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Well, I'm a cute black boy seeking for a BBW to have a bit of sexy fun with. Last chic i was 3 with made me feel 1 unwanted and 3 that i meant 6 nothing more than meaning less sex. M4w seeking for someone to pleasure.

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Widowed man looking to date

Black Dick For White Woman

If I sound like an enjoyable companion then you know what to do.

Must be handsomegood looking. Just haven't met anyone in while and god I really need to be pleased. Some of my likesinterests,to describe the type of person I am,are: Thrift shopsgarage sales,classic rock music,ethnic cuisines,anything outdoor related,quiz shows,and more. Im tired of relationships that I have to change my self to make other people happy. (just dont tell Mommy) My only. Send me you plz If you're out there and can use a man like me.


Create a Ning Network! Sign Up or Sign In. Widowed Village connects peers with each other for friendship and sharing. The moderators, administrators, and others involved in running this site are not professionals. Please don't interpret anything you read here as medical, legal, or otherwise expert advice.

Don't disregard any expert's advice or take any action as a result of what you read here. We're friends, not doctors, financial or legal professionals, and we're not "grief experts. I am not a kid anymore I am The last time I dated was 45 years ago. I am not sure that I want to date yet but am thinking maybe in the next year or so. In the meantime I need a lot of help in HOW to date at my age.

Now if I meet men it is mainly as part of a couple and not as singles. I don't want to go into online dating or go to a meet up I am not ready for that. But I would like to find someone to go to the movies etc with. I was in the same boat! I was very fortunate to find a lady who had also been widowed who lived 40 miles from me. We agreed to meet for lunch half way. Driving over, I felt like a 15 year old again LOL. We chatted for a few hours, and when we I walked her to her car, I said, I would like to see you again.

She agreed, and we met for lunch many times after. Had a strange moment last night. I went out to dinner with friends from my school days! You know that chin tucked in flapping the eyelashes look? I watched them for a while, just hope they did not notice me doing it! I don't want to do it in false eyelashes and try to look 40 at Oh dear I do feel as if I judged the poor woman and shouldn't have but if that is what I have to do to date again - no thanks.

I am 62 now! Do a meet up or dating site. I don't believe anyone should be alone unless they are happier that way. Only1Sue, do what your heart tells you is right. That is my only guide these days. If you are your true self, then if there is another man out there for you, you will find one another.

I believe that, I hope you do, too. Blessings and good karma to you today, and always. Wow, that's exactly how I'm feeling. Married 2x, my spouse just died last year. I am cleaning out my place, having an auction, but I would really like to have a good "friend"!

I went from my parents house to getting married I was married for 38 years when Paul passed away. I don't want to NEED a man But I would love to have a friend. It kind of hurts to NEED someone. Does that make sense to you? Susan, I relate to what you said! I went from my parents' house to my husband's.

I always had someone there to care for me and be with. We were together 32 years. Having a friend would be nice. I feel the same as you do, exactly. Thanks for putting that out there! I am in the same boat as you!! One book re dating and couples who are happy in their relationship is:. So there is hope for those who wish to start dating. What is a seasoned woman? We belong to a new universe of lusty, liberated women who are not willing to settle for the old stereotypical roles of middle age.

And we don't have to! A seasoned woman is spicy. She has been marinated in life experience. She is at the peak of her influence and power. She is committed to living fully and passionately in the second half of life, despite failures and false starts.

How old is a seasoned woman? As Vera told Auntie Mame, "Somewhere between 45 and death. How Is a seasoned woman different from her mother? She is passionate about her work, or a cause, or in pursuit of a new dream or spiritual quest. She is more likely than at any previous stage to report reaching some fulfilling goal or dream.

She is very likely to be single, to have initiated her divorce, and to enjoy a lot of sexual activity. She is comfortable with herself and not necessarily looking for remarriage. Ning Create a Ning Network! Update my profile pic Check my privacy Change notify settings All members. Share in public Share in private. Welcome Newsletters Privacy About crises.

