family and his friends. He was going through the most difficult time of his life.

I, conversely, was going through the best time of my life, having finally met someone I truly wanted to be with. I'd get angry that what I perceived as a very special time was marred by other people's disdain. And David would get angry that I wasn't being a little more understanding. He wanted to avoid people — I wanted to face them head on and show them that we were happy. Looking back, I was selfish but I was convinced that the only reason people were not being nice to us was because they didn't understand how right we were for each other.

David had a slightly more realistic outlook and knew that certain people would never accept our relationship. I will never forget his pasty complexion when he was forced to admit his year-long affair with a waitress.

His face was so blanched it was as though he had doused it in flour. I had never felt so disappointed, diminished and humiliated. I hated myself for being so unlovable, so unwanted and so goddamn dumb. My feelings just died. He said that he and his girlfriend had split and that he wanted to give our marriage a second shot. I wanted to feel sorry for him, to put myself in his shoes, but I just felt dirty. People are supposed to be born with a conscience.

There is right and wrong; there is no in-between. I never would have had the nerve to lead a double life, to constantly lie to the person who loved me most. I hope our kids grow up to be nothing like you. The next morning, I tore all his expensive suits off the wooden hangers in our closet and shoved them into crinkly black plastic garbage bags.

I ripped our wedding photos off the walls, took down family photos. Suddenly I hated the big one of us kissing while our kids smiled, perched on our backs.

Had he been sleeping with her when that photo was taken? How old was Isabelle when the affair began? I was constantly trying to work out the math. And then I wondered: What the f—k was I going to do with the 10 pads of personalized letterhead I had just ordered with all the members of our family cartooned across the top? Everything went into the garage. I took my wedding rings off for good.

They say there are five stages of grief: I felt everything at once. My body physically ached. My chest heaved with sobs. Snot dripped into my mouth. As the weeks dragged on, Bruno Mars sang to me. Did they hold hands? Have their own special memories and songs? Had they ever thought of me, even once? In those first few weeks of single motherhood, my family rallied around me.

My brother Jarrad was constantly at my house, fixing whatever my kids had accidentally pulled off the wall that day. My sister came over and helped me put my kids to bed on days when I was too empty to do it myself. She raided my closet for frumpy clothes. I liked that store.

My parents helped with the kids, reassured me that things would be okay and came with me to meet with lawyers. Well, f—k you too. It wasn't the prospect of being alone that was the problem. But I was constantly haunted. If you work at home and don't talk to strangers in pubs or do sport or belong to associations, and don't have school-age children, it is very hard to meet new people.

After a while it seemed obvious that online dating was the only way forward, though I wasn't prepared for how much effort that would take. The process of being "on offer" was not only humiliating, but time-intensive. Soon, a significant chunk of every evening was taken up patrolling half-a-dozen dating websites, pruning my advertising copy and getting into conversation with people. People on dating sites fall into two camps: There are different rules there, inside the digital flirtation pool, and people behave in ways they never would otherwise.

One high-achieving, emotionally literate, sane-seeming man sent two emails a day for a month, growing ever more sure I was the woman for him, before deciding he didn't want to meet after all. Not meeting became the norm. Sometimes just before the date the confession emerged: At other times it was simpler: Partly this was to do with being middle-aged and out of shape. There are times in life when the sea is more attractive than the lifeboat.

Unrequitedness was a big issue. Rows and rows of contestants, even of age plus, specified that they would meet only females under 30 who were a maximum size A man of 56 told me: It was all very disheartening and the end result was that I became grateful for crumbs of hope. In that situation, if someone nice crosses your path, genuinely single, not alarming-looking, someone you like on first sight, and the date goes well, and he's keen to have a second: It seemed less and less likely that it would happen.

I wasn't sure, after the first date — nervously, he talked a lot about fibre optics — and that's when lots of people give up, thinking that if there is no instant "spark", there's no point. There's a lot of crap talked about the spark.

I can tell you from my own experience that sometimes it doesn't emerge for quite a while. Sometimes, people are just slow to get to know. Some of the most endearing things about Eric have only emerged over time. Besides knowing a lot about the stars and about science, he has a secret passion for romcoms, is a buyer of surprise flowers and tickets, is up for budget flights on winter weekends, and is the uncrowned prince of DIY.

It also turns out that he is the kindest man I have ever met. If I were to lock myself in the bathroom and howl like a wounded fox, as I did the night my ex made his announcement, Eric would be distraught. He would sit on the floor and talk to me through the door, and beg to be let in to comfort me.

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