Join your widowed peers Sign Up or Sign In. This site is run by widowed people, for widowed people. All Discussions My Discussions Add. What are the fundamentals of dating in your 60s and 70s? Posted by only1sue on November 25, at 2: Tell me your own experiences or where did you find that someone special? Wonder if I can ever find someone again who will love me the way I am?

Never heard of it. Sheryls, this is the first page, the current page is page Thank you for the comment. I wish you much luck in finding a good friend. One book re dating and couples who are happy in their relationship is: Gail Sheehy also has another website - so just do a search with her name. It is good to look at some of this, as it shows there is a possibility of happiness again. Hello, you need to enable JavaScript to use Widowed Village.

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Im only 48 right now. Hi my name is scherry just a question i,m living common law with someone since but he is still married but he been separated from her 24 years a go i was wondering if he passes away what will i be entilied to cpp or survivor penion or old age or gains.

HI MY name is Scherry i was just wondering if it should happen my common law husband passes away would i be entitled to any of his pensions he still married but they been separated 24 years now so if he make out another will who will get things and pensions. My husband canadian died last Im a applying for survivors benefits tru mail as im here in Ph.

I had a daughter 5 y. How is this go or is my kid consider also to have the benefits??? Jel, I am not sure exactly what you may be entitled to based on your situation. Contact Service Canada directly to speak with them.

You may be required to have a SIN number to receive benefits. I would like to know if a man is still married but has lived common law for some time who is eligibal for the widows penion. Usually it is the legally married spouse that will receive any benefits.

Service Canada can be reached at You could also contact a family lawyer. I just found out after 14 years , that I could have qualified for Alberta Widows Pension. My husband passed away June when I was 49 years old. I have just read that this plan was abolished in Is there a possibility that this could be retroactive?

I had no knowledge of this benefit at the time. Judy, Unfortunately the benefits are not usually retroactive. But it never hurts to call and ask and see what you may be able to get. You should try calling Service Canada first and then you can try to call Alberta. I learned 7 yrs after my partner died, and they go back 12 months only, so if you apply you should get 12months of pymt, and then monthly begins. Hello, I was 27 when my husband passed.

He was 27 as well. Is there anything I will be entitled to during my lifetime I am now 47? Or am I not entitled to anything at all since i was under 35, not disabled and had no children? Brenda, It would be a good idea to call and ask Service Canada to figure out what you may be entitled. I am 60, male, widowed. My wife died when I was 55 and she was She never worked in Canada and not contributed any CPP. Lived in Canada for 22 years.

Surinder, You are able to receive your benefits while living abroad. I would suggest speaking directly with Service Canada to determine the exact numbers that you would be entitled and how much withholding tax there should be and what tax would be owed based on the income you may have. Can I live in India for less than 6 months per year can I get all benefits including survivor penion. You can receive CPP benefits if you reside in other countries. However the survivor benefit is usually based on the CPP that your spouse would have paid into.

So if she did not work in Canada then there may not be an increase to your CPP benefits. You should contact Service Canada at to see what you might be eligible for as there are additional benefits available to some. If you are not yet 65 then OAS would not be applicable. My husband died before I was 35 and we had no children is there, at any time, I can apply for survivor benefits? I know that they do have these age requirements in place but calling and specifically speaking with someone who can pull up the numbers and see what you may be entitled and when.

The number we use is Hello im wondering if a child is receiving a cpp payment for the death of his father can the mother still go after child support from another man if the child is over I suggest you contact a family lawyer who may have dealt with this before. I think they would know best. She has been receiving them since my dad passed away 27 years ago. But the government website says she will lose it if she gets remarried.

Every time I click the link to the government website that janet posted it shows that the page is no longer there. We followed up with Service Canada and they advise your mom should be able to continue receiving her benefit even if she remarries. There is even a note that if the benefits are stopped due to remarriage, they can be reinstated.

You can call , from 8am to 5pm or find a Service Canada office near you with the following link: This web page is also a very useful guide to all the benefit regulations: My boyfriend and I have been together for four years, at the time we started to go out he had been separated from his wife for over two years… unfortunately, she died two years ago. Or, would my ex-husband be entitled to it? Do we have to be married for him to be entitled to it? Or, living together is good enough?

Thank you for your prompt response to this matter. In the event of your death, your CPP Survivor Benefits would go to whomever you are married to, or in a common-law relationship with at the time of your death. So your boyfriend could collect yours if you and he are married or are common-law.

You should, however, verify how Service Canada defines common-law relationships, or what is required to prove the common-law relationship. From what I was able to research, your boyfriend can receive more than one survivors benefit if he has more than one deceased spouse, i. There is another survivor benefit, the Allowance for Survivors, which is for those of low income and whose spouse did not contribute to the CPP.

That benefit is cancelled when the survivor gets remarried, but I assumed you were referring to the CPP in your original question. Hi I have concern regarding my mother ilw. Widow pension does not exist but it is a term used in many cased to describe the Survivor Pension from CPP. I suggest you call Service Canada to determine exactly what they would be entitled and if your mother ilw is already receiving the maximum CPP then she will not receive anything extra.

But call to ensure you get the correct information as Service Canada can look at all the numbers when they are speaking with you. What should I file taxes as? If that is the case then I would suggest filing as widowed. I was delayed in applying for benefits for my daughter for various reasons and then thought I could apply with my taxes but discovered I must go to Service Canada.

We did live together and became common law at one point. However, it was a tumultuous relationship and we would not consistently live together for the past few years and filed taxes as single. However, we were in a relationship and neither resided with anyone else at any time.

We shared credit cards, car insurance, and some other bills. He was also listed as an occupant at my rental because he stayed over at times and had access to my place.

When he died, his sister filed his taxes without any discussion with me and filed as single with his address, different than mine. Therefore, I filed my taxes as single as I have been for a few years and claimed our 7 year old daughter as usual. What Im asking about is the monthly benefit.

We share a child legally, had joint credit cards and definite ties. Thank you for any help. Unfortunately with this situation specifically I would suggest you either contact Service Canada, , to get a ruling direction from them or contact an estate lawyer who deals with these types of situation more often.

Wither of those options will have a much better ability to provide direction. My common law partner of 13 years and I temporarily separated. We did not fill out any paperwork legally separating us and all bills from our house were still in my name. He passed away unexpectedly 10 months later. Am I entitled to apply for survivors pension? Also, what would I put down for status on my application since we were not legally separated.

Either an estate Lawyer or Service Canada, , would be best to comment on this. Do you have any information on common law relationships? I have been in a common law relationship for over 30 years. We are both retired federal servants, though I am not 65 yet. Yes if you contact Service Canada you will be able to complete a form that will declare that you were in a common law relationship and living together at the time which is information they will use when looking into the Survivor Benefits that you would be eligible for.

I was widowed almost two years ago. So how exactly how is the income calculated? I had everything budgeted and now I find at age 65 instead of being able to retire I am going to have to get a second job to cover my bills and will probably get less next year. Hi, I was widowed when I was younger than 35 but had a dependent child.

My child is over 18 years old and going to university now. I was trying to gather some info from the CPP website but find the answers vague. Does my child have to be at school full time to be classified as a dependent.? How does the CPP determines this? I never received any information from them. My child on the other hand has to file a document each term confirming that she is at school. Is my benefit dependant on hers? What if she takes some time off school before graduating?

I would love to know the specifics. I would appreciate some answers. Your benefit is not dependent on your child. You will continue to receive your benefits, usually for life. Your daughter should continue to receive as long as she is full time up to the age of You can also call Service Canada at My Commonlaw husband of 30 yrs tells me Because I was married 35 yrs ago.

That he is not entitled to anything upon my death and it goes to the person I am married to. Even though it has been about 35 yrs I left him. I have been in a common law relationship for about 37 years with a man I worked with for a federal government department.

He is turning 74 and I will be turning 63 this year. I really need to know how to qualify? We have ticked off the box on our income tax returns as living common law, is this all that is needed to apply? I really need so much information and guidance? I have searched but to no avail. I was told to visit a Service Canada Center…ever heard of getting this from both governments?

The people who told you that may be thinking of the CPP. According to their website, https: The amount you will get takes into consideration all contributions made to each plan. It is paid in a single monthly payment which has a legal maximum that is not necessarily equal to the sum of both pensions.

I hope that helps clarify things. I have a question…my husband passed away in He had our grandson under him.. I recieve cpp and oas I am 63…the grandson was put down on my papers every year. Just here in Nov my grandson went to live with his mother he is I can barely make ends meet now.

This benefit will cease if the person who has legal care, custody and control of the child is no longer you. This benefit also ceases when the child turns 18 years of age. It is probably worthwhile for you to speak with someone at Service Canada for a response more tailored to your specific situation. Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut general answer to your question. The Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services advises that you contact them at , or https: Hi I would like to know if I would get the widow allowance and and would our kids get anything we been living comlaw for 8 years we do our taxes as comlaw.

They also state you are common-law if you lived together in a conjugal relationship for at least one year. There are forms that you can use to prove you are common-law: Both are available on their website https: As for children, they would generally be eligible if they are under 18 or aged if they are a full-time student , and are the natural or legally adopted child of the deceased. There are more details on the website in cases where custody may not be clear, as well as the different types of benefits, so you may want to check that out to be certain: I am 50 years old and I have been receiving a widows pension of about a month since i was So, I am thinking it would be beneficial for me to apply early at 60 because waiting until 65 or 70 will not provide me with much more of a financial gain if they max out.

Am I understanding that right? Thank you for your help. In a lot of cases it can be beneficial to apply early, so it is worth looking into to be certain. It actually depends on what your own CPP contributions have been, and to find that out you can call and request your statement of CPP contributions. Then you can go to the Canada Pension Plan website at https: I receive survivor benefits and turning 60 this year.

It talks about combined benefits but the maximum I can receive at 60 is reduced. Does this reduction impact my survivors benefit? It would probably be worth your while to speak with someone at Service Canada to discuss your particular situation.

They will be able to look at your actual account and give you specific answers. You can call 1 O-Canada , from 8am to 5pm or find a Service Canada office near you with the following link if you would rather speak to someone in person: This webpage is also a very useful guide to all the benefit regulations: I have been approved for survivors allowance.

Do I get the survivors allowance and my Cpp survivors pension together. Those can be received together. Hi, I was wondering how to proof spousal death as when my mother came to Canada, she entered as a widow, as my father passed away back home. She does not have any marriage certificate or anything.

According to Service Canada, here is a list of acceptable documents for proof of death: Some guesses I could make would be if your address or your situation changed, or if you became eligible for another government benefit, you may be receiving both together in the same monthly payment.

To find out for sure it would be best to speak with someone at Service Canada to discuss your particular situation. You can call 1 O-Canada , from 8am to 5pm and someone there should be able to look at your actual account and give you specific answers. My question is…do they combine the two together at both those amounts because it is not at the max?

Or is the amount reduced? I started receiving the monthly payment at 38yrs old and am now 55yrs old. Also does this amount change at age 65? I was unable to find the maximum for those younger than 65 the amounts are usually different , or whether the combined amount could be reduced if it is still below the maximum. Your best bet would be to contact them to speak with someone there about your specific situation. My husband passed away on June 28th.

I am 81 years of age. We are very sorry to hear of your recent loss. You can find out more information at https: When I turn 65, will I loose the Survivors benefit? One can dream… thank you. So unless you have an unusual situation, it does not seem that it would change. To be sure exactly how much you will receive, however, we advise you to contact Service Canada at 1 O-Canada and speak with someone there about your specific situation. Please send us a note. We all have them. Forum Login Log In Username: You should certainly contact Service Canada to speak with someone Please send us a message or call us at Canada Pension Plan Survivor Benefits.

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